Is Nasty Gal Legit or Scam?

Let’s be honest, we all have been victims of buying stuff off Instagram ads. Nasty Gal being one of them. We have seen at least one Nasty Gal item on our favorite influencer and wanted to buy them.

In this episode of fake vs legit, I threw myself into their world to investigate. I will be going over every question you have about Nasty Gal. Starting with: is Nasty Gal legit?

Stay tuned to read all about their specifics and find out what’s causing all the hype.

Nasty Gal Review

We all know Nasty Gal as this bad-ass site selling uber cool and edgy clothes. It all started in 2006 by Sophia Amuroso to sell old clothes on eBay. She used to source all the clothes herself and eventually established a company in 2008.

Over the years, Nasty Gal opened warehouses in different parts of America and employed over a hundred people. In 2014, physical stores were opened and became very popular in the fashion industry.

After running into a spot of trouble, Amuroso’s company was eventually taken over by Boohoo Group PLC. Currently, Nasty Gal is known to serve over thousands of customers in over 50 countries.

Is Nasty Gal Legit?

This is the moment of truth, we all have been waiting for.

A 100% yes, Nasty Gal is legit! Affordable and makes you turn into a boss bitch – sign me up! Nasty Gal has it all in terms of fashion and style.

Now you don’t have to sell an arm to look cute and sexy, Nasty Gal is here to serve you all.

Nasty Gal Products

Nasty Gal is well-known for their amazing collection of clothing and accessories. At Nasty Gal you can find apparel from dresses, swimwear, party wear, jackets, lingerie, pants and more.

To complete your daring looks, you have some spunky jewelry and other accessories. From bags, wallets, scarves to makeup, sunglasses, eye wear, hats and belts.

In terms of foot wear they have an even bigger collection. You can choose between stilettos, heels, pumps, boots to sneakers, ballet flats and sandals. I was not kidding when I said Nasty Gal has it all.

Nasty Gal Price

One of Nasty Gal’s promises is to offer us affordable prices. If you peek into their site, you will find clothes ranging from £1 (yes 1 pound!) to £130ish. Super reasonable if you ask me.

Their jackets and party-wear are usually priced higher while basics such as tanks and shirts are the cheapest. If you are into accessories, you can find them anywhere between £2 to £100. Shoes and bags being the highest.

Nasty Gal Sizing Guide

Not many brands are out there catering to a diverse range of consumers. In this case, Nasty Gal really shines. At their site apart from the usual sizes, they also have a specific plus-size category.

Their sizes run absolutely true and they have a helpful guide to help you decide your size. For smaller sized gals, they also carry an impressive collection of petite sizes.

Nasty Gal Shipping Policy

At Nasty Gal, they deal with shipping very efficiently. Even though you cannot avail free shipping, they offer shipping at flat rates. Honestly not that high if you consider the bulk of your orders.

Rates for shipping range from £4 to £6 depending on the type. If you opt for express shipping obviously shipping would be higher whereas standard shipping is the cheapest. International users will have the shipping rates calculated at check out of about £13.

You can also choose precise delivery where you have the option of choosing a specific time. A nice perk if you need something at a certain time.

Nasty Gal Delivery Time

Like their shipping, Nasty Gal’s delivery time should also be appreciated. They take around 1 to 5 days depending on shipping options in the UK.

Outside the UK, international shoppers need to wait for at least 2 weeks to receive their orders. But I have to say until now I did not have to wait too much for my orders.

Nasty Gal Return And Refund Policy

If you get your size or choose the wrong color, you are welcome to contact Nasty Gal. At Nasty Gal, you are allowed to return things within 28 days. They have to be in original conditions and provide their customer service with some details.

You’re responsible for the cost of returning goods but if deemed eligible you’re bound to receive a refund. Refunds are processed within 3-5 days and if it’s a gift-card you can get your credit back.

Unfortunately, Nasty Gal does not offer exchanges currently. You can put in a new order only after you make your return and get refunded.

What Is The Feedback On Nasty Gal?

Based on many reviews on the internet, I can say Nasty Gal has a reputation of being professional.
Most people say the outfits look better in person and sizes fit perfectly thanks to their sizing guide. Others praised their speedy shipping and the discounts they were offered.

Like any other big company, Nasty Gal has their share of negative reviews too. Some haven’t received orders in time. A few were disappointed with their limited shipping area range and poor customer service. But overall, I would say they are quite trusted within users, even Trustpilot thinks so.

Alternatives of Nasty Gal

If you are into more options, I have two of them which are highly recommended.

Lulus: Similar to Nasty Gal, Lulus the China based retailer is very popular for its choice of clothes and accessories. Their price range is super affordable which makes it a worthy competitor of Nasty Gal.

Boohoo: Since Boohoo and Nasty Gal are both sister concerns, you would see they have similar aesthetics and prices. So if you are in love with Nasty Gal you would fall in love with Boohoo as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are still curious about Nasty Gal, I have listed the top three questions and their answers.

Q1# How can I pay at Nasty Gal?

Ans: Nasty Gal has a lot of payment options. You can pay online with your credit cards as well as opt for mobile payment. Installment option is also available with Klarna.

Q2# Can I become an ambassador for Nasty Gal?

Ans: If you are an aspiring influencer, you can contact Nasty Gal and become a representative of their brand. Now is your chance to get access into exclusive promos, events and even earn some money.

Q3# Can I get a student discount at Nasty Gal?

Ans: Wonderful news for students! You can avail their student discounts by applying for the UniDays and StudentBeans offers.


This review should be proof as answer to your question: is Nasty Gal legit? It’s definitely legit and reliable. If you are looking to be a badass babe you should be looking into Nasty Gal.

Without breaking my bank account, I can say that Nasty Gal has provided me with endless choices. With numerous e-commerce websites out there, this is one place where you get good price and good quality.

Do you have a Nasty Gal experience to share? Comment down below.

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