Is Legit or Scam? ( Reviews)

What does a student need the most when they are in school or college? Tutoring of course! But nowadays good tutors are hard to come by always.

Hence, today’s review of will bring you much-needed guidance on hiring new teachers. is a platform where students are connected to tutors based on needs and qualifications.

So, like I said, to get good grades, you need good tutors. All you have to do is stick around to learn the answer to ‘Is legit?’ Review stemmed from an idea in 1988 by a group of tech professionals in education. In 2000, they officially launched the website by partnering up with some public libraries.

By 2014, was working with colleges and universities to help students via online. They also managed to acquire The Princeton Review courses as part of their tutoring.

Currently, they are working with thousands of educational institutes and millions of students to provide the best help. Be it homework, tests, quizzes or entrance exams, can help you with everything.

Is Legit?

Now you might be asking, is safe to use by students and teachers alike? The answer is:

Yes, is legit and safe to use by both students and tutors. There is nothing nefarious going on and they are helping millions of students to get good grades. Students can choose their own tutors while teachers can get connected to like-minded pupils.

But how does work for both their clients?

How Does Work For Students?

For students, is available 24/7 whenever they need and want. They can work with a number of tutors by booking sessions and at their own pace.

All you have to do is sign up for an account with your details. You will be provided with a form to get to know some of your needs and wants.

Based on that you will be connected to some tutors for you to choose from. You can work via their given coursework or schedule individual lessons for one on one tutoring.

How Does work for Tutors?

As for teachers, will hire you based on your qualifications and degrees. You need to set up a profile with your information and list your expertise.

You can put up credentials, your reviews from other people, and basically anything to attract students. Once your profile is set up you can start getting requests from potential students.

You need to be able to do at least 5 hours of tutoring per week. But do remember that you will be at first placed on probation and climb onto different levels. Price (For Students)

For students, is based on subscriptions and they pay for the time they use. Pupils can either opt for monthly packages or hourly based on their needs.

For one hour per month, a subscription is $39.99 while for 3 hours it’s $114.99. You need to be careful of your hours or else you might get extra charges.

There are also one-off packages where you can be more flexible. You need to use it within 6 months and can be up to 50 hours for $1449.99. Pay For Tutors

So, for tutors, pay is up to the hours they spend with the students. You get to start as a probationary teacher at the beginning with an average of $5 per hour.

With more time and more levels you pass you can earn as much as $15 per hour. But there have been reports of teachers who earn as high as $18 to $80.

Obviously pay is not that amazing but if it’s a great way to earn some pocket change. However, if you are lucky you can get to be one of the expert tutors with high pay. Customer Feedback comes with a lot of reviews both from students and teachers. To minimize my experience in a nutshell, I have compiled a couple.

SiteJabber says that should only receive 1.49/5 based on user reviews. The reason was that most tutors were dissatisfied with low pay and students with expensive subscriptions. They are ranked only 191st among other such sites which is quite low.

Facebook is much more favorable with 4.8/5 given by actual users. They rated highly saying that students receive help timely and are grateful for it. Tutors were also happy with the way they get to earn money and praises the concept. Alternatives is obviously not the only tuition-giving platform on the planet. So, you can check these two out.

Preply: Preply is one of the most affordable options for students. Like, Preply also allows individual study sessions with different tutors. Based in Ukraine but operates worldwide, it’s the best app for students to learn a new language.

Wyzant: Wyzant doesn’t limit you to school courses; you can also use it to learn skills like guitar playing. Pay is also great for tutors and they have received good reviews over the years. They have vetted experts in nearly all subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Is free for anyone?

Ans: Yes! is funded by the military and provides free tuition for eligible service members. So children of military families can get access to millions of tutors with flexible hours absolutely free.

Q2# Can you contact

Ans: You can get in touch with for any help via their email or phone numbers. You can give them a call anytime from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Q3# Do tutors at have to work with a mentor?

Ans: To monitor your work and make sure you are correctly using the platform, mentors are needed. You can interact with them for help or they can help to guide you through the process.


I hope for both students and tutors, the question ‘Is legit’ no longer applies. It is a good choice if you want to get quick results and guidance.

Students can receive help round the clock and you can get connected to millions of tutors. Despite pay being not the best, it’s still something for an extra hustle.

It’s quite easy to use and tuitions can be given via live chat, sharing files, or even texting.

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