Is CarID Legit or Scam?

Maintaining a vehicle is hard, especially your own car. Regular servicing, checking the engine and oil and repairing parts are all part of the deal. But it does get expensive at times, especially if you are looking for spare parts.

That’s when CarID comes into the scene. CarID is a leading retailer of vehicle spare parts and accessories which are sold exclusively only online.

But it’s hard to trust sites online when it comes to fixing cars. No one wants to get stuck with a faulty car, so the question is: Is CarID legit? Let’s find out!

CarID Review

Owned and operated by Onyx Enterprises Int’l. Corp, CarID is a leading online retailer of the automotive industry. In 2020 the company was acquired by Legacy Acquisition Corp. And made it their goal of serving you even more efficiently.

Ever since it was founded in 2003, they have been serving customers with the best possible auto parts. CarID offers more than 50,000 parts of cars, trucks and SUVs. They also carry the most popular and reputable branded spare parts and accessories needed to repair any car.

Is CarID Legit?

Let’s settle the argument once and for all, is CarID a scam out there to drain our pockets?

CardID is most definitely legit. Any mechanic or car enthusiast will tell you that CarID is the place to get the best deals. At amazing discounts and prices, you won’t be disappointed to shop from CarID.

Now let’s get down to business and find out what’s worth our time at CarID.

CarID Products

At CarID, you get over 50,000+ kinds of parts and accessories! Yes, so many! If you are looking for a specific model, chances are you will find it here.

Some of their best sellers are custom made grilles, car doors, headlights, car mats and dash kits. Under the wheels department, you also get a wide variety of wheels and tires. To make your car look cooler or look to replace old ones, you get every kind of option.

CarID also has some of the best stereos, batteries, GPS system, speakers, security cameras and more. For repair parts, they have brakes, exhaust parts, A/C system, wipers, etc. If you need something specific, they also take in custom orders.

CarID Price

Prices start from $12 and continue up to $1000 plus. Of course it depends what kind of items you are looking for. Things like car fragrance, car mats are much lower priced than car brakes or custom made doors.

But rest assured their prices are much more affordable than what you get in brick and mortar stores. They also offer discounts whenever you buy one or more products. Also, one of their coolest features is the price matching option.

If you find a similar product for less on a different site, CarID is bound to help you. They will match you with their competitor’s price. That way there’s no chance of you paying extra, even if you match the price after a year.

CarID Shipping Policy

CarID is unique in the way that they ship everywhere around the world. However, shipping charge depends on the country location and weight of the products. You will only get the calculation after you pay at the check out.

You do have the option of choosing free shipping but it’s only applicable for American users. Within the USA, delivery takes around 5 days and within other countries takes around 2/3 weeks. If you want faster shipping you can ask for express shipping at the check out.

CarID Return Policy

I know it’s confusing to sometimes buy online and end up not liking it, CarID understands that too. If you want to make a return you can do it within 30 days of delivery.

You can go to their return page and submit a request. Upon filling up the form, you would be guided throughout the process. You have to ship it back to them and voila, you get your refund or exchange.

The whole process takes around 48 hours and very soon you would get your refund back. Unfortunately, if you do not like a product you would have to pay from your pockets. But if it’s their fault such as sending defective products, they charge a minimal fee from your refund.

CarID Customer Feedback

If you sift through CarID’s website, you will find around 12,000+ reviews and most are positive. Most of the reviews revolve around how simple the order process and how good the product range is. People love the option to create custom made parts for their cars.

Some negative reviews do exist naturally, but they are far and between. Most likely they were taken care of because CarID individually answers back to them. Customer service at its best.

It’s not just reviews on their site that are positive. Even sites like Reseller Ratings have a rating of 4.89/5 stars among 117,703 reviews. That’s quite a feat!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Where is CarID located?

Ans: Currently, CarID is located at Cranbury, New Jersey where they have their warehouse.

Q2# Can you return everything at CarID?

Ans: There are some restrictions when it comes to returns. Things like tires and wheels are not eligible for returns as well as items marked with non-refundable markings.

Q3# How can I contact CarID?

Ans: Customer care service at CarID is very easy to contact. They have a bunch of telephone numbers, emails and a live chat for you to get in touch.


So what did we learn here? Is CarID legit? I know it’s scary to buy parts for your car, especially online.

I can assure you CarID is not only legit and trustworthy. But also can be your one stop destination for automotive parts. They have competitive prices and efficient shipping which make shopping an enjoyable affair at CarID.

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