Is Listverse Legit or Scam?

Hi you! Are you a creative reader or writer out in the world trying to make sense of the world?

I know you might be wondering how Listverse works then. Whether it’s legitimate, or scam? I’ve wondered that many times!

It does seem fishy to say the least- if a random website is promising to publish your writing. And brings forward facts and stories for you to read!

Questionable! Hmm.

The questions are endless, how the heck does Listverse then work? But I’ll promise you one thing.

After reading this review, you’ll basically be sailing with all the answers. Prepare your boat, let us sail into how legit Listverse is!

Listverse Review

Here you will find a good breakdown of how Listverse works. Starting from what they really do, to whether they’re legit. And also some bonus points like how to publish yourself on their website. And the features they hold!

Also, let us not forget the website details. As well as the feedback from the people who use Listverse. You’ll get a good idea of how the site does its job. Then you’re free to use it or ditch it. No questions asked, no time wasted!

What is Listverse?

The website of Listverse brings to you a list of ‘facts’ from around the world. These facts can stem from scary stories, philosophy to the rarest human natures.

They have categories to choose from, from entertainment to science and society!

Basically, it’s a website site for readers, publishing and writing. They publish every day to keep readers enlightened. And packs with new facts to keep everyone entertained.

Is Listverse Legit?

We all may have heard mixed reviews on Listverse. If you’re one of them, you’re not alone.

However, you have nothing to worry about. Listverse is not a scam. Many research has shown that they’re actually quite legit!

You can bank on them for exciting new facts, stories and also get yourself paid while you publish. They don’t scam you for anything, in fact the reading society they have are quite solid.

Listverse Features

  • Bizzare: Have you heard of the infamous scary stories from Listverse? You’re right. You get all this and more in this section. It covers all the stories which are creepy or mysterious. It’s a true gem if you’re into horror stories. Be prepared to be super spooked! I know I have been many times! (They’re quite scary)
  • Entertainment: The entertainment lovers will love this section. Starting from Gaming to Pop culture, this section is filled with hidden gems. You’ll get to learn and gather new information on everything trendy, cool or hot topic! If you love some good reads like that, you’ll definitely love this section.
  • General knowledge: Are you a GK geek? I have some friends who are. Believe me, Listverse’s GK section isn’t playing. They’re loaded with great content. Starting from books, facts, history of miscellaneous information. Want to know how the earth was made? Or how many countries there are? Head here!
  • Lifestyle: Enough about GK now. If you’re into lifestyle related topics such as food, health or sport; this will be your best friend. It has fun and cool information on these topics. You’ll love these during a good summer read by the pool side!
  • Science: Science nerd? I know I’m not but if you are, that’s super cool. Animals, humans, our world, space. All such amazing topics are included in this section. You’ll love every aspect of it.
  • Society: Are you a social freak? Wanna know about how society works? You will get a good list of content here. Crime, politics- here you’ll get everything related to these.

Listverse Website & Contact Information

When it’s about a reading and writing website, the website design matters! So let’s see how Listverse looks like.

The handle of the site goes by Simple and easy. You see everything there is to the site upon clicking the handle.

The left hand side has the hover bar which presents you all genres of writings. Every article is well positioned, with a grabbing photo.

If you have queries, you have to send an email directly to the owner. That is!

The About section covers in detail other information you may need. You’ll get a good idea about what to expect from Listverse.

How does Listverse work?

Alright, first thing is first.

How does Listverse work? Let us break it down to small pieces.

First you visit their site. It’s a cool, fun and blog like site with all hot topics. You can skim from Science facts to bizarre creepy stories- you’ll always be entertained. Read what you like, and if you want to write your own, you can!

There’s a whole way you can write for them. And if you get a good following, they pay you! Read more on later sections. For now, let’s see what Listverse features.

Listverse Publishing

You’re a writer? If you are, that’s amazing.

First, make a list, let’s say 10 facts. Based on your efforts, Listverse will pick and choose the write up. If you make the cut, congrats! You get published on their very well known and thriving platform.

And if you grow a solid reading group, you get paid as you publish. Isn’t that amazing?

You can write anything from entertainment, crime stories, lifestyle, society and science facts. All are welcome. And Listverse isn’t lying about the pay. You can earn anywhere around $100 per work!

Read this if you’re a budding new writer wanting to make that dough!

Listverse User Feedback

Ah. Let’s discuss feedback.

So, skimming the vast stretches of the internet. I see that the review of Listverse is quite low. It’s about 1.⅘ stars. This indicates most users may not be totally satisfied with their experience!

Hmm. But then, how do they have good reviews in general?

May be it’s a word of mouth. Writing or reading geeks usually find their way to Listverse. They rank 124th in Writing Other Sites.

And the fact that they pay writers also says a lot about it. I mean, you get paid for writing! What is there to be fussy about? Perhaps there are mixed opinions despite that.

Listverse Competitors

  • does a good job too. They bring some lesser known and intriguing stories.

Listverse may have some competition here to think about!

  • is also another banger website. They bring forward the most trending topics. Funny, weird or shocking.

Listverse has some tough play here!


Now, I’ve just summed up the good and bad sides of Listverse.

Regardless, the site is a good one for lovers of reading and writing. They’re fun, original and also pay writers! Also they publish daily with new content!

Listverse is legit! They are an amazing website to visit.

Are you interested to know any facts from Listverse? I know some which I’ve learnt from them. They blew my mind. (Go check it out right away)

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