Is Fasttech Legit or Scam? (Fasttech Reviws)

Hello, it’s me back again to write yet another electronic selling-focused website. If you follow my reviews, then you probably noticed that I love a good bargain, especially on electronics.

This is exactly why I wanted my next review to be about Fasttech, a website promising affordable technology.

But with such cheap prices comes the risk of getting scammed. To eliminate that notion, I am here to answer ‘Is Fasttech legit?’

Fasttech Review

Located in Hong Kong, Fasttech runs a business selling cheap yet good quality technology. They offer electronics of many kinds from independent sellers and are usually reliable.

Not much information is available on Fasttech history, especially the founder and owner of the website. However, they claim that they are run by Cloud Commerce Systems Ltd in Hong Kong.

They have warehouses in Guangdong, China which is the hub of gadgets manufacturing. The place is called Pearl River Delta and this is why they can keep prices so low.

Is Fasttech Legit?

Since people are aware that Fasttech is Chinese and really cheap, they also assume they might be inauthentic. But are they really?

Fasttech is legit but you ultimately get what you pay for with such budget-friendly prices. Their inventory is also verified by VeriSign which makes the products authentic. If a certain product is not genuine they will mention it to be a clone: so no risks!

But what exactly does Fasttech sell though?

Fasttech Products

Fasttech sells a wide range of gadgets from computer mouses to power banks and flashlights. They are in fact very popular among the vaping community due to their extensive collection of pods.

Fasttech also dabbles in other departments such as furniture like coffee and bedside tables. You can also find some home appliances such as faucets or sprayers.

Apart from these, you can find lots of miscellaneous items such as massagers or pillows. Batteries, air pumps, e-cigs, coils, and more can be found on the website.

Fasttech Product Pricing

First and foremost, you need to know that Fasttech is very and I mean very budget-friendly. They will remind you when the price dips even more by listing them in the Price Drops section.

Pricing can start as low as $2 and hardly touches $70, they are that low. If you want gadgets at further steals, then don’t forget to check out the sales page.

On the sales page, prices can drop as low as 50% and you can stock up even more. Their inventory keeps on updating so prices are also changed frequently.

Fasttech Shipping Policy

The good news is that Fasttech offers free shipping on all orders and to everyone around the world. If you order in larger numbers, you get even more perks.

If your order amounts to $20, you will receive a tracking number. Currently, they offer free shipping to more than a hundred countries worldwide.

If you want expedited shipping, that is available too with additional charges and depending on destinations. If stock is available at hand, shipping hardly takes 2 to 3 business to process.

Fasttech Refund Policy

Fasttech allows returns and offers both refunds and exchanges if it’s their fault. You have 45 days to consider whether an item is to be returned in original packaging.

If the company sends you damaged/wrong products, then you can ship returns for free or 50% off. But it has to be done within 3 months.

If you are eligible for a return you need to give them 7 days for the refund to process. If you ask for a refund after 60 days, you will only receive store credits.

Fasttech Customer Feedback

Every website and store nowadays relies on reviews from users and it’s the same with Fasttech. Overall, users say this:

Trustpilot has a rating of 3/5 based on hundreds of user reviews. They say prices are the best thing about the company but shipping is very slow. Refund policy is also not always respected which meant hassles for many customers.

Site Jabber has an even more poor rating of 2/5 based on more than a hundred reviews. Customers mention customer service, lost tracking numbers, and refunds to be the main problems. They rank very low on the list of marketplace sites.

Fasttech Alternatives

There are more websites like Fasttech which have access to cheap electronics and other items. For your convenience, I have compiled two of the best ones.

Monoprice: Monoprice is a place where you can buy affordable gadgets and more at very low price points. They are a reseller of electronics from many brands and sell for a fraction of the price. For all your electronic solutions check out their selection of 7000+ options.

Slickdeals: Are you fond of deals and discounts, then check out Slickdeals. Many people use this to buy electronics because of their low price deals. They also offer discounts on many more items such as home appliances, clothing and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Do products from Fasttech come with any warranty?

Ans: Yes, Fasttech provides warranties but usually for a short period of time. The average warranty period is usually from 3 to 6 months. They also have clauses on the repairs and exchanges so read the conditions before proceeding.

Q2# How to contact Fasttech customer service?

Ans: To contact Fasttech for help, you can give them a call directly. You can also send mails to their corporate office if calls are of no help. They also have a live chatting option available to receive instant help.

Q3# Does Fasttech price match from with competitors?

Ans: To give you the best price, Fasttech will price match if you can find lower prices elsewhere. To match prices, the competitor has to have the item on their new arrivals and in similar packaging.


Overall, the reputation of Fasttech seems to be mixed with hurdles to overcome. But at least we can answer ‘legit’ to the question ‘Is Fasttech legit?’.

Am I saying that Fasttech is the best option for you? Maybe not. But they are very good at selling many products for very little.

Prices are phenomenal and those who want to spend the least can use Fasttech. Shipping is not the best but if you are willing to wait, give them a try.

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