Is LovelyWholesale Legit or Scam? (LovelyWholesale Reviews)

There are so many cheap fashion portals on the web that it’s easy to overlook some of them. When there are big brands like Shein and Zaful, people tend to forget about sites like LovelyWholesale.

To correct that mistake, I am here on this bright day with a review of LovelyWholesale. I will be giving them my full focus and to start with I will be asking.

Is LovelyWholesale legit or a scam? This guide will reveal all their secrets in no time so take a seat!

LovelyWholesale Review

LovelyWholesale has been in business since 2005 with their headquarters in China. They quickly gained traction in the fashion wholesale game within a short period of time.

They take pride in constantly updating their collections. So that fashionistas can always stay up to date with trends and styles.

According to them, LovelyWholesale is actually one of the most visited sites in the whole world! Imagine that! They mainly focus on clothes and accessories and they all come with amazing pricing.

Is LovelyWholesale Legit?

With so many cheap fashion brands mushrooming everywhere on the Internet, we need to be vigilant. Lest we find ourselves being ripped off: Is it the same with LovelyWholesale?

LovelyWhole is legit but you have to understand that you ultimately get what you are paying for. So, the quality may not be Gucci quality but the designs are worth it. Those looking to constantly update their wardrobe can check this out.

What about their products which are making this site so popular?

LovelyWholesale Product List

Similar to other affordable fashion portals on the Internet, LovelyWholesale also sells all kinds of clothing and accessories.

You can get dresses of all sorts from casuals to classy and formal. There are also loads of blouses and tops which are always trendy and appropriate for any occasion.

Not just that you also have skirts, pants and bottoms along with different kinds of outwear. Finally, if you are into jewelry and other accessories rather than apparel, they have those too.

How Affordable Is LovelyWholesale?

The main attraction for these kinds of sites are their cheap pricing. I mean who can resist a $2 t-shirt rivaling a high end brand design?

You would be surprised to know that prices at LovelyWholesale start at $2 only! Yes, you read that right and hardly ever climbs to more than $20.

Similarly, their accessories section also hardly has anything pricey. The most expensive item I could find was a $5 handbag. I believe among all affordable fashion sites, LovelyWholesale truly has the lowest prices.

LovelyWholesale Shipping Policy

LovelyWholesale ships almost everywhere in the world from their China warehouses. They have three kinds of shipping available at the moment.

  • Standard Shipping: Takes around 15 days to deliver and is free over orders of $49
  • Expedited Shipping: Takes around 12 days to ship and charges depend on your location
  • Flat Rate Shipping: Takes almost a month with minimum 24 days and is free if you order over $79 (USA excluded)

For other countries, you have to see the charges for shipping during check out. Due to Covid-19, some countries might not be eligible for shipping, so do keep in mind.

LovelyWholesale Return Policy

Since it’s a China based store, it’s not uncommon to have a difficult return policy. It’s the same with LovelyWholesale.

There is no mention of a refund policy on the website. Upon investigation, I found out that you can return goods but within 7 days.

You also have to pay out of your own pockets to return anything. In my opinion not worth it if your order is small and the shipping costs will be exorbitant.

LovelyWholesale Customer Satisfaction

Looking at LovelyWholesale, I found several trust sites reviewing the store. According to them:

TrustPilot has a low score of 2.9/5 for LovelyWholesale based on 2,187 reviewers. They say that the main problem with this store is the cheap quality. Along with with shady return policy are what makes up the low score.

Site Jabber has the complete opposite to say about LovelyWholesale. They have given the store a score of 4/5 based on 2,161 reviews. In their opinion, LovelyWholesale is ranked number 1 among other wholesale fashion selling websites!

LovelyWholesale Alternatives

Just because I am reviewing this site doesn’t mean there aren’t others like them. Here are two more just for your curiosity.

IVRose: Similar to LovelyWholesale, their main attractions are the trendy fashion and prices. They have a huge range of products but they all come with cheap price tags. Those constantly like to change their closets should look into IVRose.

Bellelily: Running for 10 years, Bellelily is no stranger to wholesale fashion. Based in China, they are a very popular name among the fast fashion industry. They also have amazing collections of fashion items which will appeal to all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I receive complimentary goods with my order at LovelyWholesale?

Ans: You can indeed receive a free sample if the item is priced below $10 or less. All you have to do is pay for the shipping fee and it’s all yours for free!

Q2# Can I contact LovelyWholesale customer service?

Ans: You can get in touch with LovelyWholesale customer service in several ways. You can either submit a ticket for a message request or email them. The last way to contact them is through their live chat option.

Q3# Where are the headquarters of LovelyWholesale based?

Ans: LovelyWholesale headquarters are based in China, Shanghai to be specific. They run offices there from Monday to Sunday, 24/7.


Quality might not be the best and getting refunds might be a chore. But, overall, LovelyWholesale seems to deliver pretty much what they promise.

If you can take the reviews with a grain of salt, you might end up liking LovelyWholesale. With incredibly low prices, they do make up for everything else.

So, to sum up the question ‘Is LovelyWholesale legit?’. Then I would say it is (if you’re willing to take the risk).

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