Is Fever Up Legit or Scam? (Fever Up Reviews)

Do you sometimes wonder what to do on weekends? Always trying to find new and exciting events to experience?

No worries then! I got you covered with today’s review of Fever Up. That’s right Fever Up or Fever is not your run of the mill event promoter. They offer a highly curated list of events and sightseeing tailored for each individual.

You can use it to discover your own city and area with the help of their offers. But you know what I have to: answer this question ‘Is Fever Up legit?’

Fever Up Review

Fever was launched in 2014 and operates in around 21 cities. It is one of the leading event promoters in the world, mainly in Europe and the USA.

They sell curated events and concerts each suited to individual users and the area they choose. From theater plays to interactive experiences they have it all.

They are partnered with many companies like hotels and vendors through which they can organize events. They sell tickets for both third party events as well as their own ones.

Is Fever Up Legit?

You know what I have to do, don’t you? I have to ask: Is Fever Up legit or just a scam?

Fever Up is legit but not without any faults. Trust sites are flooded with complaints from users regarding refunds and dates with ratings as low 1 star. But those who did get to attend events left glowing reviews, so proceed at your own risk.

But how exactly does Fever Up work though?

What Does Fever Up Sell?

Fever sells experiences or at least that is what their representative says. From music gigs to their own original immersive experiences like the La Casa De Papel event.

Their events are not just limited to concerts and such. They also offer experiences related to food with their restaurant recommendations and wine tasting venues.

If you are interested in night clubs, fashion shows and sporting events they have those too. You are just one click away from having the best time of your life.

Fever Up Product Prices

Fever Up has loads of different kinds of events which means different types of pricing. For smaller scale events such as a beer tasting night can cost you $60 per person.

For bigger events like a concert or a festival, you have to pay anywhere between $50 to $300. It depends on the type of seating or zones you choose.

Special original events such as Alice in Wonderland in a bus can range from $40 to $120. You can see more of their list of events and prices on the website.

How Does Fever Up Work?

So, as a user who is looking to beat boredom on the weekends, you can use Fever. You can check out their list of events in your local city or area and choose any experience.

You can see the list of information and the types of tickets and prices based on age, zone and date. If it’s a ‘secret location’ event, then the venue will be revealed at the last minute via email.

But do be warned though. Many users have had issues with the secret events regarding venues and cancellations.

Fever Up Other Features

If you are looking to be a collaborator you can also do that by contacting them. You can publish your event by selecting your city and pressing ‘create your event’.

Not only that, You can publish any type of event as long as it hits their target audience. You can put up a wine and cheese tasting event or even a themed party.

Their candlelight concerts are very popular so if you are up to create one you can do that.

Fever Up Refund Policy

One of the biggest con of using Fever Up is their refund policy. So, most of their tickets are final and will not be refunded even if they are canceled.

It will not matter if they change the date or worse cancel, you still can’t avail any refund. But there were some instances where they issued refunds for some lucky ones.

What they do offer is the right to transfer tickets. Suppose you can’t attend an event but don’t want to waste your money. You can simply add your friend in your profile and they will transfer the ticket to him/her!

Fever Up Customer Satisfaction

Whenever you are buying things like concert tickets from event promoters it’s so important to check reviews. You don’t want another Fyre Festival situation in your hands. So:

TrustPilot has over 7000+ reviews and most say the same stuff about Fever Up. With a 3.9/5 rating, users say that they are great when they deliver on their promises. But negative reviews say the company is very shady when it comes to issuing tickets and refunds. on the other hand has a measly 1.10/5 score based on hundreds of reviews. Here, customers were harsher on them with their complaints of poor customer service. Some even mention the events are sometimes not up to the mark and poorly organized.

Fever Up Alternatives

To experience other exciting events, check out these two:

Van Gogh Expo: is an immersive experience where you can enjoy works of this great artist. By virtual projection you can experience what it’s like to be in one of his paintings.

Secret NYC: is your ultimate guide to exploring New York. You can find events like art exhibitions and food and drink events which can be booked through them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What is the Fever Club in Fever Up website?

Ans: Fever Club is their rewards program where you get discounts for every purchase. They have three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold which are determined based on your purchases. With each level you can get coupons ranging from 10% to 20% off.

Q2# Where is Fever Up based?

Ans: Fever Up is based in London. But they are operating in more than 21 cities including NY, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Spain and more.

Q3# What are Fever Up Candlelight events?

Ans: Fever Up candlelight events are usually classical musical concerts illuminated by candles. You can enjoy music and the ambience in open air venues making the experience more magical.


If you are constantly looking for unique and fun experiences you can definitely try out Fever Up. With the help of my answer to ‘Is Fever Up legit?’ you can now see for yourself.

I will admit they have some kinks to work out but some of their events were highly successful. It can be one of the best ways to experience a city.

So, now that I shared my thoughts about Fever Up, time to share yours!

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