Is YOOX Legit or Scam?

Hi you, yes you. I know what you might be wondering. Is YOOX Legit? Why do I feel a little doubtful about the site?

Do they sell authentic designer stuff?

I know very well the way you feel. And it is completely okay to think twice before a hefty purchase. Especially on sites like Yoox where they sell in a different nature.

Get a cup of tea, and let’s get into it.

YOOX Review

In this review, I disclose everything to YOOX. The website, what it works, what it features. Also the customer satisfaction after looking at many reviews, and the nitty gritties like shipping and handling.


I am also covering an unbias review on whether it’s worth it, and finally of course if the site is legit. You’ll walk away with a ton of information. We will make the right purchases together, what say?

What is YOOX?

YOOX net-a-porter group was formed in 2015, and the website run business is based in Italy. They are a retail store of designer items- let’s get that out of the way.


You buy items like clothing, shoes, other such things from brands across the world at decent and actual rates.

YOOX Features

YOOX features products of lifestyle, and for men, women and kids. So there is something for everyone. The way their site shows is this:

01# New arrivals: This has in store all the new additions that YOOX has updated. It’s a good one to keep eye out for that new release! The latest Gucci sneakers or Saint Laurent belt, they have it all there on display. So you know you’re up to date with new stuff.

02# Range of designer brands: Range of designers they have is household favorites in the fashion industry. Adidas, OFF WHITE, Nike, Balenciaga, Gucci, ETRO, Versace. All such are some of those amazing, lust-worthy brands we want to get our hands-on. If you love brands like these, head over to YOOX to see what you like.

03# Clothing: Starting from designer tshirts, belts, dresses, loungewear, jackets, swimwear! You name it. The clothing section is hand picked for the best of the best. You’ll love the variety of products there. Especially the fact that all genders and even kids have their picks. Neat, I’d say!

04#Shoes: You may already know they sell shoes from Nike, Adidas and Gucci. These are all true. Whether you like high tops, sandals, sneakers, heels or flipflops. Even formal shoes. They have something for you, as long as you want those to be some good fashioned designers.

05#Accessories: Starting from wallets, belts, rings, necklaces, earrings. Even designer bags. YOOX has got you covered in all those areas. The best selling piece of accessory most like would be available on YOOX.

06# 8 by Yoox: They have their own line called 8 by Yoox where they sell some unique, crafted pieces such as clothing, accessories, and shoes. They are styled to a trendy perfection. I say that’s a cool thing to have.

07# Collaboration: The collaborations are off the charts. Not only to they sell your favourite designer brands. They collaborate too to bring you an amazing array of products. Disney is one of the brands they collaborated with. How awesome is that? We all love a good Mickey Mouse sweatshirt now, don’t we?

08# Yooxygen: This is their line of products dedicated towards sustainability. To the things you buy from that range are all biodegradable and good for the environment. That is their attempt at providing social responsibility. Keep up the good work, YOOX!


Is YOOX legit?

Let us get one thing straight. There are many reviews on YOOX. Some say it’s the world’s laziest, weirdest yet convenient websites.

But some good news is this; They are legit!

Their products are authentic. They re-sell from authorized companies and brands. So, anything you buy comes with the authenticity that it’s from that manufacturer. Let’s say, you want a Gucci shirt. YOOX will give you the authentic information that it’s from Gucci.

Don’t be fooled, they’re real.

YOOX Website & Contact Information

The YOOX website is very trendy and on-point. I’m not going to lie.

It’s simplistic, to the point and it features great quality images to attract you. But before being woo-ed, of course, serve your doubts justice by reading through their terms and conditions. Their website has a blog-like feel with photos and very niche style approach of writing.

Now for the contacts. You can reach them at 1-800-795-6087.


How Does YOOX Work

The way around YOOX is quite simple. As long as you have read the terms and conditions, you are good. Let me give you a tour.

  1. You have to select the desired color and size of the product from the item page. Then add to the cart.
  2. If you’re happy with your pick, proceed to checkout.
  3. Pick a shipping method and a payment method
  4. You enter your shopping details and shipping details too.
  5. Simply press ‘buy now’ after confirming all your information is correct.

Check your email for their confirmation of your order, and wait for it to arrive to you! It’s as simple as that.

YOOX Delivery and Returns Policy

So, they say in their website this information below;

  • Standard Delivery in 12-15 business days $ 9.95
  • Express Delivery in 2-4 business days $ 19.95


For returns, YOOX tries to be as reliable as possible. They say themselves. ‘No problem’. You simply fill up their returns form on their page, and they cut a flat rate due to UPS charges. But the items have to be returned to the head office of the country you shipped it from.

YOOX Promo & Coupon

Oh yes, who does not love saving some dimes on designer items? Good for you that YOOX is offering sales in their sales section, as well as coupons.

You can follow this Link to get Upto 60% off

YOOX Competitors

  • Amazon

This is a no-brainer, everyone knows Amazon. So, YOOX has some difficult matching up to do. Amazon is gained trust over years by customers all over the world.

  • Zappos

Zappos is also a site that has gained a lot of rave. They operate in a similar fashion as Yoox, selling as retailers. Another competition to steer clear of, YOOX!

YOOX Customer Satisfaction

I will not joke around. The customer satisfaction of YOOX has always been mixed. The people who know it is legit, purchase from it all the time. But there is always speculation around it by the rest of the people.

Customers say it is quite shady to trust a retailer. They sell so many designers, quite expensive things. But YOOX is not here to scam you. With their returns policy and legal claims, it speaks highly that all their stuff are authentic. The site also is not dodgy or strange to the eye. They’re standard, well informed and reliable.


Are you sold on YOOX yet? They say go with your gut. But I have helped you know trusting YOOX is no problem.

They are authentic, and you should not worry about being scammed. Plenty of people buy from them and love their services. Which item are you thinking about? I have a few.

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