Is Jimmy Jazz legit or Scam?

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If you’re still reading, then I assume you really want to know about Jimmy Jazz. And it is fair to have a drop of doubt in your mind.

Is it an authentic store? Is Jimmy Jazz legit? Or am I being scammed?

I have all your answers, trust me. I did the digging around for you to make things super duper easy. So when you get your purchase, all you’ll be doing is dropping your jaw with bliss.

Get your pen and paper out!

What is Jimmy Jazz?

You are not alone if you’re constantly wondering what stores like Jimmy Jazz are. Who is Jimmy? Or Jazz?

They sell items from other brands, not their own. Strange much? Actually.. turns out it’s quite normal to be doing that.

Let me get one thing straight, in today’s sneaker culture it is really hard to get scammed. Yes, you can read that twice.

We have so many ways to authenticate a product now! Scamming alerts are usually well felt before a purchase. So, I sense you may still be iffy with your trust. I know I had little faith too when I bought my first pair online.

But before you jump to conclusions, I have some good news for you. I need your full attention for this one, hear close!

Are you listening? Much of these major E-commerce sites are not scammy. There, I said it!

You’ve guessed it- Jimmy Jazz is real in what they do!

Why I say this is based on actual purchases. My friends buy off of them too- mostly ones who love edgy, sporty looks.

Is Jimmy Jazz legit?

Just a brief history lesson, Jimmy Jazz is an internet retailer which sells from 500 companies. Some notable ones are Nike, Adidas, Timberland. They sell ranges of items starting from shoes, clothings to accessories.

Without a doubt, Jimmy Jazz is legit. It’s a brick and mortar store known by the sneaker community. Many customers are happily re-purchasing for years now.

Jimmy Jazz’s Website + Email + Phone Number

Now for some technical stuff!

Jimmy Jazz runs under their handle, where you can purchase their items. They have physical stores too all around in The United States, almost 170 in total.

A big number, right? But.. where can you reach them?

Their socials are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. One search and you’re connected. Jimmy Jazz maintains a great track record of new posts, I feel. They’re quite quick on their feet on new trends, really well put together in marketing.

And all inquiries can be done using their ‘Contact us’ page as well!


Their hotline for customer queries is 00 1 201-210-5263. They’re courteous and customer friendly.

Jimmy Jazz Features

  • I will get straight into what they feature. No wasting your time:
    The brands they sell are Nike, Jordan, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Levi’s, and Ralph Lauren and more notable names.
  • They carry a street-style vibe.
  • The products range mainly around sneakers. (Sneakerheads love this place, believe me.)
  • They also hold a range of other products such as clothing, accessories etc. (Men, women and kids)
  • They hold exclusive discounts, mostly all year round. (Fun!)
  • Returns policy and shipping is also included.

How Does Jimmy Jazz work?

First thing is first. Jimmy Jazz is not very difficult to understand. Actually, getting around Jimmy Jazz and what they do is a piece of cake!

The best part is, the store holds your favourite brands.

It works this way:

If you buy online, you pick your products. Add to the cart, pay using debit/credit cards or Paypal (use voucher/coupon if you have). It ships to you, and viola! You’re a happy customer. (Unless, you know, you don’t fancy your purchase. This is very rare, though! )

But, I mean isn’t that what we all do at stores? Swipe our cards and leave? Let me tell you why Jimmy Jazz is different.

Jimmy Jazz gives you some of the lowest prices. Frankly, the best ones. Ha! Did you think that was possible? I know it is, because I can see those rates right now.

Trust me when I say it, these are some sizzling deals.

How long does it take to deliver?

Ah, this one does need a bit of patience. They usually deliver in 6-8 weeks time. Feel like a crying emoji yet? I do.

Sadly, they don’t do international shipments to all countries as well. And another bad news is you can’t exchange your products, only return and refund. That’s a bummer, I would say.

But, maybe there is more to Jimmy Jazz than these shortcomings. Do you want to find out? Let’s find out.

Jimmy Jazz return policy

Oh-boy. Their return policy is not too flexible, because you have to return it through post. Hmm. This one is tough, I must say.

You can either take it back to the store, or use a postal method. Which you must pay the postal fee for. This is a bit inconvenient. If I can judge, I probably would not buy a pair without being 100% sure.

However, if you do buy a pair you’d direly want to return, you can! Within 30 days, you’re welcome to send it back in unworn condition and happily get refunded.

I guess that’s a good thing right there! Let’s not lose hope, maybe in the future this policy changes? I certainly root for it to.

Jimmy Jazz promo

I know what you might want to hear. ‘They have promos all the time!’. Here is where it gets tricky, but rest assured you’ll save plenty of bucks regardless.

Each season, each festival- they’ll have different, amazing sales. Great, but not-so great if you miss out the ending day of the sales!


Sometimes you see those big timers on these websites which shows when sales end. I somehow end up clicking just about when it expires.

Urgh, am I the only one?

But, a good thing is however that when I check-out their website, there are always discounts. There’s hefty discounts of around 20% or 30% on their products on average.

I would ask you to be sure which section they mean though- men, women or kids. If you still miss on those sales, of course you can just buy off of the clearance section. Saves you big money, no quality compromised.

Where is Jimmy Jazz located?

Jimmy Jazz is widely available to US buyers, with 170 stores physically. Some Jimmy Jazz showrooms are subsidiaries inside other big stores.

All the while, you can use the store locator on their website to know where a close-by one is. I totally dig this feature.

But it surely is convenient to shop online. The website features all products, if not more than the stores. That’s a superb way to include more customers!

Websites Similar to Jimmy Jazz

– Jimmy Jazz vs Foot Locker

Alright, let’s get one thing out of the way. Jimmy Jazz has some fierce competition.

Foot Locker is a company which is very similar in many ways. It is an American, sports and footwear retailer. And actually has more than 3000 stores.

Intimidating much?

The website also gives a similar vibe to our friend Jimmy Jazz here; the easy to check out, scroll through style.

But weighing in on what it features, the discounts you get on Jimmy Jazz is usually higher. To me, this is a big matter. I don’t think I would like to skip out on that bargain.

Who likes missing out on sales?

– Jimmy Jazz vs Footaction

Now, Footaction has been around longer. This might be why it’s another good competition for Jimmy Jazz.

If anything, I can see why some may even prefer it better than Jimmy Jazz. They have something called ‘FLX Reward’, which is an impressive feature.

This might mean our home-girl Jimmy Jazz has something to worry about. However, given everything runs on trends, youth can mostly choose it than Footaction.

Simply because it is more well known to them and their peers. In one sentence, Jimmy Jazz shows-off with their products uniquely.

I’d say that’s a supreme strength-marketing to a business is key anyway, right?

Is Legit or Scam

I can hear the drum rolls kicking in already.

So after all this discussion, is Jimmy Jazz legit?

Heck yes, it is. It is actually unlikely to think that it’s not. The products are authentic, with all packaging details of manufacturers. And again, a scam feels scammy most of the time.

Jimmy Jazz isn’t here to fool you.


If you have made it this far, you know that Jimmy Jazz is legit.

In conclusion, Jimmy Jazz is the real deal. It’s not a site to skip on, mark my word! You will actually be surprised at just how versatile the retailer is. Everything I told you about it makes it a top, growing e-commerce site.

Now, if your fingers are itching to go over on their website, then I’ve done my job. I’m so happy I’ve been of help!

Which sleek pair of sneakers or goodies are you buying? Be quick before hot deals run out, that’s all I’ll say.

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