Is Prescription Hope Legit or Scam? (Prescription HopeReviws)

Those who suffer from any ailments know how expensive it is to stock up on medication. It can easily amount up to hundreds of dollars to get a bottle of pills.

What if I can tell you that you can get medical drugs of any amount at just $50 per month? Yes, you guessed it, Prescription Hope is what I am talking about.

But you obviously don’t want to lose your hard-earned money over a scam. To determine that, I need to announce the answer to ‘Is Prescription Hope legit?’

Prescription Hope Review

Prescription Hope was created by Douglas Pierce in 1996 in the hopes of reducing the cost of medicines. His mother’s medication history inspired him to develop this concept.

He managed to get in touch with a few manufacturers of drugs. To help people get into Patience Assistance Programs with the suppliers.

Prescription Hope is based in Stuart, Florida, and has a processing center in Columbus, Ohio. They screen potential patients and help them to receive drugs for much less at only $50 per month.

Is Prescription Hope Legit?

With these kinds of websites, it’s often easy to be tangled in a scam. To eliminate that, I am here to tell you the truth.

Prescription is legit BUT they have a number of issues they need to address. The company needs to work on service, deliver on time and make sure they don’t overcharge. If they manage to solve these problems, they could be one of the best affordable pharmacies.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s address how the website actually works?

How Does Prescription Hope Works?

To use Prescription Hope you need to subscribe to the company for each month with a fee of $50. Regardless of the cost of your medicines, they will never charge you extra.

They offer more than thousands of medicines by affiliating with the pharmaceutical companies. But you need to qualify to use them before getting to subscribe.

To qualify you need to provide your healthcare information, income and insurance details. Once you get approved you can start filling up your medicines from them for every month.

Prescription Hope Shipping Policy

Prescription Hope doesn’t personally deliver your medications. However, they will gather all your information and the manufacturers will send it to your doorstep.

You might have to wait for about 2 to 8 weeks to receive your first shipment. Refills don’t take too much to be delivered on the other hand.

If you badly need a certain medication, you can have expedited delivery. But you still need to wait for the first shipment to be approved.

Prescription Hope Refund Policy

If you do not receive your medicines in time they will offer refunds, that’s their guarantee. You can also ask for refunds if you receive a denial from a certain pharmaceutical company.

To get the refund process running, you need to submit the letter of denial to them. If they cannot have access to certain medicines they will not charge you.

To learn more about their refund policy, you can directly give them a call for assistance.

Prescription Hope Customer Satisfaction

Since they are selling medical drugs, it’s important to shell out the truth about their authenticity. To do that, I decided to see what others have to say.

Trustpilot has a low score of 2.3/5 which shows people do not really trust them. They complained that they charge a fee every month but do not deliver on time or never. Some even mentioned that they try to scam by never allowing to close accounts which is alarming.

Google Reviews has also similar views regarding Prescription Hope with a rating of 2.8/5. Most users mentioned shady fraudulent business practices and regard them as a scam. Complaints include false charges and never receiving the pills and drugs on time.

Prescription Hope Alternatives

For possible alternatives, you can see if these other two work for you.

Pharmapacks: To get your usual over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol and Mucinex, Pharmapacks is your solution. They also offer specialized medicines and are sold reasonably. Apart from drugs, you can shop other health and nutrition products at affordable budgets.

Cheap Pharma: Cheap Pharma like the name suggests sells medicines at cheap prices. They distribute drugs worldwide without much hassle and come directly from manufacturers. The best thing is they deliver worldwide so you can order from where ever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I use Prescription Hope even if I have medical insurance?

Ans: Prescription Hope does not discriminate against insurance holders. So, if you have one you can still use Prescription Hope without consequences. Those who don’t have any kind of insurance can also use them, basically open to everyone.

Q2# How to contact Prescription Hope help center?

Ans: You can ask for assistance through a few options. You can check out their FAQs page for common inquiries and also by directly contacting them. Their phone number and message form are the best way to get in touch.

Q3# Does Prescription Hope have a blog?

Ans: Yes! You can check out the Prescription Hope blog which is on their website. To learn more about ailments and different diseases, their blog posts are very helpful. You can get information on different types of medicines including homeopathy.


Despite the more than average negative reviews of Prescription Hope, they still have the potential to be better. There are people who were satisfied with the company and said it’s best to save money on medicines.

So, to answer the age-old question: Is Prescription Hope legit? Based on findings, yes and no would be my answer. It’s definitely better to conduct your own research before making a commitment to them.

For those who have to use different medicines every day you can definitely check them out. Saves time and money to pay a single fee for expensive drugs than shelling out hundreds of bucks.

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