Is Bellelily Legit or Scam?

Recently there has been a boom of budget fashion portals all over the Internet. Some turned out to be value for money while others a scam.

So, today I bring you one such website named Bellelily, a retailer of affordable fashion. Along with the review, I will also be answering ‘Is Bellelily legit?’

The catch? You just need to grab a seat and keep on reading!

Bellelily Review

Bellelily is a retailer of fashion, both wholesale and individuals with a history of 10 years. Before going online, they claimed to have a business of selling affordable clothing for a decade.

Bellelily is based in China where they source and manufacture their items. Later, on the website they sell it to people worldwide.

They specialize in mainly clothing, shoes, swimwear, etc. An all-rounder if I have to describe it in a word.

Is Bellelily Legit?

Before deciding to use such a website, you need to first find out if it’s legit. Can we say the same for Bellelily?

Bellelily is legit because they are also registered with a company in the UK and China. So, suffice to say they will NOT rip you off. It’s a one stop for all things trendy so you might be curious to check it out.

Even though Bellelily is legit, it’s not enough to entice me to shop. Let’s see what else I can dig up for you.

Bellelily Product List

Bellily like I said before is a one stop for all things fashionable and stylish. They have a wide range of apparel, footwear, accessories and swimwear.

If you browse their website you will see that their style can be called everyday style. Casual yet trendy and fashionable.

The things you can find here are:

  • Dresses
  • Hoodies and Leggings
  • Tops and Blouses
  • Jackets and Coats
  • Maternity Wear
  • Sleepwear and Swimwear
  • Shoes like heels, sneakers, boots and sandals
  • Accessories like Bags and Jewelry

Bellelily Product Pricing

Bellelily pricing is extremely affordable which makes it very popular among users. They barely charge over $50 for any item.

Most dresses I found were below $20 and are really wholesale price. Accessories like jewelry and bags are even cheaper ranging from $0.99 to $9.

You can even buy in bundles with offers like buy four get 30% off. One thing is for sure that buying from Bellelily will hardly break your bank.

Bellelily Shipping Policy

Since Bellelily ships from China, it’s a concern whether shipping is costly. Not for this site, it seems. Bellelily offers free standard shipping over $69 all over 30 countries.

If you want faster shipping, you can also go for Expedited shipping which usually costs $9.99. You can get expedited shipping for free if you spend over $129.

Delivery is worldwide with delivery times ranging from 4-20 days for standard. If you are into expedited delivery then it takes 3-15 days.

Bellelily Return Policy

When it comes to the return policy of Bellelily, things get a bit sketchy. They don’t have a clear policy of returns which instantly makes it difficult to send back things.

They state that they have a 7 day period of return window. But they must have it approved by their customer service. 7 days in my opinion is too less to make a return and approval is rarely guaranteed.

Plus, the return charge usually turns out to be costlier than the actual price of the item. If you see their complaints section, you will see that many of them are about their return policy.

Bellelily Customer Feedback

When it comes to reviews and complaints, Bellelily doesn’t fare well in many sectors.

TrustPilot has given Bellelily a rating of 3.5 but they’ve put up a warning of fake reviews. Which means several ‘positive’ reviews might be fake. Generally people were unhappy with the lack of quality, slow shipping and hard to return policy.

Site Jabber also has a similar rating for Bellelily of 3.6 out of 1385 reviewers. Customers pleased with the site frequently mentions their low prices and user friendly website. 69% were happy with Bellelily while the rest had similar complaints to Trustpilot.

Bellelily Alternatives

Just like Bellelily there are similar websites out there on the Internet. Two of these mentioned below are highly recommended.

BerryLook: A China based fashion like Bellelily, BerryLook also specializes in apparel and accessories. You can find a wide range of dresses, shoes, swimwear and accessories all within your budget.

Noracora: Yet another Chinese website, Noracora is also known for fashion on a budget. They are dedicated to providing the latest trends in dirt cheap prices. They are known to be popular in countries like the USA, Australia and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What are the payment methods of Bellelily?

Ans: You can use your credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Apart from that PayPal is also an option for payments.

Q2# How can I know my exact size at Bellelily?

Ans: You can use their size guide to determine your measurements and correct size. They have a helpful guide which tells you how to measure your figure. Sizes run from 35 to 43 which is considered XL.

Q3# Can I track my parcel from Bellelily?

Ans: Yes, you can use the tracking number from your notification email to track your package. If you see multiple tracking numbers, that means some of your items were shipped separately.


In answer to the question ‘Is Bellelily legit?’, I’m confirming that Bellelily is legit – not without faults though. You just need to determine if it’s worth your time and money.

Bellelily is your usual cheap retailer of fashion forward dresses and accessories. Quality might not be the greatest but I can say that prices are worth it.

If you are into quick wardrobe changes, then Bellelily could be an option for you peeps. All you have to do is check them out once.

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