Is HSN Legit or Scam? (HSN Reviews)

I think we have all seen an aired advertisement for a Wolfgang Puck kitchen aid or a fryer. Most probably on the Home Shopping Network channel with Shannon Smith explaining all the attributes.

But have you always wondered, does anyone actually end up buying from the Network? Even though the ads look too good to be true, can I ask ‘Is HSN legit?’

To find out the real truth, you mustn’t miss today’s review of HSN here on FindLegit. So, keep on reading!

HSN Review

HSN or Home Shopping Network was built by Lowell “Bud” Paxson and Roy Speer in 1982. It was originally known as Home Shopping Club first shown in Florida.

On July 1, 1985, they changed the name to Home Shopping Network. And revolutionized the concept of televised sales pitching forever with QVC as their competitor.

Did you know that the idea of HSN came up in the radio station run by Paxson. He aired can opener ads to listeners and managed to sell 75,000 of them within 20,000 hours. Now, HSN goes on live for 19 hours and for the whole year minus a day.

Is HSN Legit?

If I must answer this question, then I would have to say that:

HSN is legit and the proof is that they have been running since the 80s. They are supremely popular in the USA and have also opened similar sister channels in Europe. If you must know what you should buy for an easier life, then HSN is for you.

But, what exactly is available on this network? Are they worth buying?

HSN Products

HSN is known for a lot of goods, mainly electronics and kitchen items. From home appliances like food blenders to a world class refrigerator.

The list of products available at HSN kind of goes on like this.

  • Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Home Decor and Appliances
  • Bedding
  • Electronics
  • Beauty
  • Jewelry
  • Kitchen & Food
  • Crafts
  • Health

All these products are available from some of the best brands. Such as Martha Stewart, Magic Chef, Cotton Loft and Oscar De La Ranta.

HSN Product Pricing

You have a range of products at various price points which can appeal to anyone with a budget. From inexpensive items like $7 necklaces to a $6,999 digital camera.

HSN kitchen goods are some of their most expensive products with prices ranging from $10 to $7000. Things like coffee machines and refrigerators come with hefty price tags.

Fashion items and handicrafts are mostly reasonable with the highest price being $500. You can also find many products with marked down prices at the sales section.

HSN Shipping Policy

For shipping, you get three kinds of delivery: Standard, Express and Super Express. You can avail any one of them when you get to the checkout.

Standard Delivery takes 3 to 7 business days to ship which is their slowest way to deliver. There’ll be a minimal charge but you might get it for free if you buy over a limit.

Both Express and Super Express are very fast, generally which take 3 or 2 days respectively. Some larger items might not be eligible for express shipping. In that case, some extra days will be needed for deliveries.

HSN Return Policy

HSN understands that you might not sometimes like a product. In that case you have 30 days to get your item back to HSN for a refund.

You need to package it in original conditions with the tags and slips intact. To know how to send back your product, please read their return instructions carefully.

Some items cannot be returned and you will be notified of that when you get to the checkout. It takes 3 business days for HSN to give back your refund.

HSN Customer Feedback

Even though HSN has been running for years now, it’s vital to know what others think of them. So, to present:

Site Jabber has a rating of 2.13/5 because of 245 reviews from different consumers. Most customers have complained about their lack of customer service and return policy. According to them, HSN is only ranked 141st among all Discount stores.

Consumer Affairs has a more favorable score for HSN with 3.7/5 based on almost 500 reviews. A lot of users said that the products are unique and are useful in daily life. Some people, however, said that customer service leaves much to be desired.

HSN Alternatives

Even though HSN is one of its kind, you must be thinking if there are more like them. To make your research easier, here’s two more.

Stoneberry: Stoneberry is perfect for those who are into decorating or renovating houses. They offer a wide range of house goods which can be paid with credit. From electronics to bakeware, Stoneberry has it all.

QVC: Their direct competitor and now partner, QVC also has been running almost the same years as HSN. They also have similar products like HSN with electronics to kitchen goods. If you are getting married, QVC is great for having wedding registries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Is there a way to buy gift cards from HSN?

Ans: Yes, absolutely! If you wanna gift a HSN product to your loved one. Perfect way is to spend it on a gift card. You can get multiple gift cards for any occasion between $25 to $100.

Q2# Does HSN have any brick and mortar retail outlets in the USA?

Ans: HSN has four outlets in Florida where you can get the same products as shown on the website. You can visit any of them if you are nearby and get to test the products up front. Their Bardmoor Shopping Mall location is the most popular one.

Q3# Do senior citizens receive any discounts when shopping from HSN?

Ans: HSN gives out a 10% discount to anyone over 50 every Wednesday to Tuesday. Senior residents can save up to $50 with discounts and promos.


I know, it’s hard to resist shopping from HSN with all their wonderful ads airing on TV. With this review I hope I can now answer the question ‘Is HSN legit?’

HSN sure has its flaws but I can guarantee that their products are worth it. Customer service is a bit iffy but as long as you overlook that, you’d be happy.

So, go get that air fryer or the dutch oven you have been eyeing for a while. You have earned it!

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