Is GlobeIn Legit or Scam?

Hello dear reader. I appreciate you being here! Thank you for reading this very honest review of GlobeIn.

Are you a lover of lifestyle? And always wondered how those monthly services of food and home-decor products work?

Then you’ve heard of GlobeIn.

However, is GlobeIn even legit?

In fact, I’ve asked it too! I’ve made this review just to answer that. So, let’s delve right in and find out what GolbeIn is all about.

Shall we?

GlobeIn Review

Here you will find the best review of GlobeIn. I talk about whether they’re legit or not. So, you’ll get a good idea on what to buy and how. I also share with you tips and tricks of ordering from them, how they work, their features, their pricing! All there is to the site, you’ll get a good run down here.

Most Amazing part is, I’ve skimmed the large stretches of the internet. So, I get a sense that customers have a lot to say about GlobeIn. You’ll get all such information in this review to make life easier!

What is GlobeIn

GlobeIn was founded in 2011 as a monthly subscription box featuring exclusively handcrafted products from a range of global artisans.

Each box is meant to be curated to perfection. They feature food and lifestyle products.

Their mission is to deliver joy by empowering and making connections of those remote artisans to the wide market.

Is GlobeIn Legit

Yes! And yes.

There is no doubt to GlobeIn that they are true to their roots. They have an ethical sourcing done with each of their items. Handcrafted by fine artisans.

So, they’re not just earning money for themselves. But supporting those artisans, who are paid fairly!

That’s enough to say they’re not here to scam customers. They’re real, and super authentic in their thoughts.

GlobeIn Features

  • My box: The most unique feature of all are these amazing, handcrafted and sophisticated boxes. GlobeIn features tailor made boxes just for you. For as little as 1/4th of the products’ original price. Here, you can select your theme, infuse box, bonjour box, tea party box. Some of these are the themes you can select from.
  • Gift: You can also gift these to people! How convenient. Perhaps send this over to a friend? Or even family or co-workers? You simply head over and select your subscription plan. 3 months to a year, they can enjoy your hand picked gifts! Such a sweet gesture.
  • Shop: You can also shop without subscription. The products are home decor inspire, lifestyle items with an edgy and simplistic flare. Herb Pots, throws, baskets, Glass Tumblers, glasses for wine! So much to select from and color your house with. Of course without the subscription, the prices are a bit higher.
  • Impact: They have a whole section dedicated to show how their work is impacting the community of remote artisans. We all know how positive ecological and social impact is necessary in today’s time. Around the world, photos and videos are there as memoirs! The fact that their ethical and good hearted business is touching lives is something you’ll find here.
  • Sale: woohoo! Who said everything must be expensive? They have some sales on select items. If you’re willing to buy stuff at a cheaper rate, head here. You’ll love the collection of stuff you can buy half its original price. What are you waiting for?

GlobeIn Website & Contact Information

GlobeIn goes by their handle Their website, for starters, screams their theme. Their signature branding color is a light pink and white duo!

GlobeIn theme is a sophisticated, earthy look sporting colorful and lively lifestyle products and items. Their website is clean and very artsy.

They are detail oriented and their products listing can be found on the right hand side. If you wish to contact them, email them at They’re happy to support you with your order or query.

How Does GlobeIn Work?

The thought of subscription boxes have always been a little iffy. But GlobeIn has an exciting way of selling their stuff.

Products like, homeware, teas and coffees, cups and jugs come in the boxes. The stuff that makes your house wholesome! And also fun to arrive in cute boxes every month to light up your day.

But, we may ask what’s the point in getting a box full of stuff every month? Will it do you any good or will be a rip off? Let’s find out.

So, since it’s a subscription- you sign up for it. You make an account, choose a plan for your subscription. And state what payment terms you have.

Customize your theme for what you desire. In terms of taste, colors, vibe. They’ll create a set for you every month and send it to you. They also add surprises to their boxes.

And doing so, you save 30-70% on items. Wow! That’s superb.

That’s it! You simply then enjoy your box. And if you wish, you’re free to cancel your plan.

GlobeIn Pricing

Let’s get into their pricing. After all, they’re a subscription box service!

So, if you’re on an annual plan, you
pay $40 per month. For 6 months, you get a deal of $38 per month. And you wish to go on a 3 month plan, you pay $35 per month.

From their pricing, you can see they want you to get the one year plan. You can customize your themes and get artisan products delivered at home.

GlobeIn strategically has just a $5 difference from their yearly plan and 3 months plan. It says they have some good business strategy here.

Anyway, for the pricing, the products you get are handmade to perfection and super cool for your soul. Also you support the artisans in the process. I think, getting a subscription is worthwhile for the year.

Globein Discount Promo Code

Let’s talk about discounts.

GlobeIn has an interesting thing where they give you a huge chunk off your order. Only if you sign up 1-2 minute from your first visiting their website. Very clever!

Aside that, you get 30%-70% off on products on subscription plan. You can also get amazing coupons here and apply them at checkout. Don’t forget their sales section as well.

Some nice, cheaper priced products are waiting for you. I mean, I love me some homely artisan items at low prices.

Globein Shipping and Return

The boxes are shipped every month. It can take 5-10 business days to arrive. The cost is $6 standard per order charge in the US. For international shipping, $15-25 per order may be charged.

Unfortunately, GlobeIn does not do returns! You buy the plan. And you gotta stick to it.

You can’t exchange stuff in the box either. You can for sure still change up your theme every month.

What you get in Globein box?

The box comes with customized products. 4-5 rare items are there each month. Including ceramics, textiles, food products and more!

And all are finely made to precision with artisans’ blessed hands. You’ll receive not just a bundle of goodies. But a hug of earthy love. Perfect if you love rare home decor.


Final verdict! Should you get a box?

I say, if you’re a busy person and want a box full of goodness to you every month. This will be worth it.

And also, you’re supporting artisans! Why not make a mark in their lives?

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