Is Banggood Legit or Scam?

Hi there, I hope you are well! I am so excited you came here for this review. I want to thank you for stopping by my take here about Banggood! You clicked it right if you are wishing to know more about it. Banggood is a known site which sells pretty much everything.

But, it can seem a little fishy. How do they work? After all, sites like these can sound a little scammy. However, there is only so much we know about it. These sites could not be legit, or can be so much worse. I am sure as a shopper we all want that trust in our products.

I am here to break the code for you. If you’re wondering how Banggood works, hold on tight. I have all the right answers for you.

Banggood Review

In this review you will get an unfiltered run down of Banggood. The best and worst of the site is going to be discussed. You will walk away with loads of information. It will also cover things like whether it is scammy or a legit website. The contact information, how it works and more are in store. Keep an eye out!

What is Banggood

Banggood is a one stop shop for everything you need. They are a chinese e-commerce shop which specialises in multiple kinds of items. This is starting from home decor, essentials, gift items, toys, clothing etc.

You are promised good deals on all the products you get there. They are popular because they offer the lowest price points for the most attractive items.

It was founded in 2006. It started out as a firm but it expanded to a diverse shopping platform.

Is Banggood legit?

Let the anticipation clear out. There is not much to worry about when it comes to this.

Banggood is not a scam, they are real. They do not come here to take all your money or scam you with false products. The products they sell come from real warehouses sold by real people.

So, you can exhale now. The worst situation is actually not the reality. The site is not a false hoax kind of thing. They are promising you good prices and the stuff you end up getting is based on how cheap it really is. But it is not a scam, take my word for it.

Features of Banggood

  • Clothing: You know a site like this will sell you clothing. They sell clothing of all kinds, women, men, children, and even clothing for many kinds of activities! The rates are quite low and it is a blessing to find these deals. The clothing differs from styles, sizes, and much more.
  • Accessories: Yes, they also sell you variety of accessories. They bring you awesom deals on rings, earrings, phone case accessories, watches, bags, shoes! You name it, and it is already there. You can also scroll through these sites to find the most cheapest and reasonable deals.
  • Gadgets: The gadgets they have are pretty good rated, and the prices are super attractive. Phones, tablets, laptops, or even laptop stands! And so much more are available with them. You cans scroll through the most affordable and likeable options and select the ones you love. It does not get simpler than that, trust me. Their gadgets are something to look out for!
  • Health products: The health products they have are face masks, disinfectants, wipes and many hygiene products which you need to fight COVID-19. It is especially super handy at a time like this. You can find all the stuff you need to fight and be safe during this time. Also make yourself and others healthy.
  • Home products: Home appliances, lights and lighting, couches, tables and so many other lovely home products are here. The deals are also super good. You can get the best selling ones and make your home just a super cozy abode. Trust me, the sparkly lights and cute decorations will also melt your heart. I am not kidding!
  • Sports items: You heard it right, sports items is a big feature for Bangood. The sports items are all super trendy, affordable and efficient. Whether it is hiking, biking, jogging or lifitng weights. You will find the right attire for you and the equipments you need for a banger work out. Have an eye for these? Then you’ll love these deals.

Banggood Website and Contact Information

Their website is like any e-commerce site you can think of. But they have made it super accessible for all customers to navigate. The site is proper, not too crowded, and the website has graphics in the background which is very eye catching.

Their website handle is and their navigation is also very easy to surf through. The products are all in great order and you can search your favourite products from the filter sections.

Their contact information requires you to sign in. You have to make an account with them and can have a 24/7 chat system with them. It is super easy and possible to find their response quite quickly. When it comes to shipping and returns, they have a 30 day returns policy. You can read about it here.

Banggood Customer satisfaction

Out of almost 2000 reviews, customers seem to be quite happy with their purchases. They always point out how affordable and fast it was. The reviews which are a little low tend to be more about faulty items, but their returns policy covers any faulty items.

Even items which were missing or lost are sent to you. So, in essence their customers are left quite satisfied. Of course, there are some of the more angry customers who may not like their products. But, majority thinks well of this site.

Good on them! I would think they will do quite well along the way.

Ratings of Banggood

  • Trustpilot: On Truspilot, they have almost 4 stars out of 5. That says a lot, believe me. Especially because customers write the best reviews on Trustpilot about them. That is a good reassurance.
  • On this site, they also have a 4 out of 5 star ratings. The reviews are all very honest and out of experience. The customers tend to show satisfaction regarding their purchases. That is a great and valid thing!


Banggood has got you covered. And so have I! As promised, I showed you all there is to this site.

Now, are you sold? I bet you are tempted to look at the site and scroll through some of their products. It is not a bad idea, indeed. It is a good deal they always have, and the range of products are always super nice.

If you are getting any product, do let us know what you like and you don’t. The world is your oyster, and Banggood is quite good!

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