Is CareerUp Legit or Scam?

Hey you! I think I know why you might be here. Are you wondering about your coming internship? Trying to find an internship and having no luck?

I know I have been there. The thought of internship would keep me awake at night!

By now you might be wondering what magic, miracle potion I’ll serve you. Even though, potions and spells aren’t enough unless you do the work.

Still reading? I have just the site for you to unravel your internship goals.

CareerUp Review

What is CareerUp?

First thing is first, what in the name is this page?

What it really is, is a leading global intern abroad program. But recently, they also started remote internships. You have to sign up and pay a fee deposit, then you’re set!

They make sure to hand out your matches with your qualifications. Students have gained money, success and good news using this platform.

CareerUp Features

01# Application form: You first go on their site and fill up your application form. Here you fill in all your skills and qualifications. They find a match. Then they reach out to you through phone consultation.

Then you pay the fee, and you’re guided to your next destination. All is simple and explained very well.

02# Programs: The site has many areas for internships. Whatever you have studied or have skills in, they have those areas. Business, IT, all are such areas of programs.

Now, remote programs are also there to fit your needs. However, the fee still applies here.

03# Cities to choose from: They have a cloud of cities such as Sydney, London, Singapore etc. You have to select your preferred city for your program.

If I can advise something, be sure to google the city very well and how expensive it may be.

04# How it works + What is included: This portion, they tell you how it all works. Starting from how you apply, to the minute you depart from your country. Step by step, and covers everything they include in their package. Useful tool!

05# Career advice: CareerUp is known to give you some timely, good advice. They handle many clients. So, I’d actually listen to their career advice especially as a young intern. They also say they’ll let you avail this feature much later in your internship too.

06# Tuition, aid, and deadlines: Here they specify all details regarding how much tuition you pay if you qualify for aid and the deadlines which you have to meet.

Since different cities cost differently, I’d suggest you look through which city fits your budget. It can go as high as $8000 for a month’s internship. They’re transparent about what they are offering however.

07# Tuition payment information: The directions to how to pay is written here. Especially helpful if you’re using your own credit cards. You also know the refund policy here, since they do refund you the fee if they can’t successfully place you in a program. If you still have questions, head over to their FAQ section to learn more.

Is CareerUp legit?

I’ll be honest with you. CareerUp is not for everyone.


CareerUp is legit. They don’t scam you.

However, there are some exceptions to this! I wouldn’t suggest everyone go for it. If you’re looking for a paid internship, don’t spend your dimes on this site.

CareerUp website & contact information

I won’t talk unnecessarily here. I know you’re still making up your mind whether to use this site or not. So, let’s see what this site is about.

Their handle is As you scroll down, you see they have a ready-to-chat pop up Messenger button. Here they answer your burning questions.

Other contact details are on their email address

And their hotline is +1 (888) 999-0536.

They link you up with many countries including Singapore, Manila, Beijing, London and Sydney.

How does CareerUp work?

Let’s get to the gist of this. CareerUp looks dreamy once you visit their site. I know I was almost sold when I saw in big letters, ‘internship abroad’. But I also know we need to assess some things before dreaming, now.

This isn’t a pill or potion. CareerUp does charge you. I’m going to walk you down what exactly happens. Imagine you’re interested to go to Sydney for an Internship.

You complete your internship application on their website, then you do a phone consultation with an Admissions Counsellor. After that, they review your application.

If you’re fit for an internship, they secure your spot by paying a fee (refundable if they can’t place you somewhere). Then you’re going to receive all details of your trip, and adios!

CareerUp Remote Internships

Remote internships, how we love the ring of it. Interning from home? Sounds like a delight.

During the pandemic, CareerUp has adopted remote internships too. One good thing is that they’re work-from-home and convenient. But another is, you still pay a fee.

Bummer, I am aware!

But good news, they have a $500 discount on remote internship programs. If you’re in for the experience, I suggest stopping by their website to see this nice deal.

They say, ‘spots are filling up fast’.

CareerUp tuition fees

Alright, I know you’re ready to fish for this information. After all, this is the bit which is a little daunting.

Tuition fee includes your internship, along with accommodation, transportation, 24/7 career coach, visa assistance, activity engagements.

I’ll give you an example.

London costs the most, with a whopping $5190.

But, Manila costs the least at around $1000 dollars for a month.

CareerUp competitors

Now, given the drawbacks which CareerUp has, it has upsides too. The major upside is it takes you abroad. Sometimes this can reflect majorly in your resume.

But there are also sites which do a similar job of giving you an internship. Question is, which to go for? I’ll help you figure it out, step by step.


Just like CareerUp, its competition is frugal. is a lot broader to search for. And you can search internships within your location as well.

How cool is that?


This one isn’t playing as well. They come with a range of job options, not just internships. Some of the biggest employers like Pepsi, Facebook and Zappos are on there. sports some good deals.

That’s some tough competition for our neighbour, CareerUp. A lot to weigh in on.

CareerUp success rate

Knowing whether your internship will have a success story for you is important. I know this better than no other. Hang in there, I’m disclosing the stories I have read about.

A few users have commented that their abroad internships through this site genuinely felt great. So..
Is CareerUp legit? Yes, in terms of their experiences. They do have 4.6 stars on Glassdoors. Which is exceptional, not going to lie.

However, especially in Quora, many users have said to not bother applying through them. The charge they take with giving you an unpaid internship sounds awful to them. Many have to say it’s poorly administered, and some had bitter experiences.

Hmm. Now that’s a lot to think about. But I still have another point to mention before we conclude.

Is careerUp worth it?

Look, I’ll be honest here.

Internships are meant to give you a new feeling. It’s meant to make you feel the country, the work, the people you work with and work culture.

If that is what you desire, and the money aspect isn’t a big deal to you, then go for CareerUp. They are legit, meaning their policies aren’t there to scam you.

It isn’t a free website, but you’re paying for the experience along with your internship. Your resume will be richer, if you do a good job at your work that is.

But I know many of us would like a website which isn’t so much hassle. If your motifs are to save money and get a paid internship, I will ask you not to waste that time on CareerUp.

If you want to waste no money, you’re better off to find and dig a little harder on the kind of work you can do through LinkedIn searches, or even hunting company sites.

So.. is CareerUp legit? Yes it is. But is it everybody’s cup of tea?

I would safely say no. If you’re OK with spending money on your travel experience abroad, this may be perfect. If not, don’t think twice. Go for other ways to land an internship.


Let me tell you a secret- internships are magical.

If you’re still glued to this page, congratulations! You may be one step closer to finding an internship.

Because which site you get it from matters. And I am here to lay down the truth.

I hope this has cleared your doubts and helped you towards your amazing internship journey! I’m curious, what are your goals after your internship?

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