Is Going Merry Legit or Scam?

College applications are tough. Scholarships are even more!

Look, are you wishing for an honest review of Going Merry? Are you a student or a parent looking for trustworthy scholarships?

I have a feeling you are stuck in between. If you’re starting college or sending a child to one, you know tuitions can pile up.

Finding of scholarships shouldn’t be hard! This is why I’m bringing you a very transparent, unbiased review.

Let’s get this study-party started. Hope you’ve put your studious hats on!

Going Merry Review

In this totally honest review of Going Merry, you’ll get to know what the scholarship platform is about. Are they legit? Are they worth it? What are their success stories? And also how they actually work? I’ll answer all those questions so you can make a choice.

This review will bring you a clear idea of how good or bad Going Merry is. Whether they actually bag you a decent scholarship is what you’ll find the answer to. As well as how they show those scholarships and how the site goes.

What is Going Merry

Going Merry is a US-based scholarship platform where students can sign up for free. They are matched with their eligible scholarships after they fill up their qualifications. It’s been widely used by US students. The only platform which actually offers their aid, advice, and information for free.

Going Merry Features

I bet you’re wondering what the website actually features. I’ll waste no time. Let’s get into it.

01# Information on scholarships and financial aid: This is a no brainer. Once you get on their site, you get to see they have plenty of information for you. Specific to amount of aid, or the area of study, or even the school you are looking at. The information is all free. That’s some amazing deal right there! Usually, these things can take up hundreds of dollars.

02# Sign up for free: You simply have to make an account. They have auto filled forms, you complete it. And then they let their algorithm do the talking. Be sure to add all your qualifications, and they’ll make sure to put you in touch with the exact scholarships fitted for you. If you don’t meet any, that will also be displayed.

03# Matching profile to scholarships: The next part of their site is they match you. Let’s say, college X is giving out a scholarship called Y. This will pop up on your profile! And kind of like a nice matchmaking site, it works to help you out in your student life. They filter out what’s not in your reach. And what is, will be shown at your profile. No hassle, no squinting your eyes for disorganized information.

04# Scholarships and Resources: If you scroll down to their site, you’ll see tons of scholarships. Also, see where the information from where they get all their deals. I’ll just leave it at that. Because you’ll see how diverse they are. There are categories for scholarships for women, minorities, transfer students. Also some resources to write a good scholarship statement, essays etc.

05# Success stories: Yes, we all want to know those stories. The most exciting part of your application is knowing if you’ve been accepted into the scholarship or not. The success stories there are for you to see and be inspired. I definitely was moved by some of those stories. More about it in later sections.

Is Going Merry legit

Are you wondering if Going Merry is legit? Let’s face it, many sites like this can be a scam.

But Going Merry is on that is not here to take your time and energy and give you false information. Are they legit? Yes!

They work with over 10,000 high schools over the US. They also are founded by a host of people who faced scholarship troubles in their pasts. So, they have an origins story on their website which answers your queries. They want to earn your trust, and I say, you can trust them.

Going Merry Website & Contact Information

Let’s talk a little about their website.

They scream the words ‘ever green’. The green branding color attracts your attention to the words they’re writing. So, information is read very fast.

The organization of the site is also very easy to follow. No issue finding their ‘sign up’ button. As you visit, you’ll see that button on the right hand top corner.

While the left had side has all its social media accounts you can keep tabs on. Always good to keep visiting those for new scholarship announcements.

If you wish to contact them, shoot an email here Anything you wish to know, you’ll get a reply back.

For now, let’s wrap this section up and move on to how its website navigates.

How does Going Merry work?

Now. Let me get you in on a secret.

Scholarships are not easy to come by. So, how does this site work? What’s it all about?
First, you make a profile for yourself. Then you add all your details. Starting from your name to your very last educational qualifications. You’ll find that the more detail you give, such as your GPA, or extracurriculars; the match might go up high.

Oh, you have to upload your documents as well!

You then get matched with the scholarships which are eligible for you. Every day, the scholarships are carefully vetted by the people at Going Merry. You then apply for them or save them. You also get guided to do the next steps from there.

So, you are in good hands.

Once you get matched, you submit your application to those scholarships. Also, there are bonus tools to your Going Merry account. Like college budgeting, finding a job. Thes are all handy for new students.

Going Merry Competitors

Let’s see the competitors.

  • Fastweb

Ah, Fastweb has been always the first search when you type in ‘scholarships site’. And the reasons for it are also promising. They’ve been around, and guiding students longer. People know about it a lot more than Going Merry.

  • Brokescholar

Brokescholar has been a well-used platform and recommended. Their scholarship system has been rated very good for many years. They have advance search options like, ‘gender, study area, ethnicity’. So, Going Merry has some tough competition.

Going Merry Success stories

When you go to their site, you automatically wonder,

‘What are the success stories?’

Michelle from Dallas writes that she earned about $2500 with Going Merry to fund her studies.

While, Jesús from Hutchinson says he bagged about $40,000 to fund his studies. With such diverse, great stories, students can have faith with Going Merry. Both these students encourage others to join Going Merry.

Whatever the amount of funding is, it seems that past students have had successes. That’s pretty nice to know! Assuring too.


Finally, you now know whether Going Merry is worth it or not. I just reviewed everything there is to know.

All college applications are tough and time-consuming. But, this site makes things easy for you to search up.

I hope you find that right scholarship waiting for you around the corner. You may never know, you might just find it. Prepare to be amused by how worthy you are!

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