Is Daily Steals Legit or Scam?

With so many crazy deals out there, it’s hard to differentiate what’s good or not. One such website is called Daily steals. A website known for offering daily goods at insanely discounted rates.

Now, I won’t blame you if you think I am trying to sell you a scam, I’m not. Scout’s honor! With that being said I promise to answer all your questions, starting with is Daily Steals legit?

If you hang around a bit, you would get to find out all the information. All the details you need to determine if Daily Steals is worth the trouble.

Daily Steals Review

Let me start off by giving you an overview of Daily Steals. It was founded in 2009 by Matt Wiener. A business where he started sourcing daily goods such as electronics from different suppliers and selling them.

It started off being very popular among people as a platform to buy discounted everyday goods from. In 2015, he sold off his company to investors in order to make it more accessible to users.

A great idea, because they managed to bring in even more customers. At present, it is a very well-known and often recommended place to shop amazing deals from everyday.

Is Daily Steals Legit?

If you have been waiting for my answer, let me help you put your worries aside.

I would say yes, Daily Steals is a legitimate place to buy goods if you want the truth. Despite having really cheap prices, you ultimately receive what you pay for.

Does it satisfy your curiosity?

Daily Steals Product List

A lot of interesting things to buy! Their main attractions are electronic items such as laptops, tablets, computers, Bluetooth headphones and mobile phones.

Not just that, you can also find home goods such as furniture, kitchen sets and even pet toys.

If you are into buying fashion products, you would be pleased to find an impressive selection of apparel. Along with fashion, you also get so many health and beauty products at superb prices.

Prices At Daily Steals

This is the main highlight of Daily Steals, their amazing prices. You can get laptops and mobile phones as low as $200. At high discounts from 30% to 80% it’s worth checking out this site.

You can browse through their bestsellers section to get all the popular items. The lowest prices are for things like clothes, jewelry, bags and electronic accessories. Starting from $10 to a mere $50.

If you are in search of a specific item, feel free to search on their search bar. You never know what you might end up finding.

Why Is Daily Steals So Cheap?

Now you must be wondering, how do they manage to bring in so many crazy deals everyday? Daily Steals buys inventory off suppliers who are trying to get rid of extra stocks. Hence, why they can get them at such affordable rates.

Some are also refurbished and second hand. If you are not concerned about buying used items, Daily Steals is the place to be.

Most are then checked and posted as deals on their website. A great place if you are on a tight budget but are looking for good products.

Quality Of Daily Steals Products

Judging by the reviews of Daily Steals, it’s a hit or miss with the quality. I will be honest and say that most negative reviews have been about their condition of products.

A lot of reviewers have complained that they did not receive what they actually posted on the site. A few were sold off as new but received them as old or used.

Despite complaints, the majority have been positive about products’ quality. They appreciated the prices they were buying at and overall decided you get what you pay for.

Daily Steals Shipping Policy

Daily Steals claim to deliver goods within 2 to 10 days and it’s free! But if you browse through reviews, they actually take a bit of time.

Some people have even said that they received their products after a month.

I know as soon as you put in orders, you can hardly wait to get them. But we have to keep in mind that they have to deal with a lot of suppliers. Hence, sometimes it does take a lot of time to get your hands on your items.

Daily Steals Return policy

Their return policy is one of the simplest. You get a 7 days return window to return and get a refund. If they find nothing wrong, Daily Steals would process your refund.

Takes around 5-7 days. Easy peasy! But keep in mind, all final sales items are not eligible for returns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have questions? Here are some popular ones to get you through

Q1# Where is Daily Steals located?

Ans: Daily Steals is located in Florida. Their headquarters are based in 1249 Stirling Road, Dania, Florida to be exact.

Q2# How to contact Daily Steals?

Ans: If you are looking to directly contact their customer service, feel free to email them. Their email address is listed at the website. If you want to talk on the phone, a phone number is available too.

Q3# Does Daily Steals offer warranties?

Ans: For most products, they have a 30 day warranty. But if you are interested in extending that offer, you can go through their customer priority service. A great offer to extend the warranty to a couple more years.


After detailing all the information in this review, are you still thinking – is Daily Steals legit? Despite a few concerns, I don’t think it’s wise to dismiss this website. It’s been running for more than a decade and it’s safe to say it is legit.

Take this opportunity to head over to Daily Steals and grab some amazing deals.

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