Is Fairy Season Legit or Scam?

Be honest, we all have been tempted by the many Instagram ads of fashion brands at least once. Today I’m gonna talk about one such site named Fairy Season. Seems familiar?

Fairy Season: An online fashion portal which exclusively sells trendy clothes at factory prices. But, I know this raises so many questions.

Starting with, is Fairy Season legit? No fear, I’ll be covering all the questions you have today so let’s get started.

Fairy Season Review

Fairy Season is an online shopping website founded in Hong Kong. It’s a retailer selling China made clothes which are in style but affordable.

They sell exclusively online and therefore have no retail locations anywhere. They value customer satisfaction so their main concern is always to provide the best quality of apparel.

Fairy Season is operated by a company named BestWo. International Co. Ltd. From flowy dresses to cute tops they aim to up your fashion game.

Is Fairy Season Legit?

A fashion brand needs to tick a lot of boxes before being declared legit. Can I say the same about Fairy Season?

Yes, Fairy Season is legit and has its moments. Let’s be honest, the reason we like Fairy Season is because it’s cheap and trendy. And it delivers in both cases!

How about I share more about its products and some of its cool features.

What Can You Buy At Fairy Season?

Fairy Season is known for their fabulous collection of apparel and eclectic accessories. At Fairy Season you can get dresses, tops, jackets, swimwear, lingerie, bottoms and many more.

To complete your outfit they have some quirky trinkets and jewelry which can double as Halloween costumes. Skull studs, 3D printed socks, bags, witch hats, tattoo pencils, home decorations, rugs, etc.

When it comes to footwear, they have heels, boots, sneakers, shoes, sandals. Fairy Season really has got you covered for all seasons. Both men’s and women’s items are available for you to choose.

Fairy Season Product Price

The main selling point of Fairy Season is to offer you groundbreaking prices for such fashionable items. If you glance at their site, you will find items ranging under $15 for dresses and $20-30 for shoes.

Fairy Season really hits the mark with their pricing, in fact some are too good to be true. The most affordable items you can possibly find are the jewelry bits and socks.

The reason why they can sell so cheaply is because they eliminated all the middle men. They directly source their products from the manufacturers.

Fairy Season Poruduct Quality

Since the pricing is so reasonable, you must be wondering about the quality. Personally, I think the quality is a hit or miss.

For such low prices, you cannot really expect designer item quality. However, I would say that most tops look exactly the same as the pictures.

Material and fabric might not be the best quality but the accessories do well in quality control. Unfortunately, some dresses I ordered looked way off from the original pictures I saw.

Fairy Season Shipping Policy

Fairy Season shipping policy doesn’t have anything to complain about. Standard shipping is free over a limit and available to people in 30 countries.

Countries include Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada and twenty-four others. If you shop over $119 you get the free shipping, else $6.99 will be charged for all countries.

Expedited shipping is available but it depends which location you are ordering from.

Fairy Season Delivery Times

When you place an order you don’t want to wait forever and Fairy Seasons understands that. They advertise that they try to process your orders as soon as possible.

Delivery for standard shipping takes place within 4-7 days for European countries and 3-7 for expedited ones. For Australia, it takes anywhere between 6-10 days and for the USA it should be around 10-12 days.

Fairy Season advises that if you don’t receive your orders within 25-30 to contact their customer service.

Fairy Season Return Policy

I have to say Fairy Season’s return policy is not that feasible to me. You get only 7 days of return window during which you need their approval and spend on shipping.

It hardly seems fair when you are given such a short period of time compared with other retailers. They also won’t accept certain things such as jewelry, swimwear, lingerie and bodysuits.

However, I will admit that with such reasonable prices you do get what you pay for. Their refund processing is fast within 3-7 days.

Customer Feedback of Fairy Season

Based on the numerous reviews on trust sites, people’s reactions seem to be mixed.

Trust Pilot rates Fairy Season as 3.6 which is neither extremely good nor ridiculously bad. Some people were happy with their purchases and praised the styles and prices. While some were unhappy how their items looked in real life and very slow shipping.

Reseller Ratings on the other hand has a high rating for Fairy Seasons of 4.35 stars. Almost 346 reviewers have said they will recommend this site and will purchase from them again.

Fairy Season Alternatives

Two of the most popular sites similar to Fairy Season are:

Lulus: A China based retailer of fast fashion, they provide you with all the trendy fashion you need. Their price range is very similar to Fairy Season which is extremely affordable.

Nasty Gal: If you are into dressing up like badass and boss babe then Nasty Gal is for. If you like Fairy Season you might like Nasty Gal too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does Fairy Season give student discounts?

Ans: If you are a student and have signed up for Student Beans, then you are in luck. Fairy Seasons gives off 15% discounts to any student showing their Student Beans ID.

Q2# What kind of payment methods are available at Fairy Season?

Ans: They accept all kinds of card payment like VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Fairy Season also allows shoppers to use PayPal to pay for their shopping.

Q3# What is the size guide in Fairy Season?

Ans: Fairy Season sells clothes from small to 3XL. To find the right size they have a helpful guide on how to measure your own body.


A quick look at Fairy Season might tempt you to start using the site. Newest trends along with great prices will make anything irresistible to people.

But with good things come bad things as well. The site has both pros and cons but I hope this review was able to make things clearer. It’s just up to us now to determine if Fairy Season is legit.

If you do end up shopping from Fairy Season, do let me know what you ended up getting.

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