Is SneakersNStuff Legit or Scam?

You know what I look for in sneakers while shopping for a pair? They need to be light on the feet, cushion my heels and feel comfortable to wear them. A bonus – if they look snazzy on my feet, actually that’s a big check on my list.

Thanks to today’s technologies in bringing the retail world at our fingertips, we can now shop even running. What’s the recommendation you get while online shopping for some rare and cool sneakers? Sneakersnstuff (SNS) of course!

If the name is not familiar to you, do not worry. I have done some digging and I can answer all your questions, like “is SneakerNStuff legit”?

Additionally, To help you determine, I am here to highlight the most important information about SNS. Keep flipping through to find out all the juicy deets.

Sneakersnstuff Review

The company started in the late 90s by Erik Fagerlind and Peter Jansson. Frustrated with the lack of proper sneaker and sports goods retail shops, they came up with Sneakersnstuff. Originally tucked in a street called Södermalm, they now have 7 locations all over Europe, Tokyo and USA.

SNS carries some of the rarest sneaker releases, limited editions as well as the classics. Apart from the obvious items, it also sells apparel. A good variety of brands are available for both men and women to shop from.

Is SneakersNstuff Legit?

It is not fair to make your wait any longer. I mean, this question must be bugging you from the beginning! So here is the answer!

Absolutely, SneakersNstuff is Legit. there is no confusion when it comes to their authenticity. I can guarantee that this could be your stop for some Yeezys or a classic pair of Jordan.

You can just drop by the site to shop and your effort and money will not go wasted.

Sounds exciting, right? All you sneaker lovers can rejoice! But before you head towards their website to put any new order, wait. Read down below what I have to say about SNS to get a clear picture.


What Are Some Of The Features of Sneakersnstuff?

SNS’s e-commerce site is pretty simple and user-friendly. Not much is different compared to other similar sites. But down below are listed a couple of their unique features.

Curated product list: SNS carries a unique range of products only available at its website. It grew from the owners’ love of sharing art and rare sneakers with fellow sneakerheads. From vintage Chuck Taylors to the new Simpsons Adidas collection.

Sign up for Raffles: Any sneaker collector will be excited to know it has a sign up for raffle draws. Put in your name to be the among the winners to shop from their limited edition releases. No more searching for that collectors pair from shady dealers!

What Kind Of Sneakers Does Sneakersnstuff Sell?

Like I mentioned before, SNS has a very curated selection of products. Apart from releasing most exclusive editions and collections, it also carries usual sneakers available in most shoe stores. Aries, ByBorre and Salomon are some its hard to find brands.

The stuff part of their name represents the other range of products which are apparel and accessories. Brands such as Klättermusen, Champion sell clothing here. Its own home brand SNS sells other stuff like beanies and socks.

SNS has also collaborated with a few brands to bring in their own collections. One of the most notable ones were the Stockholm inspired kicks by Adidas in June 2020.

Are Sneakersnstuff Prices Affordable?

When you think about collectibles, what do you imagine? Rare pieces but expensive right? Same with sneakers available at SNS.

Prices for sneakers start from around 100 euros and can jump up to 500 euros. More affordable options are available at its sale page. If you wait long enough, some are sold at a fraction of their original price in sales.

Accessories and clothing are mostly modestly priced and have great options to buy sporting apparel.

How Does Sneakersnstuff Handle Shipping?

Ordering and having your items shipped to your home are pretty simple. It offers easy shipping policies. Usually it tries to ship within 1-5 days and SNS is known not to make any delays.

Users all over the world have to pay a minimal fee for deliveries. Some are even free if you shop over a limit. Not more than 10 business days are needed to have your products delivered to your mailbox.

Good news for UK users. Thanks to Brexit, they need not pay any Delivery Duty fees!

Can You Return Or Exchange At Sneakersnstuff?

Any complaints you have about any sneaker defect, wrong feet size or wrong orders, you’re eligible for refunds. It guarantees to return your money back if returned within 30 days. All you have to do is send the products back to the designated warehouses.

For our European users and American users, they have specific locations where you have to send back orders. If it thinks you deserve a refund or exchange, it would happily do so. Unfortunately, consumers have to pay it out from their pocket for any returns/exchanges.

Feel free to contact its customer service and someone would be pleased to get you through the process.

User Reviews About Sneakersnstuff

Based on the number of positive reviews users have posted, it’s safe to say the e-commerce is trustworthy. Customers have praised its wide selection of rare sneakers, its easy shipping and refund policies.

Not only that, SNS has won several awards! It has been awarded The Online Retailer of the Year Award and Fashion Store of the Year Award. It has also been featured in fashion magazines and editorials – that says a lot about their brand image.

Alternatives to Sneakersnstuff

Below are two Sneakersnstuff alternatives. People who are always on the lookout for good sneakers might wanna check them out.

Highsnobiety: Highsnobiety is another e-commerce site popular among sneakerheads. A German based store, it offers a pretty high selection of luxury and basic sneakers.

Sneaker Politics: Similar to SNS, Sneaker Politics has a massive list of both rare and luxury sneakers. Staying true to their Louisiana roots, it has collaborated with a number of brands and released exclusive collections. Its Katrina Nike Air Jordan 3 was a hit among buyers.

FAQs about Sneakersnstuff

Q1# Does Sneakersnstuff restock limited edition collections?

Ans: Usually for exclusive and limited editions, SNS does not restock. Since, you know limited editions are meant to be rare, they only get a few pieces.

Q2# Does Sneakersnstuff sell knockoffs?

Ans: Absolutely not! They directly get their products from the brands and each item is checked for their utmost authenticity. Be assured that anything you buy from here is the real deal.

Q3# Does Sneakersnstuff have physical locations?

Ans: Yes, its original location is at Stockholm and now it has expanded to 7 more locations. In Tokyo, SNS even has their own cafe and gift store where they sell Tokyo based sneakers. So cool! – You can now browse through their history while sipping on a cup of coffee.


All these sneaker talks and yet I am still asking the question. Is Sneakersnstuff legit? Y-E-S! Without any hesitation, go to their website and get yourself some kicks. Find yourself some rare pieces and let me know what you think of them.

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