Is Monoprice Legit or Scam?

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On this beautiful afternoon as I type on my laptop that is way past its golden years, I cannot help but think. Think about how many of us quite frequently require repairs or replacements of electronic gadgets.

And if you are like me, you must put things off because gadget shopping is not your cup of tea. Fortunately, for people like us, many retailers and brands try to make gadget shopping easier.

Monoprice claims to be one of those platforms. But are they legit? Is it just another e-commerce scam?

Let us find out!

Monoprice Review

Since you are reading this, you might have a lot of questions in your mind.

And my purpose is to answer them as honestly as possible! So, as you keep reading, you will find out, of course, about Monoprice’s authenticity. But beyond that, I will also include an overall review, explain what monoprice is and how it works.

Not only that! From Monoprice’s features, user satisfaction, pros and cons to even the littles of details will be covered here!

What is Monoprice?

So what is it? is an online platform that acts as a retailer or reseller for gadgets from multiple brands. They offer an extensive range of electronic devices to choose from without having to step out.

Currently it offers over 7,000 electronic products and gadgets, all premium quality!

Is Monoprice Legit?

From all the things I have looked at, I could come to only one conclusion.

Yes! Monoprice is legit! You can definitely trust it with your information, and it will provide you with what you need! Monoprice is a legit platform for all your electronic solutions!

Hurrah! Now before you go on a shopping spree, read the additional deets I have for you!

Monoprice Features

Now, if you want to shop from this platform, you have to assess why. Does Monoprice offer any feature that is either unique or simply superb?

Let us take a look!

  • Extensive Range of Products: One thing is for sure, legit or not, Monoprice has a hell load of products. Having over 7,000 products in stock, that too from multiple leading brands is not simple!
  • Exclusive Pricing: This is truly a significant reason why one might be drawn towards Monoprice. They do offer each product at an exclusive pricing!
  • Lifetime Warranty: Monoprice offers a lifetime warranty on all cables and TV mounts! Sounds exciting? Head over to their website to learn more!
  • Business Account: I think it is cool that you can open a business account and enjoy amazing perks!

Apart from these features, the rest are pretty similar to any other e-commerce site. So I will not bore you with the details!

How Does Monoprice Work?

Okay so, what is with the exclusive pricing? How does the platform work if it offers products at a fraction of market price?

Here is the deal.

Take a brand, let us call it X. So let us say X manufactures its products in China, and ships it to several of its warehouses. Following that, the products are shipped to different retailers and outlets.

When you buy a product, the price you pay is your share of all the charges X paid to get that product to you. This includes the rent and utilities of the outlet you buy the product from!

But in case of Monoprice, X ships directly to the warehouses of Monoprice. It is from there that your products are shipped to you! That means you are free of most of the charges and pay a much lower price for the product!

I hope this gives you an idea of how Monoprice functions! Apart from this, it is pretty much a typical e-commerce site!

Monoprice User Satisfaction

I have gone through hundreds of reviews religiously, only to find the truth about Monoprice!

And after hours of scrutinizing the site from the point of view of each reviewer, I have summarized the deal.

Monoprice, overall, has great reviews. Most people have rated it above 3.5 stars. However, some complaints were also there regarding customer service and product defects. But from what I saw, Monoprice reached out to all the people to solve their issues!

Like any platform or brand, there will be a few shortcomings. What I did appreciate is that Monoprice took the time to reply to each review to sort things out!

Monoprice Mobile app

Can I access Monoprice through an app?- you must be wondering about this now.

Monoprice offers 3 apps- Monoprice Whole Home Audio, STITCH by Monoprice and Poloprint. These 3 are apps linked to certain gadgets and their functions. With the help of these apps you can control and sync various devices in a network.

However, I was unable to find a direct e-commerce based app for Monoprice. Maybe we will have one soon!

Monoprice: Pros & Cons

After looking at their website and reading reviews online, I have compiled a few pros and cons.


  • Lifetime Warranty on Selected Products: Always a nice thing to have!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*: Conditional, but a good enough timeframe!
  • Easy Returns: A hasslefree service!
  • SSL Encrypted Shopping: A 100 percent safe shopping experience!


  • • User Interface: As detailed as it is, I personally found the user interface to be a little overwhelming!

How Long Does Monoprice Take to Deliver?

I personally start tracking my package 5 minutes after I place an order but, that is just me. I am crazy.

Depending on which shipping method you pick, Monoprice delivers in 1 to 4 business days on an average. An extra processing day may be required at times. However, with all the shipping methods they offer, it can take minimum 1 and a maximum of 14 days to ship.

So whatever delivery service you pick, it ideally should not take longer than 14 to 15 days!

What Shipping Methods Does Monoprice Offer?

So many!

Monoprice offers a total of 7 shipping methods including DHL, USPS, FedEx and more. Within these methods, there are different standards of shipping services available!

In my opinion, the shipping services seem convenient and efficient!

What is the Monoprice Return Policy?

As I previously mentioned, Monoprice offers easy returns.

Monoprice has a list of several return policies available. No matter what your situation is, or what your products’ condition is, there is a solution. From holiday returns to damaged good returns, several policies are available.

If you are interested to learn more about them, you can check them out here!

What About Monoprice Promo Codes or Discount?

There is nothing like buying a product on sale. Be it a home theater or a nail polish- if we cannot bargain, give us some dollars off!

To satiate that hunger, you would be happy to know that a lot of promo codes are available throughout the year for Monoprice. You just have to keep an eye out!

I hope you manage some steals!

Where is Monoprice Located?

A common question!

Monoprice is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. Over there, a 173, 000 SQFT warehouse deals with the operations and shipping!

Sounds busy, does it not?

Monoprice Alternatives

  • Amazon

Amazon is a much bigger entity compared to Monoprice. And it offers more than just electronic products.

However, Monoprice would definitely be a better choice as you would be dealing with only one party. On Amazon, there will be several retailers and resellers, so the rate of fraudulent activities is also high.

  • Newegg

Newegg to me seems like a mini Amazon.

And that is where the problem is. Even though it has an extensive range of products like Monoprice, it has a lot of retailers. And resellers too! So I personally would pick Monoprice for a better shopping experience.


I think now you know if Monoprice is legit or not! It totally is legit and I would love to hear what you grab from them!

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