Is GovX Legit or Scam?

Folks in the military and government work so hard for us average citizens right? That’s what Govx, an e-commerce company thinks so too.

Govx is a place where citizens who work in uniforms can enjoy military discounts in hundreds of brands. It is their way of repaying the country. It all sounds like an ideal place for shoppers but can we trust them?

The main question remains, is GovX legit? Stay tuned to know what I find out.

GovX Review

GovX is a USA based retailer offering current and ex members of the Armed Forces, law enforcers and fire fighters. Basically anyone who served in uniforms and the country. It was founded in 2011 by Marc, Shannon Van Buskirk, Anthony Farwell and Van Buskirk.

Throughout the years GovX has been serving qualified members with discounts on over 500+ brands. Anyone with a service background can purchase outdoor stuff, tactical gear and athletic clothes and more.

People who sign up for membership of GovX can enjoy discounts on tickets for major league games. As well as concerts, races and theme parks such as Universal Studios and Disney World.

Is GovX Legit?

If you are wondering if it sounds too good to be true, let me clear out the doubts.

GovX is 100% legit! Their reputation always comes first and any veteran or military officer will vouch for it. If you go through any military forums, GovX is always mentioned for discounts which obviously makes them legit.

Now let’s talk more about GovX, to know what makes it legit.

GovX Products

What kind of products and brands are available at GovX? Quite a lot actually! GovX has provided access to brands popular among everyone starting from RayBan to North Face.

For the uniformed community, GovX got you covered from anything you need for outdoors and indoors. Items such as backpacks, dry food, tactical gear like rifles, Swiss knives, binoculars, eye wear protection, etc. Clothing, grooming, shoes and even pet food are available for members.

Hundreds of brands are featured here to choose from as well as tickets for games and such. If you’re a retired official looking to travel the world more, GovX offers hotels and travel deals too! Finally, if you want to surprise your wife or any loved ones, you can find gifts like flowers.

GovX Pricing

GovX’s main mission is to serve members with discounts and privileges not available for average citizens. The pricing at GovX truly does deliver in this case.

Since GovX is only for military members, non-members can’t see the prices. If you sign up you get categories starting from under $50 to over $100. Discounts start from 10% to 50/70% which is a lot! You can even avail more discounts with their promos and coupons.

They also have flash sales constantly where sales are given for a few hours for you to shop. Amazing deals are usually given up to 70% discounts. For further saving, you can also checkout their clearance section for the cheapest deals.

GovX Shipping Policy

At present, GovX is offering free shipping on all orders. However, shipping charges do change when they deem fit. But rest assured only a minimal fee is charged with every order.

People who expect faster deliveries unfortunately cannot avail expedited shipping. Processing takes around 24-48 hours and deliveries might take anywhere between 3-5 days. Since products come directly from the manufacturers, all products which will be delivered are authentic.

GovX Return Policy

Sometimes orders we receive do not work out and GovX understands that too. In case you want to return any goods, the process is very simple.

Returns are absolutely free so you can shop with your heart’s contents. All you have to do is send back the original packaging with a return label. Returns must be done within 30 days which is more than enough.

At this time exchanges are not entertained and only refunds are issued when returns. Refund processing takes only 5 days and takes around 1-3 business days for the refund.

Reviewers On GovX

If you want to read some authentic feedback on GovX you can check out sites like Trustpilot. Trustpilot rates GovX with 4.6 stars which shows how trustworthy this website is.

Reviewers were very happy with the way GovX deals with orders and processing. Most thought the discounts offered were more than enough and got amazing items in return. Free returns and quick refunds mostly sealed the deals for the users.

Negative reviews were very rare to find but most issues were solved by GovX’s great customer services. I believe only a couple were unhappy with their orders. So, you can purchase from GovX without any hesitation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some commonly asked questions answered for your convenience.

Q1# Does GovX give warranty on items?

Ans: They do! Since all products come directly from manufacturers and brands, all come with their own warranties.

Q2# How do I know I qualify for GovX?

Ans: You can visit their site or join to see if you can be a member of the site. Typically military families, law enforcers, firefighters, medical officials and government employees can enjoy GovX.

Q3# What is the GovX rewards?

Ans: For members, you can earn $10 credit if you spend over $200. All the credit accumulated can be spent to buy more in future.


Do you want to sign up for GovX but still thinking this question: Is GovX legit? I sincerely hope this review was able to bring you in depth info and answers.

With an easy site to navigate and high quality goods and services, it’s a no brainer that GovX is legit. Most if not all members are happy with the way GovX works. They appreciate the fact that they can enjoy all the discounts and perks that come with it.

If you think you are eligible to shop from this site, be sure to check it out. You are bound to find at least a couple of amazing deals.

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