Is Rosewe Legit or Scam?

Who can resist buying a $20 dress which looks like a $200 on the internet? Sounds too good to be true and oftentimes it is.

If you are still wondering what I am talking about, Rosewe is my topic of review today. A retailer of fast fashion with unimaginable prices.

But with these kinds of online stores come more chances of falling in a trap. Today I’ll eliminate all such questions, such as ‘Is Rosewe Legit?’

Rosewe Review

Rosewe advertises themselves as a one stop fashion portal for budget conscious fashionistas. The company was launched in 2009 by a Chinese organization named ShenZhen Global Egrow E-commerce Co.

One of their main concerns is to offer consumers the choice of runway fashion within reasonable prices. Their target audience is 18-35 years old and they aim to please by selling all the latest fashions.

You might also be familiar with Rosewe by recognizing their sister concerns: Rotitia and Modlily. They are all based in Shanghai, China.

Is Rosewe Legit?

To be honest, it’s okay to be skeptical with the rise of such websites. Can I daresay, is Rosewe any different and to be trusted?

Rosewe is legit in the sense that you’ll receive your goods when bought and is safe to order. However, there are some reviews floating around the internet which seem like they are not without faults though. You just need to decide if the cons outweigh the pros.

Don’t worry, we will learn more about their features and what shoppers feel about this site.

What Can I Buy At Rosewe?

As mentioned earlier, Rosewe is an all rounder when it comes to its product list. They offer all kinds of fashion related products which are solely focused on women.

The main things available at Rosewe are:

  • Dresses: Sheath dresses, Wrap dresses, Cocktail dresses, Maxi and dozens of other designs
  • Tops: Blouses, T-shirts, Sweaters, Cardigans, Jackets and Shirts
  • Bottoms: Pants, Jeans, Jumpsuits
  • Swimwear: Bikinis, Tankinis, One-piece and Two-piece
  • Accessories: Jewelry, Flip flops, Hair accessories and Bags

Rosewe Product Price

The foundation of Roswe is to prove that their prices are one of the best. And they do deliver in this case.

Most if not all dresses are priced at a mere $20 and sometimes under 20 bucks. You can get even cheaper products such as a necklace at $5.

Perhaps the most expensive dress I could find at the time of writing was a lace one at $61.98.

Rosewe Shipping Policy

Rosewe shipping covers almost all the countries in the world, around 200 and constantly adding new ones. They take around 1-9 business to process your orders and ship them to your destination.

When you are shipping to the USA, they have three options available: Standard, Flat rate and Expedited. They take anywhere between 3-12 days, expedited shipping being the quickest.

They do offer a minimum order for free shipping which is a meagre $15. Otherwise, you have to pay the cost of shipping depending on the location and weight.

Roswe Return Policy

If you are not happy with your purchases, you can contact Rosewe for a refund ticket. But be warned though, they are notorious for not responding or unwilling to give a refund.

They give you a 30 day window to complete your returns. During which all items must be in original conditions and unused. All jewelry, swimwear and flash sales products are ineligible for returns.

Rosewe takes around 10-20 days to give back a refund. And all return shipping must be borne by customers.

Rosewe Customer Satisfaction

When I ventured out to write this review, I found many pros and cons of this website. So did thousands of other reviewers.

TrustPilot has a high rating for Rosewe with 4.4/5 but a lot of reviews were flagged down as fake. However, a lot of people were happy with the cheap prices and product selection. The only complaints I could find were about their returns.

SiteJabber on the other hand fares less well for Rosewe with a score of 3.8/5. Most reviewers said they were fine with the quality they got for the price. While others mentioned their poor service for customers and slow shipping as complaints.

Rosewe Alternatives

I’m sure you must be excited to know about similar kinds of websites. Not to worry ‘coz here are two more for your convenience.

IVRose: Another Chinese owned fashion store called IVRose, they are also quite popular. Known for their fast fashion and bottom of the barrel prices, they are a close competitor of Rosewe.

Bellelily: Bellelily is also a budget retailer of fashion based in China. They have been running for almost a decade and mainly specialize in clothes, swimwear and shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What is the RMA number given at Rosewe?

Ans: RMA is actually the return merchandise authorization which you need for returns. When you need to return your items you need to put in the RMA number with them.

Q2# What kind of payment methods are available at Rosewe?

Ans: You get to pay with credit cards under PayPal or just use Paypal directly. They are planning to introduce more methods for payments.

Q3# Does Rosewe ever have sales?

Ans: Yes! Rosewe continuously have sales ranging from 30-50% on goods. It’s a great way to save money and buy more.


Let me guess, you are still confused with the question: Is Rosewe legit? But don’t worry, through this review, I’m sure you have at least gotten some info about Rosewe.

There’s no denying that prices and product selection really is stellar in Rosewe. But plenty of reviews state what’s wrong with the retailer.

In my honest opinion, Rosewe is legit to use and shop but they are behind in some cases. Such as returns and shipping. But if you are comfortable enough to overlook it, be my guest!

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