Is Milanoo Legit or Scam?

Hello fellow friend. I’m glad you clicked in this review. I have done the search for you already about Milanoo.

I know you may be asking, ‘Can I trust Milanoo?’. After all, it’s not easy to have full faith in sites like these.

Is Milanoo legit?

But, what if I tell you I have the answer to it? I know from my experience reviewing sites like this whether it’s legit or not.

So, if you wish to know about Milanoo, keep scrolling. You’ll be surprised at what you find out here. (I also added some bonus tips on how to find amazing discounts)

Let us begin!

Milanoo Review

Here you will find a complete list of things to know about Milanoo. Starting from what they are like, to whether they are legit. You also will get to know how the site works! And what kind of items they feature as well.

Finally, I’ll run down the most hottest topics surrounding Milanoo. You know it! The biggest questions are all solved here. I also talk about the customers’ experiences and ratings. And I discuss their shipping and returns policies, discounts and finally conclude with my thoughts on the site. Interested to know? Hop on board.

What is Milanoo?

Milanoo is a site to buy clothing items for women, mainly costumes. They’re popular to buy items for cosplay, costumes, shoes and more.

They bring big and attractive discounts to you. And they offer over 50,000 products for you to choose from. They ship to over 170 countries.

Is Milanoo legit?

Alright, I won’t beat around the bush. Milanoo does not have a very good review!

They are allegedly scammy. They are very much explicitly reviewed as mediocre.

The ratings are quite low for them, while the most common issue with Milanoo is with their returns services. So, bad luck! They don’t seem to be that well liked on the site.

So, sad news folks. They are not legit according to the vast internet. They’re quite a controversy and not very well rated!

Milanoo Features

  • New: Everything new that is being added to Milanoo is found here. You’ll find that you get the latest trendy items here. It’s a fair section to have as trends are constantly changing. So, having this separate section is a good call for people looking to buy cosplay/events based outfits.
  • Costumes: The costumes they have are Hot products which basically have all the trendy and attractive costumes. Belly dancing, catsuits and Zentai. Then you have Sexy costumes and Vintage costumes. Dance shoes, halloween costumes, shop by themes or groups. All these are made so you can jump right in and see your favourite picks.
  • Cosplay: In this section you’ll get everything you need for Cosplay outfits. Including Anime, Game, Movie and TV, Merchandise, 2020 new outfits. That’s a neat feature to have because most customers want to have that cosplay experience in a great ensemble. Good going on Milanoo.
  • Lolita: Lolita fashion, Lolita brand includes everything Lolita inspired. Socks, dresses, outwears, petticoats, wigs, jewellry. Bags! Pretty much everything there is to the Lolita theme they have something for each one. That’s great for super costume freaks! Makes things so much easier to hunt.
  • Shoes: The shoe sections have prom shoes, platforms, flats, plus size shoes, block heels. All sorts of occasion shoes, men’s shoes even! So, anything shoe related you can jump here to get your right pick. They have a good selection to choose from for each kind of costume or need you have. Check it out if you are a shoe lover!
  • Women: Women’s clothing is very famous on Milanoo. They have dresses, lingeries, swimsuits, outerwear! Activewear, summer accessories and so many other goodies you can surf through. It makes things a lot easier because there is a bit selection of women’s clothing items to choose from. Neat feature, again!
  • Wedding occasion: Anything wedding related, they have it. Budget dresses, wedding party dress, gowns, accessories. If you are a bride or want to dress up like one, head here to find beautiful picks. You’ll actually find some pretty fun and cute looking dresses to style your look with. Many wear them and do cosplays as scary brides or even real brides. Have a peek!
  • Flash sales: Finally, they have flash sales every day. For many hours many items are given at really low prices. You gotta buy them within the time frame. Until the time runs out! Mostly these are 24 hour flash sales. You get heavily discounted stuff for a limited amount of time!

Milanoo Website & Contact Information

Their website looks pretty normal. Nothing fishy there. But they do use couple of copyright images, which is a big red flag.

They don’t use their original images for many of their products. The website handle is and sports its signature orange and white grid. It looks decent to the eyes.

Finally, they use a bunch of numbers for customer care. Here they are +86-28-8619-8523 +86-28-8619-8523 , +86-28-8619-8523.

They also have Ask card on their website where you can ask your questions.

How Does Milanoo Work?

The way the site works looks pretty simple though. Regardless of how badly rated they are, their site actually has pretty swift navigation.

Let’s get into it.

  • You browse through your products.
  • Select and add to cart.
  • Apply coupon.
  • Pay using online methods.
  • Have it shipped to you.

That’s about it. But maybe as deceiving as that is, we may not know what they are actually like. I covered a whole list of things about Milanoo that you want to know before you buy anything.

Using their site seems like a basic retail experience. But be sure to surf the lists thoroughly. You don’t want to buy something you later regret!

Things to look out for

I will guide you to help make the most of Milanoo if you are looking to buy.

Firstly, look at the seller. You have to review who they are, because mostly they may sell fake things. So, check their location, if possible get in touch with them.

Secondly, look at the product. Is it too good to be true? Then it probably is. Don’t be fooled by gorgeous models and beautiful photos. They are not owned by Milanoo for sure. So know your bought stuff won’t match.

Lastly, make sure you correctly give your address. The last thing you want is your order to ship to some other location and hunt it back. Also, if you wish to reduce the hassle, cross check all your details!

Milanoo Customer Satisfaction

Here is where I’ll be super honest. They have a low rating.

They have about a 1.⅘ rating on That’s not so good. That means most customers are usually not pleased with their products.

Especially the customer services. It seems like mostly they are disliked. And there are also some horror stories. There are long lists of horror stories only one google search away.

There are broad descriptions of how Milanoo scammed the customers, from their sections of Lolita and others. That’s a little fishy.

I mean, if they are scammy, better to stay clear. But if you do need that costume for Cosplay desparately, they are still an option. But you have to weigh the cons and pros.

Of course, you may still buy from them. But know that they’re generally not too trusted and products will look different than original photos. Be ready for that! That’s all you can do.

Milanoo Shipping and Returns

Their shipping policy is 7-9 days standard shipping time. And 3-5 days with express shipping.

As for their exchanges, you have to request it within 14 days. If you want to return your product, they refund in this manner:

  • Credit card payment: 5-15 business days
  • PayPal: 3-5 business days
  • Western Union: 8-15 business days
  • Bank wire transfer: 8-15 business days

That’s decent enough. I mean, given the products are not too raved about- maybe give them some credits for their shipping and returns policies.

Milanoo Discount & Promo

Let’s talk about discounts!

When you go to their site, you see a line of discounts already there. Sale section is always there at Milanoo.

But if you really want to get the discount experience, find them elsewhere. This is a good site to get your discount codes working.

Also, you pretty much every section has some % off. The vintage section right now has about 50% off of items. While the Halloween 2020 section has various amounts of prices off.

So, one thing about Milanoo is you will get your products at a good deal. They won’t be extremely expensive if they are not rare costumes or simply big items. Buy smartly using codes to save those dimes, my friend.

No use in buying and then regretting something of a huge price range. Just don’t bother with that!


Finally, this is it. Milanoo has been unveiled. All the burning and popular questions have been answered.

And the word goes that Milanoo isn’t that legit. They have their downfalls. Customers do express their dissatisfactions.

But let’s not forget that there are also some who like them. Maybe costume collectors, cosplay participants or theatre actors. Milanoo can still be used to its advantages!

Have fun scrolling through their exciting yet a little doubtful products! Have an open mind. Cheers!

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