Is iHerb Legit or Scam?

This year’s resolution was to take care of myself more. That means going to the gym and taking more nutritional supplements. Imagine my surprise when I came across literally dozens of websites selling vitamins.

From the many pages, stood out one: iHerb, one of the largest sites with all health related products. But, I realized no one is talking about this!

With the questions circling in my head, is iHerb legit? Or is it just like any other dodgy sites out there? I vowed to find out the truth and today this review will answer all the questions you have.

iHerb Review

How did iHerb start? IHerb has been in business for over two decades, starting from 1996. They claim to be one of the most reputed sites out there with health supplements.

They’ve warehouses in both the USA and Asia and from there, iHerb distributes products all over the world. Not only do they provide popular brands available at other retailers, but their prices are extremely affordable.

The best part? They do not partake in any third party sellers, hence why everything is checked for accuracy. And the prices are kept so low.

Is iHerb Legit?

This is the question you all have been waiting for. Without further ado:

Yes, iHerb is legit, you can be confident while shopping from here. It has been my go to site for any organic herbs and supplements. Needless to say I haven’t been disappointed and you won’t be too.

Before you go ahead with your shopping, take out a few minutes to read all the blow-by-blow deets!

iHerb Products

I’m excited to tell you that iHerb has a massive selection of health supplements and more. They carry all the reputed brands of nutrition of about a thousand names. There is hardly anything you wouldn’t find here.

Apart from supplements, you can also find a lot of organic herbs and spices. Things like nuts, tea, baking essentials and even butters and oils. You can also get pet grooming products.

For aromatherapy lovers, there’s a big list of essential oils, massage oils and everything for a relaxing evening. If you are into beauty and oral health, there’s skincare for both adults and babies. You get everything under one roof!

Why is iHerb so cheap?

I was confused about their pricing too. Digging deep I found out why iHerb is so affordable.

As I mentioned before they don’t take any third party sellers. They also can afford to save money on shipping because most items are very light. Hence, why most items are marked as 30-70% cheaper than the ones you get at other retailers.

Since iHerb has distribution centers in both America and Asia it’s also easy for them to ship worldwide. With good partnership with brands, they can also keep costs low. All these just to offer us the best price.

iHerb Shipping Policy

iHerb ships over 150 countries worldwide! Yes, now you know why it’s so popular with international users. They usually neatly pack and send everything by air freights.

Shipping costs depend on every destination. But for some countries like America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, you can avail free shipping over $40 purchase.

A little information for my readers, be prepared to pay custom fees depending on your location. Other than this blip, deliveries are very quick in about 4-7 days.

iHerb Refund Policy

If you are looking to return your product at iHerb and get a refund, you are in the right place. You get a 60 day window for returns and it’s up to us to make that return. 90 days for exclusive products.

After reviewing your case, refunds usually take around 10 business days to send your money back. At iHerb, they always strive to make your experience pleasing and at refunds they really deliver.

What Is iHerb’s Blog About?

One cool feature about iHerb is their blog. Aesthetically pleasing, the blog is available in 13 languages. Whoever is interested to read their blog posts can learn about their sustainable projects.

Users can also learn about healthy lifestyles and tips to maintain a nutritional diet. Their humanitarian projects can be found too. You gotta love a company which is passionate about the environment.

Can You Trust iHerb Reviews?

At iHerb, you’ve option of writing reviews based on your experience, even if you’ve bought just one product. This way all the reviews you get are accurate and true.

Based on their reviews, I can say iHerb could improve on their customer service. Negative reviews are almost on par with positive ones.

But fear not, most are about late shipping and returns. Something which can easily be improved. But, most people have praised their product collection and how top notch the quality is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Listed below are some of the frequently asked inquiries at iHerb.

Q1# Does iHerb have an app?

Ans: If you don’t want the hassle of ordering from your desktop, iHerb has an excellent user friendly app. Download it from your app store and use it wherever you are.

Q2# Are supplements at iHerb authentic?

Ans: They bring in stock over 8 times a year so you can imagine how fresh their inventory is. Many are even tested by different labs to ensure they are legit.

Q3# What is the iHerb ‘shipper saver’ option?

Ans: It’s a great option if you are looking to save more bucks. At shipper savers you can see which products are eligible for free shipping or cost less.


If you are still on the fence with iHerb, starting with is iHerb legit? I hope this review answered all the questions hogging you. Without being too pushy, I would love to recommend this website to everyone.

With worldwide shipping and such impressive products, it’s hardly a surprise to know iHerb is so popular. This could be your favorite one-stop for high quality supplements and trust me, you would love it!

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