Is Property Room Legit or Scam?

Ever thought what police do with all the stolen items and stuff they recover? A lot of times, stuff recovered goes unclaimed or unable to be returned to owners. In that case, police sometimes sell them at auctions at really lucrative prices.

If you are on the lookout for such things, then Property Room would fit the bill. An auction site where unclaimed items are sold to the general public. I know that it might sound a bit dodgy and I also wondered, is Property Room legit?

With this review, I hope to get rid of the concerns and be able to answer all questions.

Property Room Review

Established in 1999 by ex-police officers, the main idea behind this was to sell unclaimed goods. They observed that a huge amount of stuff was being left to rot in evidence rooms. Hence, Property Room was born.

At the Property Room, you can bid on any kind of goods you see, 24/7. Right after launching Property Room, other government offices started selling the stuff they got on the site. So not only the goods seized by police, you also get stuff from fire departments, parks and hospitals.

Things are only put up for auctions when belongings are unable to be returned to the rightful owners. You can get some unusual items along with the usual ones, like a talking doll of W. Bush!

Is Property Room Legit?

What can I say, is stuff seized by police any good or is it dodgy?

Property Room is legit! Don’t be scared to bid on items here. All products are carefully examined and inspected by experts before putting them up for auctions. So, no chance of getting counterfeit items.

That’s a relief, right? Now before you go check out the site, let’s move on to their features.

Property Room Products

What kind of products can be found at the Property Room? All kinds! Starting from jewelry, clothes, shoes, electronic items like laptops, phones, cameras and many more.

You can even find musical instruments, fine art, coins, collectibles and so on. So many unique and rare things can be found here too. A police officer once found a coffin and an x-ray machine together at the same time.

Not just that, Property Room also sells vehicles! So people who are looking to buy cars or bikes at cheaper rates can look here. Dirt bikes, kayaks, trucks and even planes are available for purchase. It really is an all rounder.

Property Room Price

Since there are so many kinds of things, what will the pricing be like? It’s actually quite affordable barring some very exclusive things of course.

Bidding starts at $1 (yes, you read it right!) and can increase up to several thousand. It depends on the things of course. Compared to a simple thing like shoes, a car would definitely cost higher.

You can start your bidding at any price. If they approve it, you could be the official owner of some really cool stuff.

Types Of Auctions

There are three kinds of auctions which take place at Property Room.

Fixed Price: A list of auctions where bidding is not allowed and a fixed price is mentioned. Therefore, there is no waiting period to see who won the bid.

English Auction: The most common type of auction, where the person with the highest bid will win the item. A deadline is mentioned up until which you can put in any number of dollars.

Reserve Price English Auction: Similar to English Auction, here a predetermined price is set. Until that price is not crossed over, the item won’t be sold.

Property Room Shipping

Property Room shipping varies item to item. Some can be shipped to people all over the USA while others have to be picked up.

Things like clothes, jewelry, watches can be shipped for free, depending on the seller. But items like boats, cars will have to be picked up, which is understandable. Delivery is estimated to be 5-7 days but can take longer.

Shipping charges will be imposed by the sellers during check out so make sure to confirm your buy. Do be warned though. Some deliveries cannot be made to certain addresses such as storage facilities and APO/FPO addresses.

Property Room Returns

Since this is not your usual e-commerce website, Property Room has some rules for returns. If you want to make a return you need to first submit a return good authorization form.

For that you will have 10 days to make a return with the return label and tag. You also need to pay for your own returns. Note, some things are not eligible for returns.

Even if some can be returned there is no guarantee for a refund. It all depends upon the seller. If they do give you a refund, you need to wait at least 10 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What is a Mega Auction at Property Room?

Ans: Mega Auctions are where similar items are put up for auction at the same time. People can bid for more than one item at the original or higher price.

Q2# How to pay for vehicles and heavy items at Property Room?

Ans: For payment over $5000, you need to use wire transfer. The payment needs to be done within 72 hours of winning the bid.

Q3# What are the conditions of items at Property Room?

Ans: Unless stated otherwise at the auction, all things have to be considered used or second-hand. There can be no warranty given so all things must be bought at your own risk.


If you are willing to overlook the fact the things at Property Room are police seized. Then purchasing products from here can make you save some money.

Overall, I found Property Room to be unique with their features and eclectic choice of products. Since everything is carefully examined before selling, there’s no question of: Is Property Room legit? Do check out the website, you never know what you might end up finding there.

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