Is Shoemall Legit or Scam?

An outfit just doesn’t feel complete without the right shoes, isn’t it? But where can you find a good collection of shoes that too within your budget?

Shoemall of course! If you are unaware, Shoemall is a retailer of shoes that has been in business for years.

But wait, do you think it’s within our rights to trust Shoemall? Can I dare ask: Is Shoemall legit? If you hang in here a bit more you can find out.

Shoemall Review

Shoemall is an online shoe retailer based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Founded in 1999, it is owned by an organization named as Mason Companies.

It is a family-owned business which was established in the year 1904 by Bert and August Mason. By 1985, Mason started testing out sales of clothes and shoes through catalogs.

By 1997, after many years of direct sales, they got rid of middle men in the sales department. As a result, they started selling directly to shoppers through their crafted catalogs.

Following their success through catalog selling, Shoemall was founded as an online store in 1999. A retailer of shoes exclusively.

Is Shoemall Legit?

Time to reveal the answer. Drumroll please!

Shoemall is legit! It’s a trustworthy e-commerce site where everything you buy is value for money. It also doesn’t hurt that you have so much to choose from and get free shipping.

Now that the main part of the review is out of the way. Let’s talk about what makes Shoemall click?

Shoemall Product List

You can find all your favorite shoe brands here at Shoemall. Brands like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Timberland, UGGs, Volatile, Asics, Steve Madden and more from A to Z.

They carry shoes of all sizes and shapes for men, women and kids! Not just that you can also avail a wide range of clothing such as active-wear, dresses and jackets. For footwear, you have boots, stilettos, pumps, sandals, gladiators, sneakers and plenty more styles.

If you are looking to accessorize your outfit with things other than shoes, they have those too. Handbags, socks, trinkets for your shoes and clothes and if you are feeling particularly funky, fanny packs.

What Are The Prices At Shoemall?

One of the main attractions of Shoemall is their prices. Nowhere can you find such branded goods all within a reasonable range.

Prices start from under $20 which consists of certain shoes, bags, accessories and clothing. The average pricing of things here at Shoemall is probably $60.

If you are willing to splurge more on shoes and things, then prices can be anywhere up to $370. But, you have to dig really hard to find anything above $400. Like I said, pricing at Shoemall is one of the reasons people love to buy from them.

Shoemall Shipping Policy

So, here’s some good news: Shipping at Shoemall is completely free! Regardless of your spending and absolutely no exceptions.

Which means more money to spend on your shoes. However, shipping is only free for standard ones which takes around 5-7 days.

If you want your products in your hands faster, then priority and express shipping is available too. Delivery starts from 1-5 business days depending on the type of shipping you choose.

International shipping is allowed but it is handled directly by FedEx. Charges and delivery times are shown only when you pay at the checkout.

Shoemall Return Policy

Shoemall strongly believes that anything you don’t like you should be able to return. They have a generous return window of 60 days during which you can send back any item.

If you buy it during the holiday seasons you get more than 60 days to make your returns. You get 90 days to make returns because they know how hectic it is during the holidays.

If you take their return label you can save yourself a trip to the post office. With the label you can simply have them take back your things. All you have to do is allow them to take a fee of $6.95 from your refund.

What Is Reviewers’ Feedback of Shoemall?

Shoemall as you know has been in business for ages. Hence, naturally they have their share of good and bad reviews on some trust sites.

If you sift through the Internet for positive reviews you will find many of them. People love how convenient it is to use Shoemall and how attractive the prices are for them. Very few people have been disappointed with their experience.

On the other hand, some people simply had some bad days. Slow shipping and wrong shoe sizes were the main complaints on the negative reviews. But seeing how Shoemall is popular, I don’t believe the bad reviews are something to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does Shoemall have any physical locations in the USA?

Ans: Shoemall works exclusively through their website so no there are no brick and mortar stores. Be assured though that anything you need from a store can be found here at Shoemall.

Q2# Does Shoemall sell fake footwear on their website?

Ans: Absolutely not! Shoemall takes pride in selling authentic footwear and they bring it directly from the manufacturer. So no chance of getting counterfeit products.

Q3# Does Shoemall ever have sales on their website?

Ans: If you’re looking to save more money, then you would be pleased to know they always have sales. From 25%-60% you get plenty of sales to get the best deals.


What is it about shoes that makes a shoe-lover go gaga? – I’m sure you guys would know better. In this case, Shoemall delivers in all aspects and more.

With all these shoe talk, I’m sure you must have stopped asking yourself, ‘Is Shoemall legit?’ After my research I know I have.

I can safely promise that you also won’t be disappointed to use this long running website. Happy Shopping!

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