Is Zumiez Legit or Scam? (Zumiez Reviews)

I have a question for all readers who are skateboarders or at least interested in the sport. Have you guys heard about Zumiez: A retailer of soft and hard goods for skating.

Zumiez is everywhere with their more than 600 locations across the USA and abroad. But even with so many stores, it’s hard not to be skeptical of it’s business.

Can we fully trust them and believe in their business concept? Before I start reviewing this store, let’s start with ‘Is Zumiez legit?’

Zumiez Review

Zumiez was founded in 1978 by Tom Campion and Gary Haakenson as a specialty store for skateboarders. They also sell apparel, sportswear and accessories related to skating.

Based in Lynnwood, Washington, Zumiez has been doing business in hundreds of stores and on their website. When they started they grew very popular within a short period of time.

By the 1980s, Zumiez started opening stores in different malls in America. Eventually by 2012, Zumiez expanded to different parts of the world like Europe and Australia.

Is Zumiez Legit?

Here’s the most exciting part of any of my reviews. The answer to ‘Is Zumiez worthy of our trust?’

Zumiez is legit and you won’t be hard pressed to find anything related to the skating world. They are a company which is run by skateboarders and for skateboarders. All the major and popular brands are available at any Zumiez store or online.

So, what exactly can you get at Zumiez and are they expensive?

Zumiez Products

At Zumiez, you can get all kinds of major brands such as Vans, Santa Cruz and Impala Skate. They have around thirty two brands under their company.

All these brands sell apparel for both young men and women, with teens being their target audience. For footwear, there are some exclusive sneakers, boarding shoes and skates! Both retro and modern.

And since, Zumiez is a dream house for skateboarders, obviously you can get skateboards here. Under the accessories section, there is a huge collection of skateboards and snowboards.

You can also get some pretty cool snow gloves, beanies and snow goggles to complete your snowboarding adventure.

Is Zumiez Expensive?

Zumiez stuff is sold on a wide range of budgets. But, don’t fret though, you do get what you pay for which is quality.

For clothing, prices start at $5 for things like sports bikinis tops and bottoms. But for items like snow jackets or snowboarding pants, they can cost a pretty penny.

For skateboard decks, you can get them at around $35 to $80. If you’re interested in purchasing complete boards with decks and wheels, prices will vary from $70 to $120.

Zumiez Shipping Policy

Zumiez is able to ship to a lot of countries across America, Europe and Asia. For American residents, shipping can be free if you spend a minimum amount.

Economy shipping might take anywhere between 5 to 11 days to deliver your goods. If you are ordering an expensive item, be prepared to give your signature at the door.

To get faster deliveries, you can opt for expedited shipping which is only available in America and Canada. To check out the charges for expedited shipping, you need to add things to your cart.

Zumiez Return Policy

If you want to return any merchandise from Zumiez, you can do so within 30 days of purchasing. The returns must be sent with original tags and packaging.

If you send your item after 30 days, you have to settle for a gift card. You can either send it back to them at your own cost or take it to a store.

Only final sale items are not eligible for returns so do keep that in mind. They will process your return request within 5-7 days and you will get back refunds in no time.

Zumiez Customer Satisfaction

According to the web, reviewers of Zumiez have a lot to say. Sites like:

TrustPilot says that Zumiez score is poor due to 231 customers putting up negative reviews. They have a rating of 2.2/5 where most people wouldn’t recommend this store. The main complaints were horrendous customer service and shoddy shipping practices.

Site Jabber has a 2.7/5 based on customer reviews and they say almost the same things. Frequent complaints are about their service. But they are still ranked among the top 10 skateboarding shopping websites.

Zumiez Alternatives

If you are not interested in investing in Zumiez then these two could be your choice.

Vans: For skateboarding lovers, Vans is a very popular choice. They have a huge range of skateboards, clothing and footwear within many budgets. You can even customize your own skate or snowboard.

Warehouse Skateboards: Warehouse Skateboards is another such website where you can get a lot of skateboards. They offer quality products in terms of clothes, backpacks, shoes and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What is the Zumiez Stash program?

Ans: The Zumiez Stash plan is a free program where you can earn points to enjoy certain perks. Such as access to exclusive goods, invites to VIP events and many more rewards. Sign up to enjoy them now!

Q2# How many physical stores does Zumiez have?

Ans: Currently, Zumiez has more than 600 in the USA and 54 stores in Canada. Europe also has 52 stores of Zumiez and a dozen stores in Australia. Total of 698 stores in operation at the moment.

Q3# Can I buy gift cards at Zumiez?

Ans: You can buy various gift cards at Zumiez which can be redeemed both online and offline. You can email them to friends or even have them delivered physically.


I really hope I was able to address the elephant in the room, ‘Is Zumiez legit?’ With hundreds of stores in the world and running successfully online for years, it’s hard to ignore them.

Zumiez can be a great place to get some new skate boards as well as skate apparel. If you are in need to browse through all the popular brands, head over to their site.

You can even build your own skateboard which is exciting! To get some decent deals, I’d suggest checking out Zumiez.

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