Is Zebit Legit or Scam?

Have you ever liked something but didn’t have the means to buy it at that moment? I know I have, even wished I could pay in installments or credits. Today I will bring you something exactly like this.

Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about Zebit! A platform where you can buy things in installments that too without any interest.

But how far does it go to provide us this great service? More importantly, is Zebit legit? If you hang out here just a while longer you are gonna find out.

Zebit Review

Zebit was launched in 2010 as a credit provider in San Diego, California. It was founded by Marc Schneider and Michael Thiemannas as part of another company called Global Analytics Holdings.

Later in 2015, it was turned into an independent company named as Zebit, Inc. Their main goal was to provide customers the opportunity to buy things at their pace. Which means without having to pay an exorbitant interest while shopping.

They researched and found out that many companies out in the market have practices like high interest rates. Which in turn puts many people in debt while purchasing things they need or like. This encouraged them to open up Zebit where they loan you credits without any penalties.

Is Zebit Legit?

Zebit works in an interesting way but how far can we trust them?

I would say that Zebit is 100% legit! There have been many reports of people testing Zebit and receiving their desired items in no time. Thanks to its business model of providing 0% interest, Zebit is quite popular among users.

Let us now focus on how Zebit works.

How Does Zebit Work?

In order to enjoy Zebit, first and foremost you need to open up an account. Zebit requires your social security number to verify the account and to fill up an application. Once it gets approved, you will be given a store credit up to $2500 highest.

This sum of credit can be used in the Zebit Market to buy goods. It can be used to purchase anything from electronics to kitchen appliances. At the check-out you’re required to pay 25% of the payment and the rest with your Zebit credit.

Since this is an interest free credit loan you can pay the rest of the 75% within 6 months. You can divide the amounts into installments which have to be paid over the end of the period. Don’t worry, your customer credit score will not be compromised while applying for Zebit.

Zebit Market Products

Zebit Market carries a wide range of products to buy with your credit. Let’s start with electronics: Cameras, phones, laptops, home security, smart watches, TV and several other options are available.

Then there is the home décor side which consists of kitchen appliances, air-conditioners, purifiers, mirrors, decorations, lamps, etc. Zebit also has bake-ware, kitchen utensils, dinnerware, furniture, mattresses.

If you are into fashion and beauty a big chunk of goods are dedicated to apparel and jewelry. You can also get cosmetics and skincare at the market too. Not just that, for health freaks, fitness equipment, vitamins and outdoor sports goods are available as well.

Finally, the list concludes with their collection of auto parts and e-certificates. They have several options of auto parts like GPS system, cooling system, radio and car mats. For e-certificates, they have several for restaurants like Omaha steaks and stores like Banana Republic.

Zebit Shipping Policy

When you buy through Zebit Market, how do they deliver your items? Zebit does not have their own warehouse, everything is shipped through individual suppliers.

Unfortunately, only American residents are able to use Zebit, hence delivery is only available within the USA. Zebit advises that around 7-10 days are needed to process your orders and send them your way.

Shipping charge depends on the supplier and is charged only during check-outs. It depends on the location and also up to the supplier’s policy. Be warned though, when you purchase an e-certificate, you have to pay an 18% handling fee.

Zebit Client Feedback

You must know by now I always take other people’s experiences into account. Here too, I didn’t do anything different. According to Trustpilot, they have a trust score of 4.6 which is almost a perfect score.

Thousands of users have praised how Zebit helps them to buy things without putting pressure on their budgets. In this way they could buy a few expensive things they were not able to buy before. Whatever they bought was well-received and of high quality.

But a company will have some negative issues too just like others. Zebit has a few but nothing too incriminating. Only a couple of issues were reported regarding slow shipping and unexpected canceled orders.

However, most negative reviews had someone from Zebit customer service address their concerns. So some of them might have changed their minds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I return goods at Zebit?

Ans: Unfortunately, their return policy doesn’t allow returns or exchanges. So be careful and double check before placing any orders.

Q2# Can I pay in full at Zebit?

Ans: Yes, just because you can pay in installments doesn’t mean you have to. You can use your debit or credit card for full payment just like any other e-commerce.

Q3# Do I need a good credit score to apply for Zebit?

Ans: No, Zebit has their own criteria to checklist when looking at applicants. However, please keep in mind that not all applicants will be approved.


Every year we get hundreds of reports of people being scammed by online sites. Can we say the same for Zebit – Is Zebit legit?

Yes, Zebit is legit and highly useful for people who need extra time to pay for their purchases. Without having to pay any penalties or interest, I think it is worth it.

Now it’s up to you to compare the pros and cons and decide. Whether you want to invest your money and time in this.

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