Is Naked Wines Legit or Scam? (Naked Wines Reviews)

Who doesn’t love to sit by the fire with a glass of wine and great company every day? But taste for good wine can pinch your pockets pretty badly.

I mean no one wants to pay full retail price for every bottle of wine. Hence, Naked Wines has a solution for us wine lovers.

Great value for price, they claim to save you money, a great deal. But I am curious to know, is Naked Wines legit or just a waste of time?

Naked Wines Review

Naked Wines is a wine retailer launched in the year 2008 by Rowan Gormley in the UK. It was a plan to reduce retail prices and offer customers wholesale prices.

By 2010 they started their discount offers which meant greater the discounts the earlier they ordered. Naked Wines was then acquired by Majestic Wine as part of a bigger company.

Their business model consists of investing in indie winemakers and asking customers (called Angels) for funds. This way, customers can reduce the cost of wines significantly while promoting new winemakers.

Is Naked Wines Legit?

Like I said, as a wine lover I am curious to know if Naked Wines is really legit. I don’t want to invest my hard earned money into a scam.

Naked Wines is legit! – the company does have good wine selection at affordable prices. With Naked Wines you can discover new flavors and perks like free wine and free shipping. Doesn’t get better than this.

But how does Naked Wines actually operate though?

How Does Naked Wines work?

For winemakers, you have to propose your plan for wines to the company. If they get approved, Naked Wines then asks their Angels to act as investors.

The customers are also asked to sign up first. Once accepted you are asked to invest $40 with which you can also buy other wines.

Think of it like an investment, you can enjoy wine while helping out a future winemaker. It’s not a subscription per say but a membership to get special perks.

Naked Wines Products

As the name is obvious, Naked Wines sells wines, of all kinds from different parts of the world. You can find red and white wines, Rose and Sparkling wines, sweet wines and dessert wines.

You can also choose the type of grapes for wines such as Shiraz, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir. Some of them are even award winners with customer reviews which helps you to choose.

Finally, each wine has their own style such as smooth red, crisp white, fruity red, etc. The best part is you can buy cases of wines!

Naked Wines Pricing

As soon as you sign up, you get an introductory offer of six bottles worth $40. You can then decide to continue or just cancel, thoughtful of them in my opinion.

If you decide to continue, you can add $40 each month and add up to $100. With those prices you can get cases of wines of your choice anytime.

You can also buy wines whenever you want without the membership as well. A 14 bottles of red wine case can cost you anywhere between $200 to $350.

Naked Wines Shipping Policy

Naked Wines charges you $10 for orders below $100 but you can get shipping for free over $100. Delivery is then free all over the USA except for New Jersey and Alaska and Hawaii.

Delivery is very efficient and hardly takes 1 to 4 business days for all the states. The only exception is Ohio where it takes 8 to 10 business days.

Currently, Naked Wines is serving the USA, UK and Australia. Delivery cost for the UK is £4.99 for every order while Australia has their own charges.

Naked Wines Return Policy

As soon as you order, they reassure you that if you don’t like their wines, refunds are guaranteed. You can either email or call to let them know and your returns will be processed.

If you find any bottles with defects such as cracks or uncorked ones, they will resend you another. All within 7 days.

In fact, they specifically promise to return your money with a no question clause. So, you can order without any hesitation or fear.

Naked Wines Customer Satisfaction

Despite Naked Wines world class promotions and marketing, what do other people think of them?

TrustPilot has around 7000+ reviews and based on them the rating is a solid 4.5/5. Which means nearly everyone loved the wines and the concept. People were full of praise for the wines and the different kinds of style they get to try. is another site which has a 3.85/5 rating for Naked Wines. There, people have a bit more complaints regarding pricing but they agreed that quality is top notch. Customer service is also mentioned to be helpful and efficient.

Naked Wines Alternatives

If you are pondering what other kinds of wine subscriptions there are, you don’t have to anymore.

First Leaf: First Leaf sources wine across the globe with prices as low as $5. They include free shipping with orders and are highly curated.

Wine Insiders: Wine Insiders also has premium and award winning bottles of wine. At $89/month you can enjoy 12 bottles of your choice. Fun fact, Martha Stewart endorses it too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What kind of payment methods are there for Naked Wines?

Ans: Naked Wines allows you to use credit/debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc. Each month, there will be an automatic charge unless you choose to skip that month.

Q2# What are some of the perks of being an Angel at Naked Wines?

Ans: As an Angel, you can get up to 60% off of your orders. You also get a free bottle every month along with free shipping! They will also allow you to rate all the wines you try making it more personal for you.

Q3# How to contact Naked Wines for customer service?

Ans: To reach Naked Wines you can either directly call them or send them an email. They also have a live chat option for immediate assistance.


‘Is Naked Wines legit?’ is a common question among potential buyers and it’s a valid question. Yes Naked Wines seems to be legit and safe to use.

For a wine lover, Naked Wines is ideal for you. You are introduced to new wines and styles which are only exclusive to them.

The price is also accessible which makes it easier to order cases of wine. So, throw that wine tasting party you always wanted to host!

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