Is Pharmapacks Legit or Scam? (Pharmapacks Reviews & Alternatives)

Sometimes, don’t you just wish you could cover all your beauty and health needs under one roof? If so, then today’s review will be very interesting for you guys.

‘Coz, I will be talking about Pharmapacks: A retailer of health and personal care goods with reasonable prices. People interested in purchasing from Pharmapacks should look through my review to find out all the info.

To start with, you know what I have to do. Yes, answer this question. Is Pharmapacks legit?

Pharmapacks Review

Pharmapacks story started in 2010 and has been a part of Amazon for the past years. The company was founded by owners Andrew Vagenas and Jonathan Web.

Their idea was to combine their Bronx drugstore idea with modern technology. So they became a trusted seller on Amazon with their own software and algorithms.

Currently, they offer around 70,000 items focusing on health and beauty and increasing every week. By 2015, they were one of the fastest growing private companies.

Is Pharmapacks Legit?

Since this review needs a concrete answer to this question, I will do the honors.

Pharmapacks is legit and has been running as the biggest online pharmacy. They are an honest business and millions of people have brought from them till now. While browsing through reviews, I didn’t find any suspicious activity regarding user safety or it being a scam.

But for a full review, we need to consider what kind of products Pharmapacks sells.

Pharmapacks Products

Pharmapacks sell a myriad of products both essential and non-essential. They thrive on offering the biggest collection of everyday products a person needs to function.

Just like the olden days we would go to our local drugstore for all the things we need. Pharmapacks is like that, only better and with free shipping!

They carry medicines, nutrition goods, health supplements, household medical goods and baby and children items. Other items include hair and makeup goods, nail goods and fragrances.

Pharmapacks Product Pricing

It’s too hard to determine a price range for stores like these where there are thousands of products. But they claim prices to be competitive and extremely reasonable.

For the medicines like sinus sprays and Tylenol, prices start from $9. Prices can then reach up to $110 for items like specialized medicines.

Prices tend to be a bit higher if you opt for things like nutritional pills or cosmetics. But prices are very reasonable if you end up buying household medical things.

Pharmapacks Shipping Policy

Pharmapacks only deliveries within the USA so international people might have to look elsewhere. They also have only one type of shipping which is the standard and is free over $49 shopping.

They take 1 to 3 days to process orders and then take 1 to 5 business days to ship. So, a total of a week or 8 days might take to deliver.

There are some items which are not eligible for shipping. Such as aerosol sprays, nail polish removers, bunion treatments and fragrances.

Pharmapacks Return Policy

To sum up their return policy, you can return anything as long as they are unused. Also within 30 days. But they have the right to refuse any return for any reason.

Return shipping is free as long as you can prove you got a defective product. Otherwise be prepared to spend on return shipping.

A 15% restocking charge will be cut off from your payment if your order is below $500. If it’s over $500 you have to pay a 50% restocking fee.

Pharmapacks Customer Satisfaction

It’s hard to determine when people have so many opinions to share about Pharmapacks. But to narrow it down I have compiled some reviews for you.

TrustPilot has given them an okay score of 3.9/5 based on 17,595 reviews (whew!). A good chunk of the people have mentioned them as excellent with super fast shipping. Despite a few negative reports about wrong orders, overall they seemed to be a good choice.

ResellerRatings on the other hand has given Pharmapacks a glowing score of 4.9/5 which is almost perfect. Almost 800 people have reviewed so far and complimented them about their shipping, products and efficiency. However, there were a couple reviews where they mentioned products being counterfeit.

Pharmapacks Alternatives

Even though Pharmapacks is one of the largest online pharmacies, there are several alternatives. They are:

iHerb: A lot similar to Pharmapacks, iHerb is another large such retailer of health and beauty products. From health supplements to personal care items such as moisturizers, iHerb has it all. They also ship worldwide including the USA and 150 more countries.

Walgreens: Everyone knows Walgreens, the giant retailer of wellness and personal care products. They fulfill all your needs for medicines, cosmetics, health and nutrition goods. And did you know they are almost 120 years old!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How to get help from Pharmapacks customer service?

Ans: To get in touch with Pharmapacks, you get three options. You can either try out their email option or chat with someone live. The last option would be calling them directly on the phone between 8AM to 8PM.

Q2# What is the loyalty and refer a friend program at Pharmapacks?

Ans: If you refer a friend, you get to earn points for rewards! Every time you shop, points will be collected for you which you can use as special perks. Perks include cash rewards, gift cards and prepaid credit.

Q3# What kind of payment are available at Pharmapacks?

Ans: You can use various payment methods to complete your purchases. Credit/debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express are your first option. You can also use PayPal, Amazon gift card or Apple way to finish payments.


Whether you need a bottle of vitamins or cosmetic products, chances are you can find those at Pharmapacks. Pharmapacks is in fact one of the largest sellers on Amazon with the largest online pharmacy.

So, to conclude the question, is Pharmapacks legit? I would say they are legit but in terms of service might have to improve a bit. However, it’s safe to say that you won’t be scammed making any purchases from the website.

With competitive prices and thousands of products available to shop, let me know what you think of Pharmapacks.

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