Is JustAnswer Legit or Scam?

Hi there fellow readers! Thank you so much for coming to this review. I have made this just so finding answers becomes an easy task.

If you are here already, I know you’re wondering about JustAnswer.

After all, can you actually trust their answers? Can you believe they are legit? These are all good questions. Askers should know they are trustworthy. Or whether they are getting scammed.

Grab yourself a cozy blanket and some tea. This will be a surprising and very informative review. Stay tuned!

JustAnswer Review

Here you will find exactly how JustAnswer works. I tell you the best features they have and whether I think they are legit or not. Things are about to get steamy!

What is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is a website for posting verified questions and answers. Users can pay to ask questions and then verified experts answer those questions. People can register to be verified and answer in their fields and become paid.

With JustAnswer, users and people answering become a part of a nation wide community of knowledge.

It was founded in 2013, by Andy Kurtzig. It is based in San Francisco California, USA.

Is JustAnswer legit?

Do you want to know the truth? I get it, a lot of curiosity there. JustAnswer seems a little fishy because why are random strangers answering questions?

Yes! They are legit. Because the people answering will have to be experts in their professional fields. Or else they are not verified!

And you can trust their credentials and take their expert answers on it. For a value price, you’re getting your questions answered from authentic sources.

What’s there to ask more?

How does JustAnswer work?

Let’s get straight to business. Who answers? Hold your horses. I’ll dive right into explaining it all.

  • You sign up and pay a membership fee every month.
  • You post a question, ask for help.
  • Experts in their fields answer them in minutes.
  • They get paid only if their scores are good.
  • Experts need to get verified through their website to answer and start earning.
  • Without expertise, they cannot answer.
  • The experts answering get 20% of whatever the user pays.
  • If users want a 100% refund, they get it back.

That is the bulk of how JustAnswer works. It seems daunting and strange at first. But trust me, there are many customers who love the fact that answering questions is easy.

It’s like a verified Reddit or Quora opinion but you don’t have to worry if the answer is false. And there is always a refund policy you can use if your answer is not fulfilled.

It’s quite simple, and a very efficient way of knowledge sharing!

Features of JustAnswer

You’re also wondering what is in store when you sign up. What are the kinds of questions you can post about? Yes? Let’s sit you down and get you answering.

  • Tax: How convenient that you can get your tax questions answered? The profile of the expert answering will pop up. You’ll be able to see what their qualifications are. And prompt and professional answers will be sent to you!
  • Mechanics: Just by sitting at your home you can post questions about mechanical issues. Anything you need to know about a gas leak, a fridge problem, car bumper or engine problem- just post here to get an expert’s help! We know we need that sometimes. Not everything can be done alone.
  • Lawyers: Lawyers here are qualified to answer your questions starting from personal law related issues or even to a larger land law issue. The lawyers have their qualifications set up so you can see how trusted they are! Most customers walk away with a very good impression of them and a bundle of experts’ answers.
  • Doctors and Nurses: This is a vital one. We all need doctors and nurses’ opinions. And getting them at home from your laptop screen is wonderous!

JustAnswer Website and Contact Information

Their website is a very inviting one, with all reliable information displayed up front. Starting from ‘sign up/login’ to how the website works, everything is displayed quite beautifully.

It’s a soft, blue signature color they use to make your question and answer journey a colorful one to see. The pictures used draws your attention too. The navigation is also very fast to find.

Their contact information is 00 1 925-418-3893. You can call them at any time to get your inquiries related to any issue on JustAnswer.

JustAnswer Fee and Cancellation Policy

Here is the deal. They aren’t free. But they are cheap!

They charge a monthly subscription on a basic, plus and premium basis. They are priced differently and you can find all about it here. For different fields, the charge can be different.

But on JustAnswer, a $18-$46 fee is being charged based on a subscription plan.

They charge a base fee of $5 per question however. This is outside of their subscription plan.

Cancellation of subscription can be done anytime, and refund policy is processed within 24 hours. It is a full money back guarantee, 100%. That’s amazing, right?

However, complaints have been made here that it may take more than that.

JustAnswer Competitors

Quora has been known in its field more widely. Any google search you have, it usually directs it to Quora. Customers trust the big community of people they can share their thoughts with.

But Quora does seem to have some scam, false answers. Which JustAnswer does not have. They go through a verification process of the professionals. So, maybe Quora is not as good yet!

eHow is also an all out, knowledge based site. You can learn just about anything with them. And customers seem to like their approach. You can not just find them on their website, but on Youtube too!

This could be an added advantage. eHow seems to answer pretty much everything and JustAnswer could suffer because of this! Users may not turn to them if all answers are found on eHow. Bummer!

JustAnswer Customer Satisfaction

Let us talk about some real stuff.

Except for some minor incidents with users who received their refunds late or got a mediocre answer, most reviews speak positively! That’s a huge relief, right? Let’s see their scores.

  • Trustpilot

On TrustPilot, they have a good 4.6 stars! That is very reliable and sets them on a good foot. Users will trust them more because of this.

Not only that, they are rated based on the fields of answers too! Customers have opinions on lawyers, doctors, vets etc.

  • Sitejabber

On Sitejabber, they score a 4.5 stars which is also amazing. This means customers do love their services and get a bang out of their buck.

The answers are prompt, reliable. There’s almost 2500 reviews which are more or less great. They get a good rating mainly for their service and value!


I have just broken down all there is to know about JustAnswer. It was such a burning topic to know, am I right? After all, how do you even trust these online sites to get your very important questions answered?

JustAnswer is here to make knowledge more accessible and easy! That’s a great thing for today’s generation. Are you sold on their concept yet? Give it a try!

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