Is BerryLook Legit or Scam?

Have you been finding BerryLook ads on Instagram constantly? A retailer of fast fashion at extremely low prices.

But without honest reviews it’s hard to determine ‘Is BerryLook legit?’ Today I’m gonna give this company a go and provide you with the most authentic review there is.

It wouldn’t be right for me to keep you waiting any longer so let’s get on with it.

BerryLook Review

BerryLook is a fashion retailer which specializes in the latest styles and trends. Prices are kept extremely affordable so that consumers can enjoy a new wardrobe every season.

It was founded in 2017 by yet another China based company called OrderPlus International Limited. You might know the companies Popreal, Calladream which are all part of the same organization.

BerryLook focuses on mainly fashion and offers hundreds kinds of products to users worldwide. From dresses, swimwear to shoes and accessories like jewelry and hats.

Is BerryLook Legit?

If I am to answer the question I have to say:

BerryLook seems to be legit in terms of online safety and confidentiality. However, customer service and product quality leave much to be desired. If you are to shop from BerryLook, I’d advise you to pay attention to all the details.

What else is there to learn about BerryLook? Just wait and see.

What Is Available At BerryLook?

At BerryLook, you’ll find fashion related items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry and trinkets. Under the apparel sections, you would get dresses, coats, jackets, bottoms, skirts, tops, blouses and hoodies.

For the perfect beach look, BerryLook offers swimwear and beach hats. For jewelry freaks they have some cute earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Some trendy handbags in different styles are available too.

Those who are more interested in purchasing shoes, then BerryLook could be an option. You would be excited to find heels, boots, sneakers and sandals. Even though BerryLook is mainly for ladies, men have some options as well.

How Much Does BerryLook Cost?

It’s not news that BerryLook is known for their highly competitive prices, aka very cheap. You can probably fit as many items as you want with your budget.

Prices of dresses and jackets were hardly over $20 and that included shoes as well. Tops were even more cheap with most under $10-$13.

As for accessories, you can find jewelry or socks for as little as $2. The most expensive item out of the accessories section I could find was a handbag at $33.

BerryLook Shipping Policy

Since BerryLook claims to be a worldwide shopping portal, shipping is an integral part of the experience. And BerryLook manages to shine in this case.

They ship worldwide to almost all countries in the globe. Charges are applicable only when you refuse to buy over $69, otherwise it’s free.

BerryLook Shipping Options

There are two types of shipping available at BerryLook.

Super Saver Shipping: It takes around 5-12 days to deliver when locations are in America, Europe and Africa. While it takes 7-15 days for anywhere in Asia and South America.

Expedited Shipping: 2-5 days are needed by BerryLook to deliver in the USA, Europe and Africa. If locations are in Asia and South America then 3-7 days are required to deliver.

BerryLook Return Policy

When it comes to returns, BerryLook has several terms and conditions. You get the standard 30 days return window during which you can return items.

They have to be in original conditions and you have to cover the shipping cost. Refunds are typically not too slow, around 7-15 business days to get your money back.

Not all items are eligible to return. For hygiene reasons, swimwear, clearance items and special tag products are not allowed to be returned.

BerryLook Customer Satisfaction

There are different trust sites on the Internet where people have left genuine reviews about BerryLook. If I were you, I’d tread on BerryLook with caution.

Trust Pilot rates them at a score of 2 which shows the general attitude towards BerryLook is negative. People were not impressed with the quality of the dresses nor were they happy with the slow shipping.

SiteJabber scores them even lower with a 1.5 rating where almost 1228 reviewers left negative reviews. Consumers complaining about BerryLook mostly talked about their less than stellar customer service and poor quality.

BerryLook Alternatives

If you are willing to look at some other options, these two could win your heart.

Noracora: Another China based retailer, Noracora is well known among the affordable fashion world. My review of Noracora is well worth checking out before choosing this website.

Fairy Season: They also sell trendy outfits at factory range prices. Which means a new outfit of the day everyday. You can check them out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Where does BerryLook get everything made?

Ans: Every item you will find in BerryLook is from China’s top brands. Which means everything is Chinese made and quality is controlled by the manufacturers.

Q2# Which payment methods can be used at BerryLook?

Ans: You can use your usual credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Maestro. PayPal can be used as well to make payments. Other than that Giropay and Cash on Delivery is available for some locations.

Q3# Can you exchange your products at BerryLook?

Ans: If you want an exchange instead of a refund, that’s available too. Get in touch with their customer service to let them know.


For the final time, is BerryLook legit? In legal terms, yes BerryLook is legit and there is no fear of getting scammed from your money.

Based on the many negative reviews of the place, that’s where the good news ends. It seems poor quality and slow shipping is rampant within the place.
People are usually reluctant to shop there a second time. But of course, I wouldn’t want to force my

beliefs on anyone. If you wanna go for BerryLook, please do!

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