Is Biblio Legit or Scam?

Hi there! I hope you’ll love this review I’ve put here about Biblio.

If you’re a bookworm and love spending days reading, you have heard about Biblio. You’ve also been wondering if you should give them a shot.

However, are they legit? Are the books safe to buy from or do they hand you fake books?

All such are good questions. I know, as a book-lover it can be super worrisome. So I have here a review from my experience with Biblio and also reading hundreds of other reviews.

Trust me, you want to keep your eyes here. Get your glasses on, and a cup of tea. Giddy up, let’s dive right in.

Biblio Review

Hang in tight to learn about Biblio. I wrote this review for you to know what their deal is. I tell you about whether they are legit or not. You want to know that, I am sure! I got you covered.

I also make sure to break down their features, shipping and returns, website content, customer care and overall customer ratings. You can then make your judgement and buy from them. Or not! This is your call and you have all the right to.

What is Biblio?

Biblio is a marketplace for books and rare collectibles. They’re a North Carolina based store. They were founded in 2000.

They maintain a look and feel of a real bookstore. They’re also able to sell you old and read books. They retail textbooks, used and rare books, comics, out of print books.

Is Biblio Legit?

You may be wondering what the deal with Biblio is. Can you trust them with those rare books you want to buy?

Well, let me break it to you. You can! They’re legit.

They won’t be scamming you. In fact there are great reviews of customers loving their books. Also their ratings are very good over all on the internet.

So, take my word for it. Their books aren’t fake. They do mean well in their business!

Biblio Features

Wondering what kind of books has for you? No worries! I’ve made a list of exactly the kind of books you’ll get there.

They may just hold the books you’re thinking about. And seeing the reviews, they probably will hold them. They’re very large in their variety of books. The kinds of books they hold are these ;

  • Find books: The website has a search engine through which you can search up books.
  • Rare books: They specialize in rare books! Many love this feature.
  • Old books: Old classics which are out of date are all here for you.
  • Used books: They also try to be eco-friendly and sell used books. That’s always a smart move!
  • Collectible: Some unique collectibles are also there for you to buy. If you’re a collector, this is a gem.
  • Uncommon books: Yes! Even uncommon books might be found at Biblio. They make sure to include as much diversity as possible.

Biblio Website & Contact Information

Now for the bookworms, have you seen a bland website for books? I know how bad that feels. Why can’t sites just be exciting? Just because they’re books doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. is quite exciting to look at. Their website is fun and filled with cliparts. It makes you want to grab a book and read it immediately!

They have a real library like approach too. The search bar and hover bar both are located conveniently.

Going about the site is really made easy because of that. And the best thing is, they give you an actual good deal for books! And the sellers directly sell them to you all through the website.

If you have any issue with your orders, contact They’ll get back to you with your answers!

Fun and simple!

How Does Biblio work?

The way it works is actually a nice one. The website works in a simple way. Let me guide you through it.

  • You place an order through search engines or their website’s book features.
  • As you place an order through, you are starting to support independent businesses.
  • Your order information is delivered directly to you.
  • And payment is made securely to the bookseller(s) offering the book(s).
  • All the sales are fulfilled directly by the booksellers.

This is it. It’s that easy. Now- Sold yet? Let me tell you how good their deals are as well. They give you a good value for your books! And have discount codes which I have added at the end of the review.

Keep reading to know more about what their website content has in store for you. If you’re a true book freak, this site will make you go gaga!

Biblio Shipping and Returns

Their shipping is decided by each seller. Their shipping rates and time is specified per seller.

You also have shipping estimator options in your Biblio account. You can track your orders in that way. After selecting the country that you are shipping to, you should be given shipping prices and total estimated delivery time made by that specific bookseller.

As for returns, you may return your books in good condition by 30 days. If they are lost or stolen in transit and don’t arrive in 14 days, they give you a full refund.

They also say their deliveries are done without carbon emissions- so they also save the earth. They’re literally everything you could ask for.

Is there any bad thing about the site? I guess not.Read their page to get more information on this! And you can always contact their support team.

Biblio Customer Ratings

This is very important to know.

On, they are rated as ‘excellent’ with 4.7/5. This means most customers are satisfied with their books. This is based on 20,000+ reviews from customers.

That’s impressive! And their customer service is also said to be quite efficient. And reviews say books are usually as good as described. Along with positive feedback!

Customers also say really unique and vintage books have been found through them. That’s also something to think about. Wow!

That’s a good thing to know! So, Biblio seems to be a good option for bookworms after all.


Let’s say you want to get a big novel. That could be expensive. And it’s collectibles! So it’s so special to you.

What to do! Well, you have discounts. Firstly, Biblio promises to give you a good value for books. But aside that, you can find amazing discounts too.

Head over here to know more about saving up on Biblio. I have used some of these codes and I loved the dimes I saved on my books.


Finally, you have a good idea about now. Are you sold on their site? Did my review help you make a decision?

I hope it did! Because I loved my purchases from them and the sellers always made sure to send in a lot of love. They are legit in what they do!

And that also supports these independent sellers. Grab your next best read from And I hope your next read is a great one you can hold on to for a long time.

Happy shopping, book-lover!

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