Is Avenica Legit or Scam?

Are you tired looking for a job as a new graduate?

The hunt is real. It can always stress out everyone easily. However, you’re reading this because you have heard of Avenica.

Now you’re maybe wondering, what is Avenica? Is it safe to use their service? Do they scam?

I have brought here the top most updated review on Avenica. This will have you answered in less than a few minutes.

What do you say? Let us find out the truth to this career-seeking website!

Avenica Review

In this review of Avenica, you’ll find out whether this site is trustworthy or not. It will cover all there is to know about Avenica. How as an employer it feels to use the site and how as a hirer it feels too.

I dive into the features, to make sure you know everything about Avenica. How it works, website content, user satisfaction! All is here for you to unravel. Sit back, relax and sip on a cup of coffee. Let us get started!

What is Avenica

Avenica is an education-to-job platform. They focus to bridge the skills gaps between people to connect them to better career opportunities. You can use this platform as a newly graduate to get entry level jobs. Even hirers can use them to get new candidates.

Avenica Features

01# Job seekers: By now I’ve told you this site can get you jobs. And the website has this as a feature from the get-go. You don’t have to play hide and seek to get the information.

All in depth information is here. How it works, applying for a job, connections, Avenica pathways. They detail everything you need to know in order to bag a job.

02# Hirers: Now, I’ve also told you this site is also useful for hirers. The website shows a section dedicated to hirers finding candidates. They detail how it works, and ways you can partner with them.

That’s very neat if you ask me. A platform for both hirers and employers can bridge a lot of gaps.

03# Information: The last portion of their site is one which is very important. You want to know about their information, right? Here you’ll find their insights, how they came about/origin story, their leadership strategies and also contact card.

Till now, Avenica shows promises! They’re good at delivering their services to both hirers and employers. But is that it? How well do these features work? I’ll let you know how Avenica works in a second. Hold on tight.

Is Avenica legit?

Alright, let’s get this elephant in the room out of the day.

Avenica does not seem to scam you! Glassdoors have said, ‘there are no cons!’. Avenica is legit!

How well one person gets a job and the other will obviously matter on their personal qualifications. But the site isn’t fraudulent. So, if you’re a fresh graduate, this is good news!

Avenica Website & Contact Information

Their website is actually super information filled.

Its handle is, and when you go to the site you see their signature orange and blue colors. They chowk out exactly what you need to know.

If you’re actively looking for a job, you’ll be impressed with the positive vibe they give you. They make you feel like you’re worthy, and have potential matches!

Such as, when you scroll down, you see their ‘how it works’ feature. The right side has the hover button which has every detail.

If you face any issue, just contact them here. They’ll get back with the information you need! Pretty decent, and they have selections of states too. If you live in NY or St. Louis, you get to connect with their offices!

How Avenica Works?

Alright, the first thing is first. Avenica works both ways. Hirers, and employers. Let’s figure out the both routes;

For Job Seekers:

They have a process to get job seekers out in the market. The first thing they do is create ‘leverage’ to build connections and maintain them. Then they let you ‘engage’ with your connections, fully understanding your strengths. And then let you activate those strengths, and finally help you position in a company.

They provide selections of models you can use to get hired. ‘Evaluate to Hire’ is one, and ‘Direct Hire’ or ‘Short term project’ are the others.

So, let’s get it right. They have a whole algorithm to help you get the job. You make an account, put your CV. They help curate it and launch you.

For Hirers:

They also have a process for hirers on Avenica. You basically put your ad/company on their site. Then they introduce you to some candidates, talent match them, identify the most eligible ones, present and schedule them to you. Finally, they also make sure to help you hire them and create a seamless, fun on boarding experience.

The models they use are the same ones I told you about. ‘Evaluate To Hire’ method works the most in sync to get the best candidates, they say.

I mean, who’s here to complain? As long as the job is done!

Avenica Customer Satisfaction

I’ll be honest here. Writing a review is not easy without taking a lot of opinions.

Avenica has good and bad opinions. I’ll be straight up about it. If I visit Glassdoors, they say good reviews. They even say many job seekers got good jobs because of Avenica. Avenica has a 3.8/5 score from skimming the trusted review sites.

But there are those customers too who said ‘don’t even bother’. Meaning, they advise to use other platforms to find jobs. That the time spent digitally hunting for one is not worth it. That actually going out and applying on your own is faster. I take both of those opinions. It depends now on what you want.

I say, if you have a good amount of time at your hand, and are planning alongside other methods of finding a job. Then go for Avenica.

Avenica Competitors

  • Linkedin

We all know about Linkedin. They’ve topped most professional/job hunting sites in recent times. They are efficient, promotes people regardless of whether they’re job seekers or hirers.

Avenica has a run for its money if they want to compete with Linkedin. LinkedIn simply outshines recruitment, candidate matching because of its well rounded features

  • TalentRecruit

TalentRecruit is a household name in job hunting. They’re worth the time and well-known by most job seekers. They have their integrated system of finding the perfect matches!

Avenica better watch out. These recruitment companies aren’t joking. They make sure the job seekers are getting what they deserve, and have been working since 2004! That’s a long time in this business.


There you have it! If you’re still here, you’re definitely wondering whether to use Avenica. They are legit!

After all, they’re a good site to find potential job matches. We all have been there at some point job hunting our days away.

So. Are you sold on Avenica? Do you think you’ll make an account? Let me know, and I wish you the best with your next job position!

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