Is Perpay Legit or Scam? (Perpay Reviews)

Ever faced a situation where you don’t have enough money saved but you needed to buy things? Do you ever wish you could shop without having to pay right away?

Then you can consider Perpay as an option. What exactly is Perpay? Glad you asked.

Perpay is an online store where you can buy products with the amount of credit you build up. Even though the concept sounds great, can we trust them? Is Perpay legit?

Perpay Review

Here I am asking again: What is Perpay and how did the idea emerge?

Perpay is an unique online platform which acts as a store as well as a credit storing portal. The company was founded by CEO Chris DiMarco and Dave Hayne in the heart of Philadelphia. It was founded in 2016.

His concept was to open up sensible financing and provide accessible goods and services to fellow Americans. They have more than 40 employees including a very cute pup!

Is Perpay Legit?

It wouldn’t be right to ignore the pink elephant in the living room any longer. Is Perpay truly what it claims to be?

Perpay is legit and has been running honestly for years now. You can rest assured that you will receive whatever you will order with credit. There won’t be any hidden charges and penalties for users and they would never compromise your credit scores.

Now that I have cleared the air about the legitimacy of Perpay, let’s see how the company operates.

How Does Perpay Work?

As I said before Perpay is a credit building store. So according to the site, you can get an average of 39 points every time you complete payments.

For every small payment you get to build more credit to buy more stuff at the site. You need to sign up for an account and they will provide customized accounts based on profiles. And don’t fear, there will be no credit check!

With your limited credit amount, you can now buy a wide range of products. You can simply buy now and pay later without having to worry about any interest.

Perpay Products

What can’t you get should be the question. Perpay is partnered with many top brands from the USA and other countries.

They bring you a huge range of products specializing in Electronics, Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor and more. Brands such as Michael Kors, Samsung, Nintendo, Apple and Kitchen Aid are all available at the website.

If you can’t pay outright with money at the check out, you’ve the chance to pay in installments. I think both men and women would find something worthwhile in this website.

Perpay Shipping Policy

As soon as you make the first payment, you can expect your items to be shipped. Expect your products to be delivered within 3 to 5 business days.

If your order is a larger item which is overweight, shipping might be delayed a bit. In that case, shipping will take place within 3 to 4 weeks.

You will get a tracking number with which you can track your orders. After a week or so of your first payment, the cargo company will contact you to schedule deliveries.

Perpay Return Policy

You can return some items within 30 days of payment. However, some brands will not allow you to return their products.

Brands like Michael Kors, Gucci, Coach, Lego, UGG, Lenox and some more do not allow any returns. If your items arrive damaged or defective, you are eligible to receive free return shipping.

If not, you need to pay out of your own pockets and also pay a $10 return fee. There is also a 5% restocking charge if you return any of your product.

Perpay Customer Satisfaction

People have a lot to say about Perpay and its features. According to these two sites:

TrustPilot has a low rating of 3.6 which makes it an alright kind of site to use. People say it’s easy to set up but not people with disabilities cannot get on it. They also take forever to ship which was another one of their complaints.

Site Jabber has given them a low score of only 2.3/5 based on reviews. According to them customer service is one of their poorer features along with slow shipping. They only rank 150th among discount stores.

Perpay Alternatives

If you are wondering if there are more websites similar to this, then you are in luck. Just for you guys, I have prepared two more.

Sezzle: Sezzle is another pay later app which comes highly recommended. There are many online stores which allow Sezzle payment. You can get approval without any credit check and millenials are huge fans of them.

Klarna: Klarna is also a good viable option which is accepted in many websites. There are no hidden fees and no interest which makes it easy for everyone. People say that it’s the best for large orders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Will Perpay charge me if I don’t pay in time?

Ans: No, Perpay will not charge a fee if you fail to pay in time. However, there is a limit to missing payments. You can arrange payments to be weekly or monthly with the website but conditions will apply.

Q2# How can I contact Perpay for customer service?

Ans: You can get in touch with Perpay by emailing them or directly giving them a call. You can find all the information by checking out their contact page.

Q3# Is there a spending limit at Perpay?

Ans: Your spending limit will be approved by seeing your profile. But the more you spend at Perpay, the more you can increase your limit.


With the main question ‘Is Perpay legit?’ out of the way, hope this article was to your liking. Even though reviews are mixed regarding the site, people still recommend it as a great site.

There are no pesky hidden laws and you can shop in peace. Keeping in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot at a time.

With such pay later apps gaining popularity in the market, Perpay is a great one to start with. But, do keep in mind that with such sites, you need to have a steady cash flow.

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