Is Slickdeals Legit or Scam? (Slickdeals Reviews)

We all know how online shopping is a rage now, thanks to easy internet and delivery systems. One of the perks of online shopping is digging for great discounts and deals.

For great deals and coupons findings, you can check out sites like Slickdeals. If you haven’t heard before, Slickdeals is an online money saving forum.

But even though deals from Slickdeals sound too good to be true, we need to find out. Is Slickdeals legit?

Slickdeals Review

Slickdeals is basically a social platform for real people interacting to find the best deals and coupons. In fact, they are ranked as the largest deal-sharing public forum in the USA.

The website houses over 10 million online users who share and take part in different deals. The deals and coupons for things can range from groceries to electronics.

Slickdeals is absolutely free for users and it only takes a sign up to use. To make things smoother, they have a team of deal curators to promote the best deals.

Is Slickdeals Legit?

Users have a lot to say about Slickdeals and most voted the same.

Slickdeals is legit and the company says most of its users are repeat customers. This means they are not fake and has an A- for Better Business Bureau (BBB) score. They constantly upload deals and coupons to make shopping a better experience.

But if you are wondering how Slickdeals work for users, here it goes.

How Does Slickdeals Work?

If you have a certain item in mind for shopping, you can start by searching for it. You can explore deals for the items or similar to them.

There will be members who can share, interact with you to find the best possible deal. You can even vote for things and deals with comments and emojis.

Finally, you can start saving by combining the coupons with your purchases. Trust the members to find you the best deals every time.

Slickdeals Products

Slickdeals was created to shop for basically anything. If there is a particular product you need, chances are they are at Slickdeals with deals.

There are almost endless things to choose from. But the most common ones are:

  • Food and Grocery
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Apps
  • Credit Card offers
  • Electronics like computers, phones, TV, video games, and more
  • Home Decor and Goods
  • Furniture
  • Movie Tickets
  • Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Beauty
  • Streaming Links

Can I Return Items on Slickdeals?

Since Slickdeals is not exactly a product selling website, they don’t have a specific return or refund policy. All you can do is send them a request for a return.

If they approve, you can return an order but usually, there is a return window period. If you fail to return within the time frame, your reward points will be deducted.

Some major online stores like Amazon will give out partial refunds based on the discounts.

Slickdeals Customer Satisfaction

To gauge a website you need to first see the reviews. To give you exactly that I have compiled some of them.

Trustpilot has a poor rating for Slickdeals with a 2.4/5 based on reviews. People were wary of coupons and claimed that a lot of them didn’t work. Some users were also banned without any reason which really dampened their experience.

Site Jabber on the other hand has a really good rating of 4.8/5 based on 6000+ reviews. Most people were happy with the offers and deals and ultimately their purchases. Among other coupon offering sites, Slickdeals is ranked 4th.

Slickdeals Alternatives

Each website down below is recommended by people for digging out some great deals. They might just become your new favorites.

Daily Steals: Daily Steals is your one stop for all things discounted and comes with deals. Most deals are uploaded daily and is a great website to buy products. You can get discounts as high as 80% for things like laptops and smartphones.

Brad’s Deals: Brad’s Deal was started off by a broke college student now running a successful business. Their team releases new offers and deals every day for the perfect shopping experience. They also cover a wide range of goods like food and car rentals.

Pros And Cons of Slickdeals

When I was surfing through Slickdeals, I had to focus on their pros and cons. That way it’s easier to decide if it’s worth using.


  • The lowest prices can be discovered
  • Free for users
  • Millions of deals to browse every day
  • Interaction with fellow users


  • Bogus coupons and deals might exist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does Slickdeals have an app?

Ans: To make shopping easier on phones, Slickdeals can be downloaded as an app. You can use the app either on Android or Apple and shop where ever you are. Some people prefer the app over the desktop website!

Q2# How to contact Slickdeals?

Ans: To get in contact with customer service at Slickdeals, you have to submit a request first. It could be for anything starting from bug issues to advertising.

Q3# Can I contact other members of Slickdeals?

Ans: Yes, Slickdeals allows you to email or ask questions on the platform. You can find contact info on the member’s list and even send them a personal message. However, there is no phone or email address to get in touch with them.


As you can see I did answer the question ‘Is Slickdeals legit?’ earlier in this review. Slickdeals is legit but has its drawback as well which is understandable.

The website is ideal for those who are on a budget or make the best of shopping online. Just make sure to keep an eye on fishy deals and coupons.

If you are now interested to use Slickdeals, be sure to read its features. It might just become a part of your daily shopping routine.

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