Is Egifter Legit or Scam?

I never know what to buy for a friend’s birthday. Last time I tried giving my best friend a cooking book, she got really offended! From then on I decided I would only give friends and family gift-cards whenever there is an occasion.

After my bff’s gift disaster, I tried my hands on a gift-card for my sister’s birthday. I figured out there should be at least one site selling gift-cards under one roof, right? Boy, was I overwhelmed – with at least a dozen options on the market, I chose Egifter.

Just like anyone discovering a new site, I wasn’t too sure about it’s authenticity. I kept asking myself – is Egifter legit?

And so, just for my readers, I have jotted down all the highs and lows about this site. Now, keep calm and let’s find out whether I think Egifter is a scam or not.

Egifter Review

You must be wondering, what is this Egifter thing and how does it work? Egifter started off as an e-commerce website in New York in 2011.

It’s a platform where it offers a lot of gift-cards from different brands. Be it food, clothes, electronics, a wide range of options are open for users to choose from.

More than a hundred brands are available such as Adidas, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora and more.

Restaurant gift-cards are available as well like Buffalo Wild Wings and everyone’s favorite Chipotle. Even charity based cards are there to buy for all your big-hearted friends.

Is Egifter Legit?

Now that you got an overview of the website, let’s move on to the main thing. You are probably wondering, it’s all well and good that it’s offering so many options. But does buying from Egifter mean flushing down your money down the toilet?

If you are thinking that, let me clear your confusions. Egifter is not a scam – it’s legit and absolutely safe to use. If you don’t want the hassle of choosing the perfect gift, this could be your life saver.

A sigh of relief, am I right? Before you guys go bonkers with gift-cards purchasing, keep reading to find out about its special features.

What Are Some Of Egifter’s Cool Features?

While searching for gift-cards in Egifter, I found some exclusive features that you will be interested to know about.

Unique product list: Apart from the usual clothing and food gift-cards, it also offers some unusual options. Things like Investment gift-cards, gift-cards you can use to buy fuel and pre-paid mobile plans. This could be an opportunity to get your friend or family member a truly meaningful gift.

Customized gift-cards: Even with so many options, you can customize special gift-cards with personal messages, videos and animations. You can also purchase gift-cards in bulk to make it easier to send them whenever you need to.

Lastly, you get options to exchange any gift you don’t end up needing – yay for flexible options!

What Are The Payment Options At Egifter?

With your usual payment methods like credit cards, Mobile pay, you also can also opt for other options. You can now use your cryptocurrency to make purchases at Egifter. You can even earn points while buying with bitcoins which you can use to buy more gifts.

Apart from bitcoins, you can also use Venmo, Skrill, Paypal and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum and others can be used to make any purchase. With such easy payment methods, it’s bound to make any user a happy customer.

How Do You Send Egifter gift-cards?

There are three options for senders. After purchasing you can have them delivered through email links where the receiver can activate to use them.

You can also text delivery which is the same as email only sending the link through text.

Finally, you can print them yourself and hand deliver them, making any gift received more thoughtful.

What Do Users Have To Say About Egifter?

I know that it is very important to see the feedback and reviews other users have to say. Only then you can determine if it’s worth putting your money into a site. Same with Egifter, I rifled through hundreds of messages and this is what they have to say.

There were a couple of complaints regarding orders. Some users faced minor problems when trying to order multiple gift-cards or trying to activate them. However, most users have responded positively when they were solved quickly.

According to sites Trustpilot, users have rated it quite highly. Even through minor hiccups, reviewers praised its good customer service, easy processing and good options of gifts.

Egifter Alternatives

Yes! There are several actually. Here are two of them from which I have personally received gifts and liked.

Tango Card: Similar to Egifter, Tango Card offers a variety of e-gifts to send to people. Companies looking to buy employees gift-cards in bulk should look into this site. Tango Card is well liked among consumers and very user-friendly.

Giftbit: Giftbit is another e-commerce website which offers gift-cards for people to buy. A great way to boost company morale by sending out rewards in terms of gift-cards. From restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe to apparel gift-cards from Nordstrom, Giftbit has it all.


I hope this review wipes out any confusion if you ever had this question – is Egifter legit? If it wasn’t clear enough earlier, then let me remind you again. Yes, it’s safe, I had a great time selecting different gift-cards for my friends and family.

Finally, I don’t have to think about what gift to get for any weddings and birthdays. Egifter can be your last minute resolve or a golden opportunity to buy a thoughtful gift. Whatever it is, you know now that you can always rely on it to be safe and secure.

So, my dear readers, what did you think about Egifter?

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