Is BigStub Legit or Scam? (BigStub Reviews)

Who doesn’t love watching games or concerts in a stadium sitting in the front row? Even better if we can get tickets at affordable prices.

If so, then you probably have heard about BigStub, a vendor offering sold-out tickets to people. Who promises good seats with minimal cost for a number of sold-out events.

But, what if BigStub turns out to be part of an elaborate scam? To eliminate those concerns and thought, we need to first address this question: Is BigStub legit?

BigStub Review

Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, BigStub is a vendor for premium event tickets mainly for sports and concerts. They were founded in the year 2006 by John Nidham in the hopes of becoming a third-party seller.

BigStub operate as an online reseller for tickets to games like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL more. They sell tickets to other events like musical concerts and broadway shows.

They claim to resell tickets at budget friendly prices and offer great seats and ultimate experiences. Ticket brokers and trusted individuals are allowed to sell tickets here with no repercussions.

Is BigStub Legit?

To erase all your concerns about BigStub, I have come here to do the final reveal.

BigStub is legit and just like any other ticket resale site, they have some pros and cons. The ticket brokers are all licensed and vetted so minimal chances of getting ripped off and scammed. The website is also professional and tickets are easy to download after purchase.

BigStub Tickets

Are you wondering what kind of tickets does BigStub sells? Well, they sell tickets to a number of sports and music events and even to shows.

Their biggest draw is for their sporting events such as NFL Football, NHL Hockey, and NBA basketball. You can also find tickets to UFC and Formula 1 or even WWE RAW or Smackdown live tapings.

For concerts like Bon Jovi, Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, and many others you can grab tickets easily. Some amazing artists are available to listen to and even meet.

BigStub Delivery Policy

Ticket delivery will depend on the sellers and their clauses. Some tickets will be available to deliver only prior to the events.

Which means you might receive them only a few days before the event. If the tickets are on paper they will ship them in time with your seat numbers.

To ensure that you receive your tickets, you need to be present to sign for the delivery. For online tickets, you can download them straight off the website.

BigStub Refund Policy

BigStub promises big on customer satisfaction if there are any cancellations or changes. They are bound to return back your money 100% if they fail to honor their offerings.

You can ask for refunds if they fail to ship your tickets in time or delivery is late. A refund is also guaranteed if the event gets canceled for any reason, even if they are rescheduled.

Covid-19 is especially making event dates unstable in which case you can ask for credits. You can either use them for a later date or a different event.

BigStub Customer Satisfaction

Whenever you are buying tickets to such events, you must know what others think of them. Lest you are being taken advantage of.

Trustpilot thinks they deserve 4.5/5 based on 900+ reviews which are near perfect. The good score tells us that most people trust them and had good experiences with BigStub. Ease of use, good value, and reliability were the main causes for customer satisfaction.

SiteJabber also has 100+ reviews and rating is 4.63/5 based on them which is also high. Great seats and good customer service made customers give BigStub a high score. They rank 11th among other ticket selling sites which definitely is a plus for them.

BigStub Alternatives

BigStub has many competitors and some are worth checking out. To make it easier, two of the best ones are:

Fever Up: Always wondering where to go during the weekends? Then Fever Up might just be for you. They have some amazing curated events and tickets are always getting sold out. They are available in around 14 cities worldwide.

StubHub: StubHub is one of their biggest competitors and they offer some of the largest selection of tickets. They also offer some of the lowest prices for great seats and are trusted by many. Be it for a game or a musical concert, StubHub is very popular for event-goers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How may I contact BigStub for customer service?

Ans: To contact BigStub with any concerns or questions, you need to email them at their address. Or you can call them at their hotline for instant help. Their customer service hours are mentioned on the website.

Q2# How can I pay for my tickets at BigStub?

Ans: To pay for your seats and tickets you can either use your credit or debit cards. They allow all the usual cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. You can also use PayPal to complete transactions with BigStub.

Q3# Is there any sales tax on BigStub tickets?

Ans: Yes, sales tax has to be paid by customers but it depends from state to state. Local taxes are only applied during checkout when you are ready to pay for your purchases.


In conclusion, BigStub is the real deal and the reviews prove it. I have seldom heard or read bad reviews of them and that’s a relief. Not often do you find a website is actually legit.

So, I can now proudly answer the question: Is BigStub legit? And yes they are! They are still bringing in more tickets to more events and we are all here for it.

If you are in the mood to attend a concert or look at a broadway show. Or see your favorite sports player in action, BigStub is the way to go.

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