Is ShopMyExchange Legit or Scam?

We all know how hard it is to serve the country – veterans would know that perfectly. In order to honor them and make their lives just a tad easier, I’m gonna talk about ShopMyExchange. It’s the least I can do.

A retailer only reserved for discharged veterans and has been running for years, ShopMyExchange is a wonderful initiative. However, I don’t want to pass on some fake website to you and hence this review.

So if you wanna know the answer to ‘Is ShopMyExchange legit?’, please take a seat.

ShopMyExchange Review

ShopMyExchange, aka The Exchange is an initiative currently run by owner Tom Shull in Dallas, Texas. It was established in 1895 and spans around more than 20+ countries and 50 states.

It’s one of the oldest and longest running military retailers in the USA and also worldwide.

ShopMyExchange was launched years ago to help eligible military members to shop with ease. They get benefits of discounts and tax free shopping. It’s a members only retailer which is extended to only veterans of the country.

Is ShopMyExchange Legit?

Having said all the things above, I should be able to answer if ShopMyExchange is legit, right? And I will, so here it goes.

ShopMyExchange is legit! They have been ranked as one of top 100 retailers and have always maintained their reputation. They are almost always used by our veterans for their shopping and it’s hardly a disappointment for them.

Now, who can get access to this wonderful website?

Who Can Join ShopMyExchange?

People who served and are still serving the country are eligible to apply for the membership. Active military members, National Guards, retirees, veterans with disabilities are some of them who can apply. Former prisoners of war, reservists and Purple Heart recipients are also allowed as members.

Some other people who can apply are National Coast Guards, caregivers of veterans and authorized health service people. Family members of the military army members or Coast Guard civilian employees can also put in an application.

If you think you are eligible for a membership, you can open up an account online. They will verify and let you know if you can use ShopMyExchange.

ShopMyExchange Products

ShopMyExchange has got your back with countless goods. You can get anything from military uniforms to travel tickets and more.

You get a bunch of branded stuff all from the top companies. Such as Apple, Samsung, Bath and Body Works, Bvlgari, Bobbi Brown, etc. Many people like to purchase their uniforms from them as well as any essentials for duty.

Things like Swiss knives, protection gear and clothing are available. If you are into buying beauty and health products they have those too. Lancome, NYX, Allegro, Aveda and dozens of other brands.

For both men’s and women’s apparel they have Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, North Face and several more. You can get all of these and more without having to pay market price.

ShopMyExchange Products Pricing

As you know ShopMyExchange is only for members of the military and their family members. But what sets it apart from usual e-commerce sites? – Their pricing of course!

When you sign up you get discounts ranging anywhere from 20-70%. You can also avail bundle discounts for things like hotels, TV streaming and furniture.

Greatest thing about ShopMyExchange is that you can shop to your heart’s content ‘coz it’s tax free! They also have price matching which means you get to buy at even lower prices. Keep more of your hard earned money to yourself.

What’s more is that a lot of the money spent at ShopMyExchange is given back to the community.

ShopMyExchange Shipping Policy

ShopMyExchange has several shipping options: standard, priority or overweight. In store or curb pick up is also available if you prefer not waiting for shipping. Overseas shipping for members abroad is also available over 50 countries.

Free standard shipping is only applicable if you shop over $49 or else $4.95 will be charged. For a small additional fee you can opt for priority shipping which takes around less than 7 days. Standards take around 7 days to ship while over-sized ones will take a bit longer than a week.

Oversized items include furniture, swimming pools, gym equipment and more. The charge for ShopMyExchange is shown only when you check out.

ShopMyExchange Return Policy

If you are wanting to make a return you are in luck! ShopMyExchange has a pretty straightforward return policy which makes it easier for everyone.

You can return items within 90 days of purchasing. You can send it back through shipping or take it to one of their bases.

Certain items such as jewelry, furniture, TVs, bedding might have a lesser return period of 30 days. While things like uniforms, food, music and gift cards fall under the non-returnable things. Once they receive your return, you will get back your refund in a couple of days.

ShopMyExchange Alternatives

Are there any similar websites like ShopMyExchange? Yes, here are two more.

GovX: GovX is another military based retailer which houses several brands and options to choose from. If you want an unbiased review of this website, be sure to check out my one.

Veterans Advantage: If you want military discounts and exclusive deals on stuff then, Veterans Advantage is another great place. A number of products and services are on there for you to shop from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I buy Gift cards at ShopMyExchange?

Ans: If you want to gift something to your fellow members of ShopMyExchange you absolutely can. Any active military member, retiree or their dependents are eligible to receive a gift card.

Q2# How can I contact ShopMyExchange customer service?

Ans: If you need assistance, then you can contact them on their toll free numbers. They also have online chats and email to get you through any problem.

Q3# Does ShopMyExchange need a social security number for verification?

Ans: In order to maintain members only, they need to verify if you are/were a member of the military. Hence, the last four digits of your social security number are necessary.


Are you still wondering about the question ‘Is ShopMyExchange legit?’? If so, then let this review change your mind.

It’s really no wonder that ShopMyExchange is so popular among the veterans. It’s a very user friendly website with hundreds of options. Signing up for this would make anyone’s life much easier, hence why it’s been running for decades.

To get all the perks and discounts, sign up for ShopMyExchange. See for yourself how life changing it could be.

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