Is Kixify Legit or Scam?

Hello, fellow reader! I’m so happy you clicked here. I’m here to tell you all about Kixify.

We know the questions aboht Kixify

‘Do they sell real sneakers? Is Kixify legit?

I know your questions. Believe me, I’ve asked these a lot too. So, I made a review for you to get the information you deserve. I want to help you in every way!

Are you ready to unveil what Kixify is? Hold on tight.

Kixify Review

In this review, you will find everything you want to hear about Kixify. I have done all the work for you. Bringing you here is whether Kixify is legit, what it is and how it works. Also, we will go through some of the features it has.

I have covered all the basics you need to learn how good or bad the site is. I also show you some ways to find discounts and their promos. While you will also find shipment and returns, customers’ satisfaction with Kixify.

Let’s get started, hope you’re ready with a good cup of espresso. You’ll walk away with all key information, trust me.

What is Kixify?

Kixify is a place that unites everyone around the world to connect and sell or buy sneakers. It’s a place for only sneakers.

You can buy them. Also open a store and sell them.

They have your favorite brands, including Nike, Air Jordans, Adidas and more. It is a known name in the sneaker retailing business.

Kixify Features

Now, let’s discuss some of Kixify’s super cool features. Sneaker retailing needs to have a street-style vibe to it. Kixify definitely holds that vibe and more. Keep reading to know!

01# Newest: This neat feature grabs all the coolest and newest additions to their sites. This includes new releases of your favourite sneakers. Keeping an eye here will make sure you don’t miss some amazing new deals too.

02# Top sellers: It’s a no brainer. The top most sellers will be found here. Sneakerheads know which are the top sellers, so if you’re one, you know this is a great feature. I really do love it!

03# Under Retail: This section has some of its more affordable sneakers. Most of it range around $100- $200 estimated. These are good purchases if you want to cop cheap deals.

04# Brands: oh my. They have SO much brands on their site. Any sneakerhead would be excited to see these. Air Jordans, Nike, Adidas, Vans, Puma, Timberlands, Supra. Rings a bell? More brands are here for you to love. I really am a fan of these brands!

05# Release Calendar: This is an absolute banger. You can see when your fave pair of sneakers will drop. This calender is made just for you sneakerheads! Visit it to know what day your shoes are released so you won’t be mate to catch it!

06# Gender/Age: They do feature a way to filter out shoes for men, women, and kids too. As well as the kind of age range. Adults/kids- all have some place here on their site! Neat feature, I’d say for sure.

Is Kixify Legit?

In a world of scams, I’ll bring you light. Wondering if Kixify will scam you?

You can let your breath lose. Majority says, Kixify actually is very well established and legit!

However, it depends on finding those legit stores. Kixify has many indepedendant stores, kind of like e-Bay!

But Kixify have a very special area on their site called ‘select’ which guarantees your kicks are legit.

Kixify Website & Contact Information

Their website is really fresh and cool. It dons its red branding color, and maintains the sneaker store aesthetic.

It’s as if you can see the shoes on the shelves like an actual store. How cool is that? I know I can get lose scrolling through their site.

The website features the brands on the left hand site. And the contact email for their customer care is

And their website has a contact form which you can fillup, and they’ll get back to you! They make sure your queries are met.

How Does Kixify Work?

Like any retailer, Kixify is really about selling and buying. The way around their website is very simple. Let’s not forget its amazing and dope sneakers.

For sellers, you make an account and make sure you have a PayPal. You open a Kixify store and list your products. Viewers see and buy it. You have to meet their terms and conditions however. They do take a small 8% fee off your purchases though.

For buyers, you choose the products, add to cart, add any coupon available, and ta-da! You’re set. Again, only PayPal! You’ll get a confirmation letter in your email as you do so.

It’s totally hassle free and you are guaranteed to get some original, OG sneakers for your awesome taste.

Kixify Returns and Shipment Policy

Alright, now I need your full attention. Since Kixify supports small scale sellers, the returns policy is a bit tough.

Basically, Kixify has no specific returns policy. Each store has their own policy. So you’re expected to contact them before your purchase to make sure you know if they take returns.

The same goes for shipment. Each store has their own policies. However, you can expect standard delivery procedures.

Hmm, that’s a bit daunting to think about. But again, as long as you chat with your store beforehand. You’ll be OK.

Kixify Discount & Promo

I know you’re waiting to hear the good stuff. Discounts feel so heavenly. I’ll tell you how to find the best discount codes now.

Visit this link to find some awesome codes. You can get up to $45 off of your purchases. That’s an insane save! Head over right now for a quick visit.

If you want more codes, here is a bonus site for you. Now you have more reason to buy your fave pair at a good deal! Go, go!

Kixify Customer Satisfaction

Here is where I have to give some bad news.

Most customers, such as on Youtube reviews, say they got good stuff. But some also complain. If you are wondering about the rating, they are on the lower end. About 17 customers gave it 1 star rating. They rank 270th on Marketplace sites.

That’s a little off putting. However, if you’re wishing to buy from Kixify, make sure the store is authentic and you are thorough with them. I have faith in that!

Kixify Competitors

  • e-Bay

For obvious calls, e-Bay is a trusted but also controversial site. People get things which are either good or bad. But e-Bay has been around for a long time!

Kixify has a battle to fight, that’s why.

  • GOAT

GOAT is a good place to buy sneakers. They also offer Afterpay, which lets you pay for your sneakers on plan. So you pay after your purchase with somewhat instalments.

Kixify has a tough competition there! As people trust GOAT well.


You were wondering about Kixify, and if you’re here still, you’re probably going to head over their website.

Every store has good and bad. I hope your experience with it goes satisfying, as many have had good reviews!

I hope this review was unbiased and helpful. If you’re eyeing that fresh, OG sneakers, I also think you’re going to be happy with your purchase!

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