Is QuestBridge Legit or Scam?

Hi there! Are you a budding scholar? I feel like you might be.

So, you’re looking for the right scholarships. Believe me, you’re not alone. The process is so long and tedious.

But, you are here to know about QuestBridge. Am I right? I’m here to run down everything to the site.

Is it legit? Reliable? Even trust-worthy?

Hang on tight till I unleash everything about it!

QuestBridge Review

Looking for the best review of QuestBridge? I bring to you a fully unbiased, loaded review. What is the site like? Is it legit? I answer them both. I also tell you what they are as a site, how they work. And a breakdown of their website too.

I describe its features, benefits of being a member. So you don’t have to look for other places to find those answers. And then I show you some success stories so you can weigh out whether you like them or not. Are you ready? I am! Let’s get right into the review.

What is QuestBridge?

QuestBridge is a non-profit national company which connects students from low-income families to leading higher education institutions.

They aim to open more doors to those who need financial aid. They are based in Palo Alto, California. The CEO McCullough, and the company had modest beginnings.

Now, QuestBridge is recognized and every year candidates are chosen for fully funded scholarships with Ivy League colleges across US.

Is QuestBridge Legit?

I know what you are wondering. You read this question everywhere, is QuestBridge legit?

You want one and only one answer. After reading the most highly rated reviews, I have the answer.

QuestBridge is legit. They aren’t here to fool you or take all your hard earned money. They match you to scholarships and help you with college admissions.

Don’t fret about it being a scam! Let’s learn a bit more about the website.

Relax, and sip on some tea while you read.

QuestBridge Features

  • High school students: This is a one stop point for these students. The college match feature is what you’ll learn here. Which ones to apply to, how, the kind of awards lined up for you. You’ll get the right knowledge right here. Waste no time in reading other sections if you’re coming from High School!
  • College partners: They have all your Ivy League colleges including Dartmouth, Columbia, Carleton, Stanford, Brown. And more lists continue! They have all your US favourite colleges in alphabetical order. Simple, easy to search. Go ahead and explore which college attracts you the most!
  • Educators: Here you’ll find the counselor resources, recommender resources, family resources and how to refer to a student.
  • Scholars: This bit covers everything about scholars. Their experiences, opportunities, student resources, alumnus. You want to check this out before applying! So you get a taste of how scholars from QuestBridge has done in the past.

QuestBridge Website & Contact Information

Let’s jump into the way their site works.

You have to visit their site They automatically draw your attention with very to the point display!

Everything you need information on is there. The right side has its hover button which shows you navigation. The upper left hand corner has ‘Log In’. Fairly an easy way to understand the website content too.

You can contact their help team here. They have specific emails for different groups of people! Visit to know which email id you can shoot your question to.

Or call here (650) 331-3280, (888) 275-2054 (Toll-free).

How Does QuestBridge work?

The path may seem daunting. Worry no more!

However, the way QuestBridge works is not. You have to follow some simple procedures.

But before that, you must make sure you qualify and meet the requirements. So, must display you come from a lower income family. This makes sure you are fit for QuestBridge.

If that is you, then keep reading to know the rest.

  • You apply to a National College match.
  • You then rank QuestBridge colleges to apply to.
  • Early admissions with full scholarship.
  • Get top college education.
  • Join a community of QuestBridge on campus!

It’s that simple!

See? The way it works is enabling the lower income students to apply and get the education they desire. They’re college partners include Amherst, Boston, Colby, Brown, Stanford and so many top notch choices for college.

Did you think it was hard? I think out of all college admissions platforms, they’re doing it right. And also fairly in a simple way!

QuestBridge Benefits

Let’s talk about benefits. Why choose QuestBridge? What benefits do you get?

I’ve drawn up a list to help you. You get;

  • Guidance
  • Funding/scholarships
  • Resources
  • Trusted source
  • List of great colleges

The benefits of doing the whole college search alone is one thing. But you get a different experience when a platform helps you.

Do these make you feel like you’re interested? Tell you what.

Back in my days, I’d definitely have invested time in these platforms. They really can save some time and energy.

Who Qualifies?

Let’s get a few things clear.

With QuestBridge, it’s kind of like a done deal or no deal. Their scholarships range from full, four year scholarships worth over $200,000 each. So, they do make sure you’re getting maximum aid.

But the qualified candidates must display household income of less than $65,000 a year for a family of four. This generally includes all kinds of family income. It includes any mind of rental income, retirement distributions, and child support.

QuestBridge Success Stories

This bit is always very exciting. The success stories can help you guide your path.

QuestBridge users have said many good reviews.

Richard from Metuchen High School has said, “Having to go through this process essentially on my own was a trial, but it was an important thing for me to figure out who I am.”

While, Veronika has said “ I think most of the things I learned for the college process would be from the Conference that QuestBridge held.”

These two are amongst many selectees of QuestBridge. They got their scholarships, helped secure a better future.

Sounds like you? Get to work then! Visit their site to one day sharing your story with the world.

QuestBridge Competitiors

  • College Search Consultants

Now, even though QuestBridge is an amazing site, it has some tough competition.

College Search Consultants is one who also connects students to top notch colleges.

  • NSCS

NSCS is also a highly reputable platform to do scholarships from.

Even though they may not provide full scholarships, it’s still very well known.


Finally, you’re one step closer to finding that amazing QuestBridge scholarship.

Last year, over 1000 candidates were finalised for the full funded scholarships. Does it sound like you might want to be one of them?

I know you might just have the potential to crack all the codes there is! That right scholarship may be sitting around the corner. I hope your journey to it is a fun, exciting and super enjoyable one!

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