Is Adore Me Legit or Scam?

There’s nothing like finding the perfect fitting bra and trust me I have tried a lot of brands. That’s when I came across Adore Me.

A retailer of lingerie and underwear, Adore Me has been gaining popularity among people. Today, this review today will examine all its features and what makes it tick.

Most importantly, it will answer the main question: Is Adore Me legit?

Adore Me Review

Adore Me started in 2010 by Morgan Hermand-Waiche in New York. Her main idea was to offer people modern lingerie with comfort and style.

They are a subscription based online website that offers good quality lingerie for most shapes and sizes. Every month you get to try out new styles and trends with your membership.

Subscription also comes with Elite and VIP plans where according to your budget you are sent different lingerie.

Is Adore Me Legit?

On to the main question: Is Adore Me safe and authentic?

Yes, Adore Me is legit and safe to use. They had hiccups in the beginning I’ll admit, but they’ve managed to clean up their act. Now, Adore Me comes highly recommended with their vast collection and free shipping.

But what’s the procedure to use Adore Me?

How Does Adore Me Work?

You can either sign up for a subscription every month or shop as a guest. As a guest however, you have to pay a higher price than a subscription.

There are two plans you can opt for – the VIP membership and Elite membership. VIP membership consists of paying $39.95 every month to buy new stuff.

Elite membership on the other hand will only charge $20 based on what you like and keep. You can opt out of the subscription charge every month by skipping the option.

Adore Me Products

As the brand suggests, Adore Me is all about lingerie of every kind. It is essentially targeted towards women and their need for intimate things.

You get bras and underwear of every shape and size with different levels of padding. Push-ups, unlined, demi cups, bralette and lots more are there to offer in style.

Underwear also comes as thongs, boyfriend panties and high waisted. If you are into elegant sleepwear and swimwear, they have those too. To feel sexy and confident you can try out their corsets, bustiers, teddies and many ranges of stockings.

Adore Me Product Pricing

If you are willing to shop as a guest then everything here costs $24.95 each. So you have to spend more on each item.

If you subscribe then you get to save more money by getting a few sets only at $39.95. Also a fun perk of subscription is that you get a free set after every 5.

Adore Me Size Chart

Adore Me is very inclusive when it comes to shapes and sizes. They offer XS for petites up to people sized 4X.
Bras are made from 30A to 40DDD, people having trouble finding their sizes elsewhere can look here. Not everything is sold at every size but most definitely are.

Adore Me Shipping Policy

Adore Me shipping on the other hand is not that inclusive. They only manage to ship to the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

However, standard shipping is free in the USA and takes over 3-5 days to complete. Other options include Three Day, Second Day and Next Day shipping which ranges from $9.95-$19.95.

International shipping takes a bit more time of 11-14 days and is unfortunately not free. Charges for Canada are $5.95 while Australia and the UK take $6.95.

Adore Me Return Policy

Adore Me return policy allows you to return lingerie but with careful instructions. You get 30 days to return and have to fill up a return form. You have to make sure all items are unused and intact with their original tags.

Final sales items are not allowed to be returned but luckily returns are free. You just need to pay for the return shipping.

Now this is where the good parts end. Refund sadly takes around 30 days which in my opinion is a long time to wait. In fact most people complain about the long waiting period for refunds.

Adore Me Customer Feedback

Adore Me has mixed reviews on the Internet. Some people were happy with their new purchases every month whereas some had complaints.

Trust Pilot has a score of 3.9 on the website which is strictly average. Some people were unhappy with their slow shipping and long waiting periods for refunds which seemed unfair. More than half of them however were up for using the site every month.

Site Jabber fares better when it comes to Adore Me with a rating of 4.53 stars. Customers satisfied with Adore Me mainly praised their great quality and amazing styles. More than 10,000+ have rated them highly barring a few people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Where are all the products of Adore Me made?

Ans: All products of Adore Me are designed in New York. While the sourcing and manufacturing are based mostly in Europe and Asia.

Q2# Do we always have to buy lingerie as a set at Adore Me?

Ans: Nope! Adore Me allows you to buy individual bras and undies without any problems. But they mostly make it set so that you can match and look cute!

Q3# How to get in touch with Adore Me customer service?

Ans: If you have a question, they would be glad to help you. All you have to do is give them a call or chat via online. They promise to get back to you within 6 business hours.


Bottom line, is Adore Me worth it? I’d say yes and not just worth it, but also can confirm the question ‘Is Adore Me legit?’

Despite a few complaints which I’ll say need to be improved, Adore Me is still worth it.

Adore Me is perfect for those wanting a new bra or swimwear every month. You can now look forward to a more confident self and sexy times! (wink, wink).

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