Is NSCS legit or Scam?

Hi there! Are you here to know about scholarships? And how scholarship hunting sites work?

You may have then come across NSCS, and are having doubts. It’s a totally understandable feeling.

Is NSCS legit?

In fact, all best scholars had doubts just like you. The most intelligent thing to do is trust the right sources!

Fear not, I bring you the best review of NSCS just so you can make your call. Maybe the most amazing scholarship is destined for you. Keep reading to know if it is!

(Hint, I think you’re definitely worthy of a good scholarship)

NSCS Review

Here you will find a complete run down of NSCS- National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I make sure you walk away with all the burning questions you can think of. Who are they? Are NSCS scholars really legit? How does it work? What are the future benefits of NSCS?

I have all these information and more just so you can make up your mind whether you want to use their service or not. It’s an honest, in depth review with countless resources you can look from. You don’t want to skip on any of this. Stay tuned.

What is NSCS?

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is a national non-profit academic honor society for students of the US. You pay a one time registration fee, for lifetime.

The college students get academic counselling, advice and also are helped to get scholarships. It was founded in 1994, with headquarters in Washington.

NSCS Features

  • Scholarships: Here you find all there is to NSCS scholarships. They cover how you apply, the NSCS recipients, how to support scholarships.
  • Benefits: Here you get all the benefits you will get being a scholar. Scholar benefits, programs, exlucives, eligibility, self nomination! All these are very important to how you use this site.
  • Chapters: They have two chapters, NSCS chapter and national chapter. You can find all about those chapters right here.
  • Credentials: Oh yes! All about credentials for scholarships is also available.
  • 3 pillars blog: This is a blog you can read about NSCS. It covers important information and write ups you’d like to read before application!
  • Join: Become a member! You can self nominate or use a code of nomination to become one. Then you set up your account and proceed applying!
  • Partner with NSCS: If you have a company who’d like to work with NSCS, you can! Head over here to see which companies work with them and also how you can become a part of their amazing scholarships journeys.
  • Donate: There is a separate button here where you can support NSCS. Donation is always welcome, as it supports students’ dreams!

Is NSCS Legit?

Apart from the fact that this site is well known, is it legit? Scholarships can be very daunting.

From skimming several reviews, and scholars opinions. I know the answer.

It is legit! If anything, they’re a dream of many students. The NSCS members have great things to say about them. They have success stories to the fullest. I’ve written them in later sections.

For now, know they’re a good reliable place to find scholarships.

NSCS Website & Contact Information

The website has a royal, very sophisticated touch to it. Their branding color of red is very celebratory. It’s a color of success.

Their website handle is It’s easy to navigate and has all the related information in bold, bright style.

Then, the design is really neat too. You have all information in a very simplistic manner. Their contact card can be found here

How Does NSCS Work?

The first thing you do before getting the awesome experience of NSCS, is you join! In order to become a member/ or join, you need to be nominated however. You get a code upon the nomination.

Then you can set up from there on!

Here is a rundown of the process.

  • Become a member!
  • Log in to the member portal at using your username and password.
  • After you log in, click the Scholarships tab.
  • Submit your application online.
  • If it is your first time applying for an NSCS scholarship, at first you will need to fill out the General Application.

NSCS Minimum requirements

You must have a 3.0 GPA (if undergrad) and need to be a NSCS member. That’s about it.

Benefits of NSCS scholars

I know you may be thinking what do these scholars actually have. What is so good about NSCS scholars? What kind of benefits do you get?

Let me get started. Take a pen and paper out! You’ll see why.

They provide career and graduate school connections, leadership and service experiences, access to discounts and savings and more. Who doesn’t love that? You get to be a student and also get help planning your future!

As well as $250,000 in scholarships annually. You will of course need to apply and hope for the best that you get it. But their funding can go as high as that amount. Pretty great, if you ask me! Especially because student debts can be a real pain.

But do note, they have this lifetime membership fee: $95, which grants a membership certificate but is something you need to think about. While there are other sites who take no money, you’re paying for NSCS’s benefits too.

Finally, do keep in mind NSCS is based on invitation-only membership. Meaning, you need to be invited to join NSCS.

You can read more about it on their website in length!

NSCS Pricing

This is one feature which seems to be hidden.

Yes, you pay. You pay a $95 registration fee, for lifetime.

Even though the benefits you get are great. The fact that this fee is somewhat hidden under the bush is a little iffy!

Their site does not exactly say the price. Until you go to the checkout page, you might not even know this is a paid membership.

A bummer! So it’s good to always do these research beforehand. However, the benefits and resources you gain outweigh the cost.

Yes! So, let’s be hopeful about that!

NSCS Success Stories

Hurray! With tough scholarship hunting comes bliss.

There is a list of recipients of NSCS. This includes all who’ve become a scholar.

There are subsections too! Such as Officer’s Scholars, GEICO Awards, Scholarship abroad!

Some happy faces are of Rees Williams, Gonzaga University ($2,500), Wendy Waltrip, The University of Arizona ($2,500) for their Scholarship Abroad for Fall 2018-2019z

More such happy faces belong to recipients from Academic Year 2016-2017. Such as Marisa Shepard, Kent State University ($2,500).

In the past and present NSCS has success stories like these. And the best part is you can find all about it on their website too.

These are some of the reasons why NSCS is trustworthy. They display it all for you to see.


You were thinking about NSCS and how they work?
I have just reviewed their whole website. Everything there is to know about NSCS is here for you.

Do you have what it takes to become an upcoming scholar? Congratulations! The thought is what matters.

I hope you find that really good scholarship and own it. You deserve it!

Good luck, future- scholar!

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