Is Greentoe Legit or Scam?

Who loves to haggle while shopping for products? (Slowly raising my own hand). Be it negotiating for extra apples at farmers’ markets or for cutting down prices at car dealerships. I love a good bargain, even better when I can do it from the comfort of my home.

At this point, my lovely readers must be wondering what on earth am I talking about. I am talking about Greentoe, a unique online site where you can haggle to your heart’s content. A revolutionary e-commerce where users can actually name your price, welcome to online negotiations.

Now, you must be curious to know if I am talking about a scam, is Greentoe legit? If so, you are in luck. To help you determine, this review will provide details to know if Greentoe is a bona fide website.

Greentoe Review

So, what is Greentoe and how did it come into the picture? Founded by Joe Marrapodi, he wanted to give people the opportunity to pay the best price available. It’s a very simple website with a diverse list of products from electronics to watches and fitness equipment.

Genuine retailers can be found here who want to sell off their merchandise to customers. All are authorized dealers who offer users deals they can negotiate with. Simply log on and offer the best price you are willing to pay.

What an innovative idea right? Just because you are buying online doesn’t mean you have to pay whatever price sellers want.

Is Greentoe Legit?

My experience says it’s totally legit! Greentoe is an innovative e-commerce where you can pay whatever you think is the right price. You can take it for a spin without having to worry about it being a scam.

Now you don’t have to waste your gas money and spend a day haggling with a salesperson. With Greentoe, you can shop from the comfort of your home and save money! What are you waiting for?

How Can You Make An Offer At Greentoe?

Now that I mentioned what Greentoe is used for, let me explain the procedure. Users have to create an account on the site, login and make an offer. After searching and selecting the product you want to buy, select the offer button available on its page.

You can put in whatever you are willing to shell out of your pocket. You can even mention your waiting period and wait for the retailer to accept your offer. Finally, just like any other e-commerce site, you now just wait for your products to be delivered.

Looks so easy right? – and it is, all it takes are a couple of minutes! You get better deals here and save money without any hidden cost.

What Are The Products I Can Offer To Buy?

So many products, thousands of options are available. Electronics like cameras, TVs, appliances, furniture and even watches are there to choose from. Electronics are usually my go to buys from here, for more options check out Monoprice.

Be reassured though, any product you get to buy will be absolutely authentic. Not only that, no item is secondhand and you will get it completely new. One last thing to seal the deal is that everything is American products, so no compromise in quality!

How Will I Get My Products From Greentoe?

Just like any online shop, you put in your shipping details and wait for it to be delivered. Every shipping is done by individual retailers and payments are included in the offers you make. Time to accept offers by sellers usually range from immediately to 3 days.

Items are shipped within 2 days and have to wait no more than 5 days to get them. For faster shipping, you can opt for 2 day shipping, which Greentoe can negotiate the price with you.

Pretty fast right? Unfortunately, only my American readers can buy and have items shipped to their locations. For international users, don’t be disheartened, Greentoe is planning to expand to include you all.

Can I Return Any Greentoe Product?

You can, most items can be returned within a month. If your retailer thinks you deserve more time, you can return at a later date. Only music instruments have to be returned at specific dates otherwise stated, no more than 14 days.

Some items are non-refundable such as batteries, clearance items and some other miscellaneous electronics. Any damage has to be reported within 2 days or else you have to pay for return shipping. If it’s not your fault, returns are always provided free.

When retailers receive your returns in original conditions, only a few days are needed to send your refunds. Even better for Paypal users, you get your refund immediately or a day!

User Feedback Of Greentoe

What do users have to say about Greentoe? Are they happy with their experiences and think them worthwhile?

If based on reviews, then I would have to say it’s reputation is quite good. Reviewers in Resellerratings have praised its unique feature of paying your own price option. Positive reviews also show that they were happy to save money and get better deals.

Only a few customers were not pleased when their offers were not selected. Or sometimes deliveries were a little late. Nothing serious and most issues were handled by customer service as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1# Can I change or cancel a price after putting in an offer?

Ans: You can change your price as long as the seller hasn’t accepted your offer. For cancellations, there is no option during your offers. But if accepted, as long as it hasn’t been shipped, you can still contact to have it canceled.

Q2# Can I put in a counter offer if a retailer negotiates?

Ans: Yes, that’s the beauty of Greentoe. You can negotiate all you want. If a seller has any offer you are willing to buy, but with conditions, you can do so!

Q3# Is there any rewards program?

Ans: No, but there is a referral program called Refer a Friend. For every friend you refer to the site, you can earn up to $25 for their first purchase. Time to spread the news right now!


If you’re still in a dilemma and wondering, is Greentoe legit, without hesitation head over to the site. The more enticing your offer is, the more sellers will jump at your offer.

I bought a lot of things from Greentoe and each time my experience has been superb. I have had no problems with warranty or shipping. The best part is I have saved way more money buying from here than anywhere else.

Think like this, there is no harm in trying right? You won’t have anything to lose but you might get a chance to save loads! How about that?

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