Is 1-800-Flowers Legit or Scam?

Who doesn’t love receiving a sweet smelling bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day or birthdays? I know I do!

Today I will bring you one of those places. A place where it’s so easy to place an order for some gorgeous flowers. You guessed it right, I am talking about 1-800-Flowers!

But are you wondering while ordering you might end up getting scammed – is 1-800-Flowers legit? Hang on tight ‘coz you are about to find out.

1-800-Flowers Review

1-800-Flowers was founded in 1976 by Jim McCann and Chris McCann as their first retail shop for flowers. What started as just one shop gradually extended to 14 more in New York City.

The name stems (ha!) from their phone number and completely revolutionized the flower industry. By 1995 they started selling online and never looked back.

At present, 1-800-Flowers is offering flower arrangements along with a myriad of other things. From a bottle of wine to handcrafted gift baskets, you won’t be disappointed.

Is 1-800-Flowers Legit?

Let’s not keep you waiting any longer.

Yes, 1-800-Flowers is legit and more! They have an extensive collection of flower arrangements and have been running for decades. It also doesn’t hurt that they mostly receive positive reviews for their high quality bouquets.

Now let’s move on to their product section.

What can you get at 1-800-Flowers?

As the name suggests, flowers are abundant at 1-800-Flowers. They come in various sizes and shapes, from long stemmed roses to blooming tulips and summer daisies.

1-800-Flowers makes it so easy to just hop online and order from their vast collection of goodies. You can customize gift baskets with your choice of chocolate, baked goods and wines. Some balloons and stuffed toys can be added with your basket as well.

As for customization, they have a knack for creating the most gorgeous floral arrangements. Such as some ocean breeze orchids, some lovely smelling lavenders rolled into an elegant vase.

Along with your flowers, you can opt for a fruit basket, cake pop bouquets for some creative gifts. They also have a number of trinkets like jewelry, photo frames, candles, giant teddy bears, etc. Their collection of products truly will impress anyone.

1-800-Flowers Pricing

1-800-Flowers has flower arrangements and a number of gifts in various price points. Typically, the cost of flowers meant for an occasion such as birthdays costs $50.

The price for flower arrangements for funerals or anniversaries may start from $49 and continue up to $300. For exclusive flowers like white roses in elegant vases, the price might be a bit higher, $39-$66.

You also have the chance to add other cute things. Balloons for $6 each or a teddy for $20 or even a box of gourmet chocolates for $15-$20. If you are interested in gift baskets, then prices of those start from $45 to $100.

1-800-Flowers Shipping Policy

Shipping for 1-800-Flowers scores a lot of points with me. They have the usual standard shipping along with same day delivery which is always a plus.

However, shipping is not free which is okay because they go extra miles to make sure everything’s okay. Shipping charge depends on the kind of gift you are purchasing. For orders between $60-$100, the charge is somewhere between $15.

If it’s same day delivery, then an extra charge of $2.99 is added. Orders over $100+ will take a charge of $20-$45 to deliver your gifts.

Delivery is fast and prompt, they know how special it is to always receive a gift on time. From same day to rushed deliveries, they do it all.

1-800-Flowers Exchange Policy

Even though flowers and food items are perishable they still allow exchanges and returns. They take your satisfaction very seriously.

For flowers and balloons, they are willing to substitute with different kinds of the same value. That includes food baskets and plants.

For items like teddies and candles and other stuff you can return for an exchange within 30 days. They will promptly refund your money or allow you to choose another gift.

What do reviewers say about 1-800-Flowers?

Reviewers have a lot to say about 1-800-Flowers. Most users were happy with their gifts, and how lovely and fresh the floral arrangements were.

They loved the super fast deliveries, some even went the extra mile to deliver it on specific times. Customer service was praised a lot because of the way they handled it. One even mentioned that when you can’t decide on a gift, 1-800-Flowers would be happy to advise you.

Barring a couple of negative reviews like wrong orders or different resemblance, most of them loved it. When it comes to recommending this website, almost all said yes to it.

Alternatives of 1-800-Flowers

If you are still looking for other options, then these two below might be up your alley.

Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD): FTD is one of the oldest florist businesses in the world, running for over a century. You can get any type of floral arrangements, gifts and baskets for any occasion just like 1-800-Flowers.

ProFlowers: ProFlowers are popular for their fresh from the fields flowers. You can have them delivered with gourmet food or potted plants. Plus they deliver on the same day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I get a gift card from 1-800-Flowers?

Ans: Yes, if you are unsure about your choice, you can opt for a gift card. You can send it to a friend or even to yourself.

Q2# Does 1-800-Flowers have any blogs?

Ans: 1-800-Flowers not just has a blog, they have two! Check out their blogs called Petal Talk with Jim’s Corner and Julie’s Corner.

Q3# Does 1-800-Flowers use local florists for their flowers?

Ans: You would be pleased to know that for the freshest flowers, 1-800-Flowers use local florists. So not only are you supporting 1-800-Flowers but also local small florists in your area.


From my review above you must have gotten all your doubts cleared. Is 1-800-Flowers legit? From my point of view it is very much legit.

They have some lovely bunches of flowers, gift baskets and other stuff. Things which people would be more than happy to receive.

So for those looking to give someone a bouquet of flowers. Along with a nice gift basket, 1-800-Flowers is for you.

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