Is Footpatrol Legit or Scam?

In my opinion you can never have too many sneakers. So, today I’m bringing you another shoe place which could be your stop once and for all.

That’s right! I’m writing about Footpatrol. A retailer of proper footwear which sells mainly sneakers and shoes.

But what of its authenticity? Dare I ask: Is Footpatrol legit? If you dare to keep reading, you might just find out.

Footpatrol Review

Footpatrol is a part of the JD Sports Fashion plc, a British sports fashion company in Manchester, England. They are very popular among the sneaker fraternity and are known to supply some amazing pairs of sneakers.

Running since the 2008s, Footpatrol is always stocked with the latest Nike, Reebok and Adidas shoes. The company was originally founded by Michael Kopelman and Simon Porter in Soho’s St. Ann’s Court.

Today they have both physical outlets and also sell online to thousands of people.

Is Footpatrol Legit?

The answer we all have been waiting with our breaths held. Is Footpatrol worthy of our trust?

Yes! Footpatrol is legit with no doubts. They are part of the Adidas Consortium so you know you are buying the real deal. Anyone seeking exclusives and vintage pairs can find it here at Footpatrol.

To keep learning about Footpatrol, please scroll through my whole review.

Footpatrol Products

If you visit Footpatrol you can find all the latest as well as vintage stocks of sneakers. From Adidas, Puma to Karhu and Y-3, you can get all sorts of brands and sneakers.

Although sneakers are a big part of Footpatrol you can find other stuff too. Such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and track pants and tops.

Footpatrol has its own brand of apparel along with which you get accessories like socks and caps. If you are interested to know, they cater to men, women, kids and even infants.

Footpatrol Products Pricing

When it comes to Footpatrol pricing, I would say it falls a bit on the expensive side. But then again, we all know branded sneakers cost a bit.

But don’t get disheartened though, when they give out discounts it’s usually a lot. Through sales you can save up to 70%.

Obviously if you are searching for an exclusive pair of vintage Vans, it would cost a lot. But I can confirm that prices do not go above £500.

Footpatrol Shipping Policy

Footpatrol mainly ships to Britain and neighboring European countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, etc. They do ship outside of Europe like the USA and Australia but you have to pay some import taxes.

Both standard shipping and Express shipping come with a cost, £3.99 for standard ones and £4.99 for Express. These costs are only for Europe, the rest of the world has their own shipping charge.

They used to have next day and premium next day shipping but unfortunately it’s temporarily off. Delivery times take anywhere between 5-7 days whereas Express takes only 2 days.

Footpatrol Returns and Exchanges

Footpatrol returns fare much better than shipping in my belief. They offer free returns within 28 days and 14 days for exchanges.

To make it easier, you can even return your online goods by going to one of their stores. You do not even need to print out a return label.

Not just their stores, you can also return your Footpatrol goods at any ASDA store near you. Refunds are generally much quicker and one of their customer service representatives will guide you.

Footpatrol Customer Satisfaction

Since Footpatrol is so well liked among shoe lovers, what do they say about it?

Trust Pilot has rated them an average score of 3.4 out of 5. 4,036 people has said that even though they love the products, shipping leaves much to be desired. However, most people have said yes to a second time at Footpatrol.

Yelp on the other hand has rated them a bit higher on a scale of 5. They have given Footpatrol a 4 which says that most people have enjoyed the overall experience of shopping. They also like the fact that any exclusive collections are dropped here first.

Footpatrol Alternatives

While researching about Footpatrol, I found several more options for footwear. Here are the best two.

SneakersNStuff (SNS): A highly popular sneaker shop, they offer everything from VANS to a Yeezy. They are a Swedish based retailer and have shops all over Europe, the USA and Tokyo.

Jimmy Jazz: Jimmy Jazz has a great track record among sneaker lovers. They usually carry all the latest kicks and any accessories needed to spice up your wardrobe. They are a USA based retailer but they deliver all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How many stores does Footpatrol have?

Ans: They currently operate two stores, the flagship store in Soho, London, the second one in Paris, France. Both stores provide a unique experience where sneaker lovers come to buy and discuss their favorite topics.

Q2# Can I buy more than one pair at a time in Footpatrol?

Ans: Unfortunately, for new releases Footpatrol only allows one pair for each customer. This way everyone can enjoy the newest shoes and prevent hoarding in the black market.

Q3# Can I use Clearpay to complete my payments at Footpatrol?

Ans: Clearpay is a great way to clear payments and not put a strain on your wallet. Clearpay offers you a plan to pay in installments without any interest.


Footpatrol has some glowing reviews and with that we can end the conversation to ‘Is Footpatrol legit?’ They not only serve the sneaker community with the latest designs and collections but also bring people together.

In their own words, Footpatrol is not only a retail experience but also a mecca for Sneakerheads. It’s a great place to find some rare pairs of sneakers which have been discontinued elsewhere.

So what are you guys waiting for, go get some Footpatrol sneakers!

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