Is Academy Sports Legit or Scam? (Academy Sports Reviews)

Across the world people play so many sports and each sport has its own gear and equipment. But unlike old ages, it’s no longer difficult to get such gear with the emergence of online stores.

Keeping all my sport enthusiasts readers, I have come up with today’s review topic. Academy Sports! A goodie among sporting goods stores in America.

But despite its reputation among the masses, can I declare them as legit? Can I dismiss the question ‘Is Academy Sports legit?’ from our minds?

Academy Sports Review

Academy Sports existed from 1938 and was founded by Arthur Gochman and his business partner. Even though he had no idea about business and was only a practicing attorney. His stores still managed to grow dramatically in business in Austin, Texas.

When he first started his company, the store only sold WWII goods left over by the army. Eventually, he shifted to selling sports goods and his number of stores grew to a dozen.

By the 80s, Academy Sports was hugely popular in Texas and expanded to neighboring states. Currently, they have more than hundreds of stores across the USA.

Is Academy Sports Legit?

So, let’s get into this straight away. Is Academy Sports authentic or just a stone away from being a scam?

Academy Sports is not a scam and fully legit! They are not here to steal your money and will definitely deliver what they promise. They have been running for decades and they don’t have any intention of stopping.

Even though they are legit, are their products anything to write about?

Academy Sports Products

They specialize in a lot of indoor and outdoor activity items including sports goods. From clothing to snowboards and shotguns you can find it all at Academy Sports.

The products available at their stores and the website are:

  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Outdoor
  • Sports Goods
  • Home and Backyard
  • Health Fitness
  • Other Accessories

Academy Sports Product Pricing

Academy Sports have a price matching policy which is always great! If you show them valid proof that their competitor has a lower price they will match the price.

Otherwise prices at Academy Sports are reasonable and quite affordable. They start from under $10 for things like apparel for men and women and go up to $500+

For the best low price you can always check out their clearance page. Footwear and other sporting stuff range from $50 to $700.

Academy Sports Shipping Policy

Good news for all Academy Sports fans! They offer free shipping over $25 worth of shopping only plus sign up.

Without sign up you can still avail free shipping over $35 worth of buy. Standard shipping is free whereas expedited and 1 day shipping is available for a fee.

Firearms and ammunition are not eligible for free shipping and you need to pay for deliveries. They only offer shipping inside the USA. Only California is excluded in their shipping destination.

Academy Sports Return Policy

Academy Sports has a 60 day return period and they need to check whether the product is resalable. It’s advised to keep the receipt with you so that it’s much easier to process your return.

You can either take it to the store for returns or ship it back with a packing slip. There are some things which are not to be accepted as returns.

Things like firearms, ammunition, boats and canoes, motors and baseball bats. This list is not final and there might be other items which are not accepted.

Academy Sports Customer Satisfaction

To get the full picture of a company you need to evaluate other people’s reviews. That way it’s easier to decide if we can trust them.

Consumer Affairs rated them an average of 3.8/5 based on 300+ reviews. Some people said they are the best store to buy sporting goods and they are reliable. Products are good to buy but customer service is where they falter with positive reviews.

SiteJabber also has such views of Academy Sports with an even lesser score, 1.54/5 from reviews. According to them, customers face problems with customer service and payments frequently. They only rank 88th among other similar sites.

Academy Sports Alternative

If you think you need to check out other stores before deciding to buy sporting goods. Then this is for you.

Zumiez: Zumiez is perfect for skateboarders or even other sport fans. They have a huge collection of goods and you can even make customized skateboards.

Moosejaw: Moosejaw is another website which is popular for outdoor and sporting goods. Major sports brands are available and products are quite affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What way is there to contact Academy Sports customer service?

Ans: You have two ways to get in touch with Academy Sports customer service. You can either chat with a representative online on their website. Otherwise you can directly give them a call on the number listed on their page.

Q2# Can I buy gift cards from Academy Sports?

Ans: Yes, you can choose between many designed e-gift cards available at the site. The price ranges from $25 to $175 and you can directly send it to the receiver. You can either email or physically buy the card to hand it over.

Q3# How many Academy Sports stores are currently operating?

Ans: As of now, Academy Sports has more than 200 stores strewn across the United States. You can probably find one near your local area and drop by to check out their items.


Are you still in a dilemma over their legitimacy? If so, I sincerely hope this review was of some use. Despite their less than stellar reviews floating around the Internet, I know that they are at least legit.

If you are ever in the need to buy a baseball glove or even a bat, Academy Sports is for you. I believe their collection of goods is commendable and yet affordable.

So, what else are you waiting for? Give them a try if you want and comment down below to let me know your thoughts!

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