Is Eastbay Legit or Scam?

Whenever you need new sneakers to buy, Footlocker immediately comes to mind. But have you heard of Eastbay, a subsidiary of Footlocker?

At this point, you are like hold on, you know the latter as a well-known retailer. But can we trust Eastbay with the same vigour? Is Eastbay legit?

Tighten your seatbelt, ‘coz I will be exposing all the nitty-gritty of this retailer. So stay tuned!

Eastbay Review

Founded in 1980, as you know Eastbay is a subsidiary of America’s most popular footwear retailer Footlocker. High-school friends Art Juedes and Rick Gering found their city Wisconsin lacking in proper athletic shoes retailers.

That’s when they came up with the brilliant idea of selling shoes around their hometown. With $7000 worth of shoes, the friends set up ‘shoe clinics’ all around the place. Their main mission was to directly provide small town athletes with proper footwear.

Eventually their innovative idea grew from a small idea to a proper company, Eastbay. From the streets to joining hands with Footlocker, Eastbay is now hugely popular among sneakerheads.

Is Eastbay Legit?

Now onto the cliffhanger. Can we declare Eastbay as a legit company?

Yes! Eastbay is without a doubt legit. Whether you’re in search of footwear for your football practice or gym-wear, Eastbay is the one you need. From Adidas to those new Yeezy collections from Kanye, they have it all.

Before you run off to grab that Nike you’ve been eyeing, scroll down for more info!

Eastbay Product Range

If you’re looking for a lot of options of footwear and sportswear, then Eastbay is perfect for you.

From popular branded running shoes to comfortable walking shoes, Eastbay doesn’t lack in any department. Adidas, Nike, Yeezy, Champion, Clarks and more are available here on this site. Branded joggers, bike shorts, gloves, hoodies, thermal wear can be found here too.

They also have their own in house brand which offers jackets, sports bra, shorts, socks and more apparel. Clearly you won’t be disappointed if you check out their products. They have it neatly arranged according to sports and brands in their e-commerce site.

Eastbay Price

When it comes to pricing, Eastbay depends on the brands. For the latest collections, obviously a lot of items will be expensive. But if you are browsing for some casual kicks, you can find so many reasonable options as well.

Generally, their shoes are the most expensive ones. Starting from $50 and jumping to $150+. Clothing is much cheaper depending on new arrivals. Socks, gloves, headbands and miscellaneous items are the cheapest from $10 to $100.

Now, if you really want a pair of shoes but cannot afford it, good news for you! You can wait for it to go on sale. Eastbay frequently posts sales where items are slashed to 40-50% prices.

Eastbay Shipping Policy

Eastbay offers shipping to both locations in America and outside the USA. Charges and estimated delivery days both depend on your destination.

For shipping inside the USA it usually takes around 5-6 days and costs around $13. For every extra order a charge of $1.99 is added with the original cost.

For international shipping, you get 28% of your entire shopping cost. It does put a hefty amount sometimes but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’re getting authentic products. No more than 30 days are needed to make international deliveries.

Eastbay Return Policy

Eastbay’s return policy is pretty straightforward and simple. You get a 90 day window to make your returns if you find any defect. But note everything has to be in original conditions.

After inspection if they don’t find any problem, Eastbay will process your refund. For some, they offer free return shipping (yay!) but for most places you need to cover the cost.

Feedback on Eastbay

What are reviewers saying about Eastbay on the internet?

Some reviewers have complaints about late deliveries and wrong orders. But Eastbay is very earnest in solving those problems and eventually fulfills its promises. I personally did not have any trouble when ordering from their site.

Make sure to check everything before ordering and contact their customer service as soon as you find defects.

Having said that, many people have praised their wide collection of footwear and gym wear. Especially being able to find the latest sneakers when the new collections drop. In terms of customer service it’s 50-50 but their pros outweighs most cons.

Eastbay Alternatives

For more options, I have compiled a list of alternatives to Eastbay.

Sneakersnstuff: Another great place for sneakers, Sneakernstuff is a haven for sneaker enthusiasts. Check out my review to see what’s good in there.

Kixify: Like Eastbay, you can find all your favorite brands of sneakers and more in Kixify. Brand new kicks are available for men, women and kids alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I buy a Eastbay gift card?

Ans: If you are looking to buy a gift for an athlete friend, use their site or app. You can now send gift cards through email and text, a way to make a friend’s day!

Q2# What is FLX at Eastbay used for?

Ans: The Footlocker program (FLX) is a loyalty earning option. You can now earn points to redeem more offers, get invited to events and much more.

Q3# Where is Eastbay located?

Ans: Eastbay is located in Wisconsin, Wausau to be specific.


Do you need more convincing or is this review enough? If you are still in a pickle with: is Eastbay legit? I can guarantee you that my thorough report will be able to clear the air.

Eastbay has been running for years and has been a fan favorite among athletes and normal people alike. With their awesome collections and simple ordering process, Eastbay is bound to win the hearts of everyone. Give it a go and comment down below to let me know your experience.

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