Is Footaction Legit or Scam?

Another day, another sneaker company out there on the Internet to sell us all the latest goods. Can you take a guess which one I am talking about?

Yes, you guessed it right, I’m speaking of Footaction. A subsidiary of the OG sneaker retailer Footlocker. With promises to sell us the best footwear for sports lovers, Footaction has been in business for years.

Now, I’m assuming you’d want to know the answer to ‘Is Footaction Legit?’ and I’m glad you asked. I have all the answers to your questions, so without wasting any time let’s delve into them!

Footaction Review

Footaction was founded in 1979 by Charles Cristol of Footstar, Incorporated. It started off as a sister concern of the company to offer athletic shoes to sports people. Based in Wichita Falls, Texas, Footaction saw immense success within a short period of time.

Eventually, people were demanding to see more options of athletic apparel and accessories along with shoes. Keeping that in mind, Footaction revamped itself as a lifestyle store mainly for sports lovers. In 2004, Footlocker bought off Footaction and brought it up to new heights.

Currently, Footaction has been serving people for decades with impeccable service and collection of shoes. Their main mission is to provide people exactly what they want within the fastest time.

Is Footaction Legit?

Let’s get to the main part of the event, the part y’all have been waiting for. Can we trust Footaction?

Definitely! Footaction is legit, no doubt about that. It has been running for decades and has been a household name among shoe lovers. Not only do you get authentic products but also a great shopping experience along the way.

To know more about Footaction, keep on scrolling to get the full review.

Footaction Products

If you visit Footaction’s website, you will find a wide range of goods, particularly shoes. Some of the biggest sportswear can be found at Footaction. From the latest styles to timeless classics, this website doesn’t lack in any departments.

You can get your favorite footwear from brands like Nike, Adidas, North Face, New Era amongst others. Basketball shoes are especially popular in Footaction. Vans, Jordans, Uggs, mules are available apart from sneakers and sports shoes.

Footaction is not just popular for footwear, they are also famous for their lifestyle goods. Such as jackets, underwear, leggings, shorts, socks, headbands, t-shirts, sports bra and many more. Men, women and kids, anyone can find something to their liking at Footaction.

Footaction Product Price

Footaction experience includes providing customers with the best price. At Footaction, prices depend on the brand manufacturer. For the latest collection of shoes and clothing drops, prices are generally a bit higher.

Both shoes and clothes start from $40 and can get up to $100+. Miscellaneous items such as socks and headbands are generally less expensive than the main items. Ranging from $10 to $40. Price adjustment is also available to get you the best price.

If you still think Footaction prices are too high, you are in luck. They are always having sales where you can get shoes and apparel at huge discounts. At the time of writing this review, they were having sales with 30% to 50% off prices.

Footaction Shipping Policy

Great prices should come with great shipping policies and Footaction does. Currently Footaction only delivers inside the USA and some few countries. Countries like Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and a few places in Europe.

For standard shipping, you have to pay a sum of $6. If you opt for 2 day express shipping you pay up to $34. For every new item added an additional fee of $1.99 will be added.

International shipping charges are based upon weight and location of the deliveries. Delivery times start from 5 days up to 30 days for international ones. Barring a few local destinations like military addresses, they deliver pretty much everywhere.

Footaction Return and Exchange Policies

If you find any defect on your delivered items, return is free of charge. However, if you don’t like a product then a fee of $6.99 will be deducted from the total refund. Like other Footlocker companies, you get a 45 day window to make your returns.

If you are making your returns from international locations, then you need to bear the cost unfortunately. Unless it’s a defect in which case it’s free. They will either refund you back the money or offer you an exchange.

Feedback on Footaction

What is the feedback on Footaction by our reviewers?

Footaction mainly gained positive reviews among users. However, their customer service could use some changes and improvements. People mainly have complaints regarding shipping and having been sent wrong sizes.

But if you look into their complaints, several retracted the bad ones after their problems were solved. My advice would be to check for defects as soon as you get your items in hand. Afterwards contact customer service for advice.

Just because there are some negative reviews doesn’t mean they don’t have positive ones. They do! Since they are for years now, you know that they are doing something right. Many have praised their collections, both new and classic ones and the reasonable prices that go with it.

Footaction Alternatives

If you are on the lookout for something similar, these two might fit the bill.

Eastbay: Another subsidiary company of Footlocker, Eastbay is also known for their kicks and sportswear. I have a review on this too!

Jimmy Jazz: Jimmy Jaz is another retailer that specializes in selling sneakers to sneaker heads. Their collection also rivals Footaction and you can easily shop for hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Do students get discounts at Footaction?

Ans: Yes! Footaction has discounts only available for students. If you are a student be sure to log into their site to get the 20% discount.

Q2# Are there Footaction coupons?

Ans: Footaction offers coupons for further saving during payments. They in fact have a specific page dedicated only to coupons and how to redeem them.

Q3# Can I shop from Footactions’s physical stores?

Ans: Of course you can! They have around 272 outlets located all over the USA and Puerto Rico. So if you like to see your products first hand then you can check out the nearest location.


If you are still dancing around the question ‘Is Footaction Legit?’ then this review will clear your doubts. Footaction has been running for decades and it’s safe to say they’re one of the top sneaker retailers.

With their many collections of footwear and apparel, I get why it’s such a fan favorite among people. I can promise you that everything you get at Footaction is authentic and real. Now run along to their website before all the hottest deals run out!

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