Is JOOM Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for the right retailing market place? To buy fast-fashion items at very low prices?

You’ve probably then heard of JOOM. You know, those $2 or $1 deals on fashion items? Yes, that is JOOM.

But also, is Joom legit? The company seems to have a lot of controversies and reviews.

I’m here to answer your questions.

Walking away, you’ll know whether you can trust Joom or not. Hang on tight, you’ll want to read till the end! (I have some bonus news for you at the end)

JOOM Review

You’ll find all the hot topics here on JOOM. I will answer who they are, what they do, and how their website works. I answer if they are in fact legit. Or scam! I know you’re here to read that. I also add some of its features.What they sell and what’s popular. Pros and cons of using JOOM and finally how customers like it.

You’ll be happy to know I added a bonus section only for you giving you some of its discount codes. Hurry up, get yourself a pen and paper and note these down.

What is JOOM?

JOOM is a China based retailer on the online marketplace. They get products from Asia and Europe and sell it. Sellers make accounts and sell it to buyers.

JOOM offer free shipping and are very popular in their field of work. They offer as low prices as $1, making them very talked about.

They promise low prices on their site that customers may not get elsewhere. It’s a site which holds a variety of products. They also have an app which you can use for easier purchases.

Is JOOM legit?

Here is where the controversy sort of begins.

JOOM might be a little scammy. I say that based on past experiences of customers all over the internet.

Let me tell you why. They’re offering at a super cheap price. Most review places have said the quality is compromised. I mean, is it worth buying $1? $2 orders?

Look closely. You may be missing red flags when you see these prices. Also, some ethical issues are there too which are alleged. Apparently stealing or exploiting keeps increasing if you keep using JOOM.

If you keep buying their products, they tend to exploit workers or steal the products they give you. Again, these are speculations!

It also has a pretty average rating. Customers don’t seem to be too happy with them. But many still buy from them for the prices they offer.

JOOM Features

Let’s still try to keep an open mind. I’ll tell you what the features of JOOM is. Let’s get started!

  • Women’s Clothing and accessories: JOOM is very popular with women. Women can find pretty much everything they can think of here. The clothes are all inspired from brands. They are either replicas or look alikes. And the prices are ridiculously cheap, which is why they’re so famous.
  • Home and kitchen: They have a wide range of household items at very low prices.
  • Men’s clothing and accessories: They also have men’s items covered. You can type whatever is on your mind and I’m sure it will pop up. Black tie? Fancy suit? Just search them up. The funny thing is you get them at super cheap prices.
  • Miscellaneous: This is a long list of other items they sell. Including, pet items, industry and business, hobby or sport, health and beauty, kids clothes, costumes, cameras! I mean. They’re a really long list alright.

If you wish to see the list yourself, head over to their site. You won’t regret seeing the site. It’s very interesting to see the pricing on their stuff. It’s just there, glaring at you.

Pretty much everything is $2 or even less. How crazy is that?! JOOM is like those sites that make you go, ‘what?!’. Believe me. But be cautious of what you buy and from what kind of seller.

How Does JOOM work?

Honestly, to a site like JOOM, they work pretty easy.

You buy your products pretty much the same way you’d buy from any online store.

  • You look up the desired product.
  • Check with the seller.
  • Add to your cart.
  • Apply coupon (if applicable).
  • Then proceed to checkout.
  • Pay using an online payment method.
  • You get the shipment delivered.

There isn’t much more to it. JOOM works like any other retailer. The only factor which sets them aside are their low prices.

JOOM : Pros and Cons

I think this list will help you a lot. I have brought together all the pros and cons there is to JOOM. You’ll walk away with all that you need to know to clear your doubts.


  • Low prices
  • Fashionable products
  • Variety of products
  • Supports sellers
  • Good return policy
  • Money back guarantee
  • Customer support 24/7


  • Poor quality products
  • Cheaply made
  • Complaints of exploitation
  • Fishy behaviour from sellers
  • Not trustworthy sellers
  • Long delivery time
  • Overwhelmed customer service
  • Better competitors

There, you have the list now. The pros and cons are definitely there for JOOM. Because of the mixed reviews, it’s important that you take time to see what products you’re actually buying.

JOOM Customer Service and Satisfaction

If you have any issue with JOOM, shoot an email here or chat with them live on their page.

If you want to contact the seller, which you should, you cannot. That’s just not right.

That makes me wonder how many times customers get annoyed with their orders. Even though they have a good returns policy, you still to through the hassle of buying uselessly.

On, JOOM has 1.8/5 stars. Which is pretty low. This means most customers wouldn’t recommend it. And the crazy low prices aren’t always a great thing because mostly you may get poor quality things.

Generally customers are showing they have dissatisfaction with the site. I mean, that’s what you get for paying so low for some fast-fashion items. Maybe it works for one time costumes or something.

JOOM Competitors

  • Wish is one site that the whole world raves about. They also like JOOM and have crazy deals. Very low and attractive prices which makes your eyes turn. But Wish seems to be doing good on reviews. They get a 3.6/5. But JOOM gets 1.8. That says a lot!

  • eBay

eBay is a site which has been around for a while. So, customers gained faith in them. They don’t come with so many cons as JOOM. And it’s also less gimmicky. Some customers actually get good stuff they keep around for a while! But their ratings are lower than JOOM. Still, they may over power by just their over all grip on marketing.


You asked for it, and I gave you the answer! JOOM may look very cheap and fun to spend some dollars on. They’re so low in prices and the stuff on pictures look pretty nice too.

But you always have to make sure you’re taking it with a grain of salt. These sites are sort of dodgy and can deliver you pretty poor quality stuff.

So, best have fun with the site. And especially, maybe not purchase sensitive items like skin products which you have no clue about!

Have fun surfing JOOM. Hope my review helped you!

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